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  1. James gourmet have an amazing light roast Ethiopian decaf at the moment. Well recommended and makes good filter, and great shots whether long or short.
  2. I'm probably telling you what you already know @fluffles but... @Xpenno 's web page ( http://grindscience.com/2017/07/my-ek43-tips-and-tricks/ ) on disassembling of EK's has been useful to me and sorted similar issues. Similar to Fatboy I also make sure the machine is put back together exactly as it was, the includes shear plate orientation and screw torques. Probably ott but maybe worth a crack
  3. Following listing I've enjoyed playing with this some more whilst on holiday, however now I'm back and it's back to using the EK for espresso. Therefore this is still for sale and as usual I'm open too offers. I'm pretty surpirse at the lack of interest in this grinder, the bang per buck is pretty hard to beat, IMO you won;t get better grind quality at the price.
  4. It's a deal. Fire me over a pm when you get chance but there's no rush.
  5. If you will sell this for £45 all in I'll take it, cheers.
  6. Think I'll save my money for the bubble lab drip instead, or just work on my technique and spend on tasty coffee [emoji848]
  7. Mine arrived this morning (super fast postage, cheers guys) and I put it to work straight away. So far I'm impressed, it's going to make cleaning the group alot quicker and easier and I can't see what the fuss is about regarding attaching the membrane, it seemed pretty simple.
  8. Post Baby chaos led to no eBay. One more bump for good luck. Open to sensible offers or swaps.
  9. Nice one, thanks guys. Just ordered one and a couple of spare membranes
  10. The Cafflano kompresso does a decent enough job, £60 bargain!
  11. Scorching Sunday bump. Off to eBay at the end of the week.
  12. They're M5 size. I replaced mine with torx a while back so know thats the right size.
  13. Still available. Open to reasonable offers.
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