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  1. Sorry for the really shitty picture!
  2. Kind of wish I had gone the extra mile on this and done the paint but - not too bothered it is excellent.
  3. Yea it was the one with the built in grinder
  4. I did buy a sage but decided I would prefer a separate grinder and espresso machine so sent it back unused and got a second hand SJ to refurb
  5. Gaggia classic which I have done the opv mod on - will be looking to upgrade some time in the future
  6. Aye hopefully - at least I didn't go in with decent beans, and I now know what it takes to dial in the grind - SMALL adjustments FTW
  7. Noticed this today as well trying to dial my SJ in, slight adjustments make a massive difference - a lot different to what I had before Fortunately I bought some cheap beans to use to get it right - 120 grams or so later I think I am getting there now Will no doubt take some more adjustment when I am not using over roasted starbucks beans
  8. @jimbojohn55 thanks so much for the shrink wrap etc, really is much appreciated - finally got some time at home today to make some progress on this Got the burr carrier off surprisingly easily - used a heat gun to.. um heat it up then 3 m4 bolts to slowly raise it up and off worked an absolute treat with no damage at all. Also fitted the shrink wrap to my lower veins for a (hopefully) clean sweep mod! - these need cleaning up a bit! Oh and I drilled through my egg timer so have that ready to go as well - also went really well hole central etc cpl of pics
  9. That would be amazing - great offer thank you
  10. Got myself an egg timer today from Morrison's so will be doing that... Wish I had read up more on taking the doser apart, spent a while trying to get the bolt out of the bottom of it tonight before I realised it had a locking pin in there whoops - all done now and no breakages. Will try and get it all cleaned up this weekend.
  11. Definitely a clean sweep mod as it obv is not great as it is - egg timer mod probably, just need to find an egg timer to get it sorted.
  12. Quite surprised at the amount of coffee in when I removed the top veins from the doser - seems like a lot?
  13. I disconnected the electrics from the doser to the grinder earlier, remembered to take pics just in case...
  14. aha yea she is dirty, i have her all stripped off and ready for a thorough cleaning...
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