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  1. Bought a niche earlier, should be here early next week, and seems a bargain for £500
  2. More pics in the link https://photos.app.goo.gl/sAtdzDGxQf1wwMbe7
  3. truegrace

    New Niche

    I found coffeecompass was good when I started, cheap enough to be wasting some dialing in and found them easier to dial in than some of the other beans I have tried. They are super fast delivery (likely to be on your doorstep Tuesday Morning if you ordered now) however always found these improved about 2 weeks after roast date, so not a million miles off xmas. Good idea to try some drip coffee though, might get the V60 out next week!
  4. truegrace

    New Niche

    Im in the same position, apart from mine is arriving on Monday! Have a new sage DB, now a new Niche (on its way), new scales, new tamper, new IMS basket and new cups. Cant wait to get on the coffee on xmas day, however need to buy some beans, thats next weeks order!
  5. As I have just purchased a Niche its time to sell my SJ. This was purchased a few years back from coffeechap so arrived with me in excellent condition. Since then I have added a cocktail shaker mod for single dosing, lens hood mod and its just had a fresh cleansweep. (also have a spare lens hood) The burrs are in excellent condition and have maybe 20-30kg of beans through them. There are some small marks to the paintwork and some paint splashes on the power cable but overall in excellent condition. Im not sure if I still have the original doser bits if you didnt want to single dose - at this stage I would presume I dont have them, although if they are located of course they will be included in the sale. Will get some better pics later (only have the one below on my phone) Looking for £180 collected - im based in Gloucestershire (not a million miles from Rave!)
  6. Just ordered mine, due for delivery on monday
  7. More kit for my sage, thought it would be wise to go for a cheaper tamper as trying to convince the other half u need a niche!
  8. Mine arrived start of the week without a mark on them. Very well packaged with a nice little note!
  9. Just need to convince the better half that a niche would be better in the kitchen than my SJ and will invest. Ideally this side of Xmas would be nice!
  10. The classic doesn't need huge amounts of mods, and chances are if you buy one from here will already be modded. Espresso machines by nature (apart from auto bean to cup) could be seen as hassle, especially at 6am when you want a coffee before work, but it's the ritual that's part of the enjoyment for me.
  11. Good starting point for me was a gaggia classic from ebay (was a bargain for me, not a huge cost and barely used) and a used super jolly (bought from coffeechap) Think I paid £200 for the SJ and about £70 for the classic so within your budget (did spend some money out on it for a brass head, ims baskets, new steam wand etc) This started my journey, did me for about a year til I felt the need to upgrade (or more had the money!) Certainly worth starting with a small outlay incase you don't get on with espresso, as its not for everyone! On the plus side as well if you didn't like it (or when you upgrade) this type of gear doesn't really lose money, so should be able to sell it on for what you paid
  12. Can't remember the size I bought, was only a few £ from ebay though. Use the bottom of it to weigh the beans so not wasted
  13. Well spotted, works well for single dose with the clean sweep. Purchased the SJ from you a few years back 😁 A few JDs in tonight however am toying with buying a niche and selling this (especially as its freshly cleaned!)
  14. Just deep cleaned the SJ, feash clean sweep mod done, new lens hooper, just need to reprint a fresh funnel and will be good to go on Xmas day 😁
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