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  1. I'm thinking of selling mine but need to some help with a valuation. I've posted in the valuation section MkIV from Bella Barista with no issues.
  2. I have an Alex Duetto MkIV - purchased from BB in 2014. Upgradeitis has caused a bit of a rash and I'm pondering a LM Mini having just played on the big brother version @ Clifton Coffee. There is nothing wrong the Duetto - I just fancy a change. It's had bottled water in it 99% of the time ( tap a couple of times when I was gasping and had no bottled left!), backflushed weekly without fail and descaled a few times. It had a recent trip back to BB and had the OPV valve replaced ( the drip tray filled rapidly) and they gave it a clean bill of health. Just trying to work out what the price to change would be - this may help the itch go away and have a machine for sale here or make me go and get some cream to apply!
  3. Grinder is now sold. Please can the title be ammended to say SOLD
  4. The grinder has now been listed elsewhere. I will listen to sensible offers!
  5. FOR SALE Mazzer Mini Electronic - Model A Great condition and in perfect working order I have upgraded to a Compak E8 and hence I have this for sale The sale includes the smaller hopper and lid, the tray and I will include the coffeecatcha that I currently use with it. I do not have the original box The grinder is in Cambridge. Pick up preferred Delivery possible within reason! Happy to invest in an incredible amount of bubble wrap and post ( at your cost and choice of courier!)
  6. Oh, yes! I noticed that the local coffee shop have grinders made by Anfim. Don't know much about them nor see much talk of them on the interweb. Any experience out there?
  7. Thanks you that's is extremely helpful. My Mazzer mini comes in at 42.5cm so its not that bigger! Anyone know where I could get redspeed burrs ?!?!?!?
  8. pretty good effort if you ask me with only two hands! that sounds really quiet and the product looks lovely, thanks
  9. thank you all, this is really helpful. thank you for the photo. Is there any chance you could measure the height with that smaller hopper on the grinder?
  10. wow, thanks for the replies which are coming in faster than I can type. All helpful information for someone who knows a little but not enough!
  11. thanks, the beans i buy locally aren't that dark to I guess flat would be better. I had thought so but then saw the e10 for sale here! as I prefer the look of the e8 i was probably looking for a reason to discount the caedo but if its quiet and not messy will have a long look at bb. does anyone know what the e8 will look like next to a duetto. the sizes I can find I'm assuming are including the tall hopper. what would it look like with a smaller one i.e. will it look too tall still?
  12. Thanks, do you think the E10 with conical will be quieter than a flat E8? I do like the look of the E8/10 range and wanted opinions on here so that I didn't just get the one i like the look of!
  13. Hi I want everything from the grinder and more. It needs to be as quiet as possible and deliver the 20g to fill the basket quickly to minimise noise and therefore reduce the grief I get. I am a relative beginner am interested in any opinion! Thanks for the info about delivery on the 37s. Mess is another thing the boss doesn't tolerate. I've heard good things about the E8 and its delivery Thanks for the advice
  14. Greetings All! Suggestions to sort my dilemma would be most welcome! I have a Duetto Mk IV from BellaBarista. This is currently paired with a Mazzer Mini Type A. I have a 20g VST basket in the portafilter. It's taking about 26 seconds to fill the basket, which is where the problem lies! The boss hates the noise and I have a sort of green light to upgrade the grinder to reduce the irritation! I realise that no grinder is ever going to be quiet but if I get the coffee in the portafilter quicker, then I mights get less grief from her ?!?!?! Grinders that are currently in the mix Comak E8 - will this dwarf the Duetto when fitted with the smaller hopper? Mahlkonig K30 - this probably costs too many pennies but I haven't completely discounted it yet. Can you get a 300g-ish hopper for it and if so does it look silly as the grinder is so wide? Olumpus 75e - not sure about the look Caedo E37 - again not sure about the look. Any suggestions welcome. When I have a day off I will drive across to BellaBarista to see them in action and hopefully make a decision. Once the deal is done there will be a Mazzer Mini for sale here! Does anybody know where I can get another box for one? I got rid of the box as we have no storage space and I was happy with the grinder and thought it was here to stay!!!!!! Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!!!
  15. Thanks Ian The builder is taking more and more of money so I'm having to sit back and wait!
  16. Hi. To say i'm confused is an understatement!!!! Was decided on a Mazzer Mini E, then thought mignon purely for size of footprint, then thought zenith and now thinking of a Mazzer mini again - aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!!!
  17. I'm jealous beyond belief!!! Looks awesome. I'm not sure I'd be allowed two grinders though!!!!!!
  18. I had assumed that a K30 would be beyond the diminishing budget. Ill see what comes available and how much more money the builder will need!
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