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  1. Sorry for the really shitty picture!
  2. Kind of wish I had gone the extra mile on this and done the paint but - not too bothered it is excellent.
  3. Yea it was the one with the built in grinder
  4. I did buy a sage but decided I would prefer a separate grinder and espresso machine so sent it back unused and got a second hand SJ to refurb
  5. Gaggia classic which I have done the opv mod on - will be looking to upgrade some time in the future
  6. Aye hopefully - at least I didn't go in with decent beans, and I now know what it takes to dial in the grind - SMALL adjustments FTW
  7. Noticed this today as well trying to dial my SJ in, slight adjustments make a massive difference - a lot different to what I had before Fortunately I bought some cheap beans to use to get it right - 120 grams or so later I think I am getting there now Will no doubt take some more adjustment when I am not using over roasted starbucks beans
  8. @jimbojohn55 thanks so much for the shrink wrap etc, really is much appreciated - finally got some time at home today to make some progress on this Got the burr carrier off surprisingly easily - used a heat gun to.. um heat it up then 3 m4 bolts to slowly raise it up and off worked an absolute treat with no damage at all. Also fitted the shrink wrap to my lower veins for a (hopefully) clean sweep mod! - these need cleaning up a bit! Oh and I drilled through my egg timer so have that ready to go as well - also went really well hole central etc cpl of pics
  9. That would be amazing - great offer thank you
  10. Got myself an egg timer today from Morrison's so will be doing that... Wish I had read up more on taking the doser apart, spent a while trying to get the bolt out of the bottom of it tonight before I realised it had a locking pin in there whoops - all done now and no breakages. Will try and get it all cleaned up this weekend.
  11. Definitely a clean sweep mod as it obv is not great as it is - egg timer mod probably, just need to find an egg timer to get it sorted.
  12. Quite surprised at the amount of coffee in when I removed the top veins from the doser - seems like a lot?
  13. I disconnected the electrics from the doser to the grinder earlier, remembered to take pics just in case...
  14. aha yea she is dirty, i have her all stripped off and ready for a thorough cleaning...
  15. haha yes it is they are all the same size! The old ones are very worn / smooth to the touch etc.
  16. Old burr vs new burr
  17. So picked up a super jolly last weekend £170 - it needs a little tlc to get it back up to it's best but I am on it.... Stripped down today - cleaning up / refurbing starts tomorrow
  18. Will take at the £20 asking price - please send me details
  19. Thanks OP very informative, looking to upgrade from my baratza encore at the moment.
  20. Hmm I shall be giving this a try I think.
  21. Use an aeropress every day at work - never noticed any difference in taste from how quickly I plunge
  22. This forum always seems to come up when searching for any info on coffee machines etc Keeps me coming back for the great information available.
  23. Baratza Encore here can't really go wrong at the price. For me gives consistent grinds and good for both aeropress and hario v60
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