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  1. That’s where we all start. Sound decision. What you’re paying for with the Luna is speed. The eBay scales will always add a gram or two after you cut the shot. The Luna reading is near instantaneous. But the price of this speed is [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33]
  2. So General James Mattis is hitting back after Donald Trump said he was the ‘greatest overrated general in history’. At a charity gala dinner, General Mattis observed that he had ‘won his spurs on a battlefield where Donald had won his in a letter from his doctor’ and that his colleague had observed that ‘the only military officer Donald appeared to rate was Colonel Sanders.’ Winning!
  3. I’m almost embarrassed to post here now. There is so much talent on here! Rocko Mountain Natural from CoffeeCompass. Just a massive hit of cherry brandy / pruno type booze and dark chocolate.
  4. Really only two for me: An eBay special jewellery scale: for around £5. You just can not argue with the price. If they break, get a new one. Acaia Lunar: scandalously expensive but it’s the endgame espresso scale. Super fast, easy to calibrate, rechargeable, and fits on my machine neatly. It also has all sorts of functions via the app but I use none.
  5. ^ This. Check in all directions with a spirit level at the grouphead not the machine’s shell. Also take a look at your portafilter. That may not be perfectly symmetrical and so have an inherent bias.
  6. Obnic


    I hear that. Industrious little bastards. And they attack my kids legs as they get out of the car!
  7. Progress - that first couple of months is always hard fought territory. I admire folk who perfect their single basket distribution technique first too, that is always more challenging than using a double basket. Some thoughts on where next... If your wife requires a specific volume of drink, and you want to use a single basket, you might try first working out the optimum brew ratio for your coffee, then pulling this same ratio into a cup with 30ml of hot water in already. Unless your coffee really is very lightly roasted, I would have expected a 60ml shot from a single dose to miss the balanced, sweet, tasty window. I would experiment more with shorter brew ratios, if only for your own purposes. Also, 10g in a single basket would normally be overloaded, and would usually result in the puck expanding into the shower screen during extraction giving rise to channeling problems, and therefore taste problems. Difficult to tell without a naked PF. Carry on. And keep us posted.
  8. Any good? Strawberries, peach and chocolate in the notes.
  9. Ironside Brideshead
  10. Feeling natural... ParcelForce consignment finally arrived. Big shout out to Richard and Greg at CoffeeCompass for choosing this tantalizing selection for me, and for mothering the parcel to my door. Crappy picture since Tapatalk now throttling resolution. Kenya AA Blue Mountain Costa Rica El Potrero Natural Ethiopian Rocko Mountain Natural Brazil Fazenda Passeio Natural Honduras Cerro Azul Natural
  11. Obnic


    Ah on that theme... we recently bought a Dyson Absolute V11 when our old DC03 gave up the ghost. It would appear we have been living in inch deep filth for years. Honestly, this machine makes you want to move to a different house.
  12. Obnic


    Ooh look, spare bolts! That’s not good is it.
  13. That’s an occupational hazard of me dropping in an out. Life is a bit busy here. Notwithstanding water and bridges, I felt it was worth articulating emphatically that this forum is about sharing experiences and expertise, all done in the spirit of making and helping friends. Friends who have been tremendously kind to me. Just yesterday someone on here selflessly offered to help me get decent coffee to Switzerland. Until very recently, even our trolls have been hysterically funny rather than oppressive. There really is no place here for playground bullies. Hmmm... it would appear I am still quite exercised. Apologies all. Time for a brew.
  14. I’ve tried to ignore this but i can’t anymore. This forum has a long and deep history of experimenting and telling each other what we did and how we did it. Sometimes we have something to celebrate, other times it’s a desperate cry for help. Further, we are very lucky that some properly expert folk hang out here and will happily help and guide regular folk as they journey toward better coffee. You Sir are being a pillock. That’s an English word that includes being loud, adversarial, of dubious technical validity, and undermining behaviours and values that I think make this forum. You have been rude and contemptuous of two of the most experienced and helpful people on this forum who have both long ago established their technical bona fides. You have established only that you don’t listen and you don’t learn. I don’t care what’s on your cup. I invite you to drink elsewhere. Can I suggest with your mate with all the fancy kit. Bah!
  15. US friends to the rescue. The rest of my coffee remains somewhere in bond be Ayse ParcelForce can’t be bothered to clear it through the Swiss process. Argh!
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