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  1. Sweetshop @ £40 a kilo I'll take your word for it.
  2. Bought one from torr.toys through ebay £16
  3. I'm after a walnut LM handle if anyone makes them?
  4. Thinking of getting a SIM card on the Tesco mobile network. I think I they piggy back off O2 if I'm right in saying. My question, is anyone using Tesco network and what's it like in Spain on the Movistar network? Ta.
  5. Everyone loves a bargain. You included.
  6. To be honest most people on here and that's me included were offered a Rocket at silly money I'd bite their hands off.
  7. What's with this code cause I want one
  8. At 25 years old they should be giving it away
  9. I used an Origins OCD tool at their Kings Cross shop and didn't reckon it much. It left nasty edges on the puck. I use a St Anthony Industries one. Love it.
  10. To be fair I didn't volunteer for the latte art compo. I was thrown in the deep end by my friends at Ozone coffee roasters. I failed miserably haha.
  11. Think I changed the gasket for a thinner one.
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