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  1. Monkey_Boy

    Iberital MC2

    Hey all I've got a 6 month old MC2 for sale for £80...its the doserless model so perfect for home use
  2. Happy donkey are quite good for info, and the Cunhill machines are made in the same factory just with different badges as the Iberital.....we get a lot come through the shop atm after testing.
  3. I had a little fiddle with the strength/grind settings but never a weak cup and sold the grinder to a coffee place back in London......didn't lose a penny and with the money from my la pavoni I seem to have made a profit lol....had the nicest and sweetest espresso from a Ethiopian bean the other day........the delonghi has really made a impact on my coffee drinking. I now buy 100g at a time as its around what the machine can hold and get to have maybe 3 changes a week. and the little dualit grinder is perfect for keeping on hand for decaf. I wish the cup warmer was bigger but its perfect for espresso cups. Not saying its the best in the world but its not given me a bad cup yet and considering I went through a lot of machines last year and some great training I'm still very happy ...(the steamer could be more powerful) but no plans to change.........yet
  4. I'm on a very strict diet atm which doesn't allow for anything except black coffee/espresso..........so after most flavoursome blend to make my taste buds explode. Does one exist?
  5. Married life is ACE Just given the La Pavoni to my mum and the bodum fell strangely out of my 3rd floor window!?.....I can honestly say that bean to cup is great! I kind of miss the fussing about but the quality of the cup makes me forget all about it ......good to be back and might get a cherub in the spring as my friends getting a bit bored with it all and it might need a good home lol........and the budum bounced .......
  6. Its been a while but after fussing around with lots of different machine from bodum to gaggia, and many in-between I've settled for a compromise which involves a bean to cup...."cue boos and hissing" apart from being free which was the clincher I'm more happy with this than any of the other 7 machines I've had over the last 6 months. which included a gaggia classic (unreliable) Bodum granos (unreliable leaky) la pavoni Eurobar (HUGE) Briel x 2(explodable) Dualit (tiny) rancilio silvia (beautiful but leaky = so disappointed!)....I have a brand new delongi bean to cup which after a week is my favourite machine to date.....Coffee quality is below the rancillo (slightly) but delivers a consistently great espresso......built in grinders great! it even cleans itself! and there's no grinds everywhere apart from a plastic box full of pucks inside....with the other's I found them even when I have 2 knock box's they still manage to be all in the sink and over the work surface....All I do now is buy fresh beans and cravendale....stress free and soooooooooo tasty!
  7. I had some ACF cups come through clearance at work (140 pallets left to sort and still rising) think I paid £1.50 for 6........We've also started stocking Mazzer grinders.....I see a great staff discount and should have a new one for under £50 within the month ....love work!!!!!!!
  8. Ok haven't posted in ages! so here's what's new. Bodum Granos was a lovely machine but leaked from the group head and was impossible to source parts so ebayed, Iberital MC5 was great but HUGE! ebayed and regained wife's love for moving coffee equipment out of living room .......customer gave me a new La Pavoni eurobar deluxe and got it set up last week, pressurised portafilter but free and a great steamer ....and a new dualit burr grinder came up at work for £20 so got that and its producing a great consistent gind equal to the Iberital and without taking up a ridiculous amount of room......does anyone know if you can get a non pressurised handle for a eurobar?? Good to be back....oh and I got married....was fun and a little scary.
  9. Just had my first few cups for about a week.....slightly late in the evening but felt the need...I know it was only Lavazza but it tasted lovely and refreshing
  10. Does anyone else find their appetite for coffee has disappeared with the arrival of this hot weather?...Its so annoying that now I have a great machine which produces the sweetest shot I've ever made at home and thanks to the weather I can't be arsed with hot drinks ..........
  11. We are the unappreciated suppliers of hot drinks.........but is so enjoyable
  12. Monkey_Boy


    Good luck also from me Cravendale semi skimmed just makes amazing latte's for me.....used it for the first time on the new machine today and beautiful wet look micro-foam was the result Espro jug helps also lol
  13. I'm allowed to order one as soon as I'm married as a incentive from the g/friend ....here's a pic of it in bottled evian mode .....made about 20 cups so far today for everyone and its so consistent!
  14. some did but I got one of the ones that don't, can't believe I got such a expensive machine for so little...........it was a shot in the dark buying this......I was very lucky
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