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  1. LjubljanaI just use the standard pre infuse, keep meaning to have a play but never got around to it! Tend to knock the temp up or down here and there, but to be honest haven't noticed the difference in the cup if I go for 93 or 95, I find the DB very consistent, maybe more so than my old R58. Once dialed in get pretty much the same out in the same time for the duration of a bag. Def means my prep is consistent I guess, but never had and issue (also the niche is super easy to dial in) Still using the stock screen, have seen no issue to upgrade although may be tempted just because I could, but not enough reports of improved performance. My only nag with the DB is the auto switch off. If I was in for a while would leave the Rocket on for most of the morning, although it doesn't take long to warm up (generally good to go by the time I have prepped) always have to warm the cups as it doesn't get hot enough! Love the machine though, and for the 600 I paid for it it's a margin. Are you getting decent pours with the naked or seeing alot of channeling?
  2. I upped the dose with the beans I was using and so far, 8 shots in and no sticking. Very little head room in seems to do the job for me to get round the 3 way suction. New beans tomorrow however so we shall see
  3. Found the beans I'm currently using stick every time. Gonna try upping the dose in the morning (going 18g in but seems to grind down alot so have had to drop a basket size to be able to tamp!) Hopefully may fix it as they get proper stuck!
  4. Finally got my sub done for @DogandHat Gone for the 2 x darker for now and see how I get on
  5. truegrace


    3rd coffee of the day, third puck stuck (nothing new) but whereas I normally just inset the pf back in to the group which neatly removes it, somehow this was slightly off centre so managed to squash spent coffee all over the group. My pollo isn't narrow enough to get all the way in, so gon a need to be tipped up slightly to clean properly! On the plus side the coffee that made the mess is very good, ue coffee speak easy
  6. The classic is a good machine, but to get the best out of it you will need a semi decent grinder, and will need to temp surf a bit so not quite 'faff' free. As others have said decent milk can disguise pour espresso (to some extent) so maybe not the end of the world anyway
  7. My bits arrived this week, top notch ty
  8. I bought the BREWISTA V2 when they were half price, but don't think they work any better than my cheap ebay set. Would probably make my money back in batteries in about 50 years but unless you have money to burn maybe not worth the price tag, even at half price.
  9. Group head brush, a small airscape and some coffee (although was supposed to be decaf, so more being sent out in post tomorrow)
  10. Sounds good, will subscribe later for next months offerings 👍
  11. Quick question, how dark is the dialed in darker sub usually? Do prefer the dark side, just maybe not mahogany 😂
  12. Tempted to subscribe for next month due to the good reviews, and who doesn't love a dog in a hat?
  13. Was tempted to grab some but wondering on the roasted date No time to pop in and ask either! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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