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  1. Apologies if missed, but whereabouts are you? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. The analogy above about a couple of pints down the pub is spot on I think. I would only add that for me it will depend where you live and if the only pub that's near you serves only Fosters out of dirty taps and smells then you're better off staying at home.
  3. Thanks both. Grinder is Mythos Victoria Arduino, so should be all good on that front. The output has been as low as a 5g in total, not a 5g variance from desired! So quite a way off. As you are, aiming to extract shot at 6 bar so whole thing pre-infusion (60 seconds at 67% pump pressure) Perhaps I'm being a bit lazy here, but when I dial in a bean it's for my espresso needs at 18g dose. So running at 30 seconds at 15g dose has led to much longer extractions than desired. Of course setting at 30g output could mean it's extracted in less than 20 seconds... Sadly my wife is not keen on 18g dose flat whites and complains of 'coffee face'!
  4. Hi, Trying to set up the volumetric output on the SDB so that the wife can sort herself out a coffee without having to get the scales out etc. etc. However, something doesn't quite seem to be right. I've gone in to Advanced Menu (when machine off pressing 1 cup and then power button) then cycled to volumetric control and changed from SEc to FLo. I've then programmed the 1 cup button by accessing normal menu and selecting SHOT VOL on 1 cup and 'recording' a 30g extraction. However when I try and repeat this with same grind, bean, tamp it has a wild variability, been as low at 5g of output when I have weighed to test. Can anyone please help? Thanks
  5. It won't be more than £15 (assuming you are uk mainland) but will supply at cost. Are you ok to mark as sold and take PM?
  6. Happy to listen to offers but do think it's quite a fair price
  7. Sage Smart Grinder Pro absolutely brand new and in packaging as you can see. Got as part of a package with my Sage Dual Boiler but already have a Mythos purchased from Coffeechap here last year and Feldgrind for brewed. Comes unused with 2 year warranty which the purchaser can register. £135 plus delivery or collection from SS6. Payment via bank transfer or PayPal gift. Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. Sure this will have been raised on other topics but for the life of me can't find it. Anyway, where do people source mats for the top of their machines to place cups on for heating?
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