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  1. A bit overkill for 200 grams
  2. I have 2 tickets for sale for the Italian car festival at Brands Hatch August 16th if anyone is interested. Cost me £40. Selling for £30
  3. Grand opening today.Some pics and video. Fringe&Ginge video.mp4
  4. Rapha is full of posers imo. Black sheep coffee right outside Aldgate station open at 0700 for takeaway. That's a 3 minute walk from Liverpool Street station.
  5. There's a new coffee shop opening in Canterbury on Friday 3rd July called Fringe & Ginge. They will be pulling espresso using Campbell and Syme coffee roasters as their house beans and filter and single origin will be from guest roasters. Friday will be takeaway and Saturday onwards will be sit-down so I'm informed. 72, Northgate, Canterbury, CT1 1BB.
  6. Just spotted this. I'm a couple of hours to late
  7. The design is optics with a glossy adapter.
  8. I have for sale a beautiful hand blown 600gram crystal glass hopper made by Torr Toys. It was originally on my Elektra Nino which has now been sold. I believe this will fit an Mahlkoenig EK as well as a Nino. I'm reluctant to send a thing of beauty like this through a courier so it'll have to be a collection. This is what it looks like on Jens website selling @ £274 + p&p. My price £174. https://www.torrtoys.com/glasshopper-1/glasshopper-crystal-600
  9. I know all that. It's the savings I'm asking about.
  10. You've got to make an account with the government and apparently have to declare savings. Is this going to affect what they pay you?
  11. It's actually a K10 fresh not an F10.
  12. Anyone know where I can purchase a 1kg or bigger hopper for the above grinder? I'll take 2nd hand if anyone has one. Ta
  13. Unable to edit original post. £5800
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