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  1. Spoke to Richard yesterday. What a gent. He’s running the whole show with his son, since everyone else is isolated at home. So he’s very busy, but still had time to take my small order for a mixed box to be sent to Switzerland. This guy is a superstar, and a delight to talk to - although he’s a bit to flat out to chat at the moment. Please support him.
  2. Has anyone heard from Richard recently? He seems to have gone ‘radio silent’. These must be awful times for roasters. Does anyone know if he’s ok?
  3. Coffee is fine. Not an irritant. Some people on the other hand... I have found that Colpermin (pharmaceutical grade peppermint oil capsules) really help keep gut inflammation in check. Doesn’t work for everyone but it certainly acts as both a pain killer and calming measure for me. Wish I had discovered these before I had my bowel ressected!
  4. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a peaceful holiday.
  5. You are all so talented. I’m now starving!
  6. Girl with short pony tail and very long nose, holding a garden trowel and a flower basket. what does that mean? ?
  7. Yeah. One would hope so but I suspect the truth is that your interest and aspiration is probably quite a jump up from the target Oracle user. They will probably say it’s down to the bean you use. Different beans behave differently. if you’re going to carry on auto-building with the fixed 21g dose, I think you’ll need to search for your Goldilocks bean. A light roast will usually grind more cleanly (less clumping) but generally requires finer grinding to extract well (a struggle for the built in grinder). A darker roast will often be more prone to clumping but will extract at a looser grind (can auto-distribute more reliably). But, longer roasted beans tend to produce a bigger dose for a given weight than lighter roasted ones so some darker roasts will physically overdose the basket at 21g. These are all variables you learn to work with if you dose and distribute manually. My sense is that the oracle is probably set up for a medium-dark roast bean (ie not too fine a grind) with resistance coming from a highish dose (21g) rather than particle size. A pleasant taste will most likely therefore result from a shorter brew ratio (eg 38g from 21g dose). Those that have spent more time with the machine will know best. I’ve only used it in a holiday apartment setting.
  8. Hmm. OK. What I meant was: set the grinder looser than you have it now. Then work on building your pucks. I would predict that as your puck build gets better (more even), the extraction will take longer because water will pass through the whole puck rather than channels. I was suggesting you loosen the grind so you avoid choking the shot. I guess the decision you need to make us whether to dose and distribute manually or continue to rely on the auto-prep. I don’t think I could ever trust a machine to deliver the same dose every time, or to distribute it evenly in the PF. One can weigh and adjust all one likes but if one’s distribution is off, everything behaves and extracts inconsistently. It’s the first skill on which all others build. To help you decide, maybe auto-prepare three shots without changing anything and time how long each takes to deliver 42g. If the times vary significantly then you know the machine can’t prep a dose consistently.
  9. Have you tried this. Works under water. Think it was originally developed for bonding pipes under the sea. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/FXSLS.html
  10. OK. Advice often starts with ‘use grind to control how long your shot takes’ but for most people starting out, this advice misses a crucial step. The first step is to build your puck so that it is the same depth and density at every point in the basket (distribution). The second factor is to make sure that you don’t put too much coffee in your basket (dose). Distribution, if done right, makes sure that your espresso extracts at the same speed every time without gushing or spraying. This is because water passes evenly through every part of the puck rather than finding a quick route through a thin part of the puck (channeling). If your distribution is done well every time, then you can control speed of extraction with the grinder. If not, the route the water finds through the puck dictates how fast the shot proceeds or not. My guess is that your distribution is inconsistent (everyone starts with this problem by the way) so sometimes your shot gushes, so you tighten the grind for the next one but distribute better and so the next shot chokes the machine be Ayse there’s no easy fast channel for the water to take. Putting too much coffee in the portafilter can also cause both choking and channeling rather confusingly. (Choking if it’s just too much fine coffee for the pump, and channelling if the puck hits the shower screen when it gets saturated.) you have to know your machines preferred dose. So, put some hard yards into getting your distribution working. Set the grinder to something fairly relaxed then build four pucks that extract at the same speed. That will mean (1) exactly the same weight of coffee in each dose and (2) good distribution. Then you can use the grind to control speed. Let us know how you get on.
  11. £2-2.5k can buy you temperature stability. That makes a big difference to taste in the cup. You might even get pressure profiling if you are shrewd. I’m sure I’ve seen ACS knock out ex-demo very light use Vesuvii for that money. I would pay for taste even if it was one cup a day - because it is every day. Trick is to pay for this stability and avoid paying for branding or frippery.
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