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  1. Sage Dual Boiler Drip Tray, which was replaced but never used, small ripple on top right (very difficult to picture) £30 inc delivery
  2. Update - still shows out of stock but Sage support have dispatched me one today. Fingers crossed
  3. Do you know if this is compatible with the original sage screen ? Also the other tread appeared to suggest 9mm not 7mm ?
  4. The plastic internal shower screen has cracked on my DB again. Sage spare shop are out of stock. Are there any alternatives anyone is aware of ? http:// https://sageappliances.co.uk/collections/bes920uk-parts/products/shower-screen-inner?variant=51392604868 Cheers in advance.
  5. Many thanks for the advice etc. I have done a roast just going to give it a couple of days to rest and I'll let you know how it is Good to meet you too ! Thanks for an easy exchange !
  6. Would you consider £180 and I'd collect , saving you the bother of posting. (And perhaps getting some usage tips from you) lol.
  7. Looks good. Let me know if you decide to sell.
  8. Thanks and apologies for not replying in the thread, I didn't want to ask in the open forum for telephone number, to ask questions etc. Would be interested to hear what the repair would consist of , and any future sale. Thanks for your help Regards Mark
  9. Where abouts are you located please. I may be close? (hull)
  10. Via twitter I had a call from Claire who was apologetic and helpful. Fingers crossed next steps / contact resolves issues. Thanks dfk41
  11. My Sage Dual Boiler has developed a fault (2nd time) I'm not getting any acknoledgement on their email , and the telephone number is now not manned or dead. Does anybody have any alternate contacts ?
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