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  1. I think price will be the big factor really. I've been saving for something like the Profitec or Rocket, and I'm reasonably close to buying. Then it was a question of either but or keep saving for the Vesuvius or Linea Mini. Then this comes along out of nowhere!
  2. I've done all my own maintenance on the Gaggia, and I'd probably be ok with something like the Rocket or Profitec. It's just so hard to choose!
  3. I didn't know that the L1 was suited for medium roasts. Is that something intentional?
  4. Hi everyone Long time, no see. Also, probably nobody remembers me! Anyway, after several years with my Gaggia Classic, I've been looking at an upgrade. I was considering E61 based machines with a PID like the Rocket Mozzafiato or Profitec 500. Both of these look like they'd do exactly what I'm after. Then I started toying with the idea saving up for longer and buying a Vesuvius or a La Marzocco Linea Mini. And then the whole thing got completely derailed as a friend of mine is considering selling his first generation Londinium L1. What should I do? Anyone out there got any
  5. It'd be great if you guys could help me value my Gaggia Classic as I'm considering an upgrade. It's been OPV modded, and has a Silvia wand on it. I'd sell it with a bottomless portafilter, a pressure gauge for checking the OPV, a Strada basket, Made by Knock tamper, and a bottle of Cafiza. I bought it in 2013 and used it only really at weekends and only ever with either filtered or bottled water. What's it worth?!
  6. Sorry to keep bothering you guys but I've another question. I'm going to talk to a welder/fabricator in my local area about welding in a panel and converting the SJ to a spout. Most people seem to use a short round tube as a spout. Do you reckon this is best or would an open topped tube work better? Figured that if I can have something made I may as well go the whole hog! Also, anyone here know or recommend someone who does grinder mods or refurbishment?
  7. I've been looking around and I can't really see anywhere I might be able to get this done. Does anyone here know who or where I could get some metalwork done?! I've been looking at alternatives like the Sette and the Eureka Atom but it'd be (presumably) cheaper and better to get the SJ modded
  8. After checking up a bit I can say I bought it in 2014 and was told it was six months old. There's a single PAT testing sticker on the side which is dated 2014. I'm not sure how else to tell how old it is.
  9. Is there an easy way to find out? I bought it second hand about 3 years ago.
  10. Hi everyone Can you help? I've got a Mazzer Super Jolly I'm thinking of selling. It's in pretty close to perfect nick, has the hopper, tray, and all the other bits and pieces intact. How much is a reasonable price to ask for it?
  11. That's not a bad idea! I never bothered with the lens hood mod - I single does and the beans go straight in the collar and I cover it with a blank basket which fits perfectly. No need for the hood!
  12. Thanks! I just googled the Santos - it looks great but retails for £1000. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get that for my SJ! A tube wouldn't be too bad, I don't mind a bit of DIY, it's just I don't have the skill, tools, or knowledge to do some of the metalwork I've seen others doing to SJs!
  13. Hi everyone Firstly, apologies! I've not posted in a very long time here. Now, for the first time in ages, I've hit a snag with my coffee making equipment and I reckoned this would be the best place to ask for advice. For the last couple of years, I've been using a Mazzer Super Jolly for all my brewing that's Chemex, Aeropress, and espresso but, quite frankly, I'm bored of trying to deal with the doser all the time. I know there are people out there who have modded their SJs by removing the doser and replacing it with a funnel or a spout, and there are loads of tweaks to the doser
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