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  1. I have no experience with the oracle, however I have the dual boiler. As others have said alot of this depends on what you want for a machine - certainly the grinder is the weak part of the oracle, and will limit you far more the machine will. I picked up my DB for £600 before xmas, paired with with a niche and make excellent coffee for £1100 - if anything with this set up its a little to easy to make coffee, not a bad thing of course, but will be even easier with the oracle, and anyone can use it once set up. Will certainly make better coffee than most high street coffee shops (Costa, starbuck, nero etc) although with a gaggia classic and super jolly you will get that for 3-400. I will be sticking with the DB for now, until the missus wants something new so I can buy a L1!
  2. Was hoping to see a 12" meatball sub, but will take coffee as a second best
  3. truegrace


    There was a recent post on freezing beans - vacuum pack if you have the option, or drink more!
  4. My misspent youth were lovely about 2 weeks in. Obviously you have a kg to get through, but should still be tasty for a while to come yet
  5. truegrace

    Water Filter

    I've read that as well, certainly wouldn't descale unless I thought I needed to, especially running your machine off bottled water with the filter. I guess the filter depends on how much it is actually filtering out with the bottled. I would of changed mine every 3 months if I hadn't got the osmio just to be safe, and is partially how I warrented the osmio in my head (and to the wife!)
  6. I do it all, grind and stir in the niche cup, then stir in the portafilter, then give it a tap then tamp - Dont have a leveling tool but seem to get central consistent shots without
  7. truegrace

    Water Filter

    I was going to do mine after 3 months regardless, however changed to the osmio shortly after using it so wont bother with the filter change - not sure about descaling though. I run the clean cycle once a week with just the blank disk, and every 2 weeks with some puly caff
  8. I froze a few bags down without ad I have boat loads of beans, no idea which is in which so will be a bit of a surprise/guess work to get me through the boredom of isolation 😂
  9. My paraiso arrived, however the bag was split, I'm sure I'm not destined to try this coffee!
  10. I have a small collection of clips now (and cards!), come in handy for the office so not complaining as wouldn't bin them. Plenty of uses for them around the home if you don't want to bin them 😊
  11. I work on the same estate as Rave (although working from home) Our company is running on minimal staff (think 15 in out of a few 100) due to what we supply but alot of the other businesses have shutdown.
  12. I've emailed them. Main worry is will use half the tin (if not more based on @Jony struggling, so I have little hope! ) getting a decent shot
  13. Yeah, I got plenty of beans so not the end of the world 😁 just hope someone hasn't got the paraiso if they were hoping for the tin!
  14. Any tips to avoid? Can see me burning through the 150g without getting a drinkable coffee! Should of had el paraiso but will just make do with this
  15. Actually technically not my fault, have been sent the wrong coffee, presumed the smaller tin was a sampler as its only 150g, will ping crank house a mail now 😁
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