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  1. £2-2.5k can buy you temperature stability. That makes a big difference to taste in the cup. You might even get pressure profiling if you are shrewd. I’m sure I’ve seen ACS knock out ex-demo very light use Vesuvii for that money. I would pay for taste even if it was one cup a day - because it is every day. Trick is to pay for this stability and avoid paying for branding or frippery.
  2. Mine actually does sit neatly in that little circular protrusion but it really doesn’t matter where your tube sits provided it’s at the bottom. I think the protrusion is useful for keeping the tube underwater when it has air in it, say on first commissioning or after a service.
  3. How about using neoprene around the frame or even the edge of the door. It’s waterproof and crushable so you should be able to effect a good seal. I am with Joey though. You’ll probably need to take care of heat loss through the roof as well before you retain any meaningful heat. ^^ good points by Frank too.
  4. Obnic

    5 word story...

    Other people’s rules are only suggestions.
  5. Obnic

    5 word story...

    I thought this was Hemmingway’s game: tell a story in six words. You do need the sixth word. His was: “Infant’s shoes for sale, hardly used”. In that spirit: espresso machine for sale, wife insistent. or new burrs required, should’ve checked beans
  6. I’m 51. Think I’m just getting into my stride. I expect it to end as I become a cantankerous old git.
  7. Well I’m surprised by how good that actually was.
  8. That’s where we all start. Sound decision. What you’re paying for with the Luna is speed. The eBay scales will always add a gram or two after you cut the shot. The Luna reading is near instantaneous. But the price of this speed is [emoji33][emoji33][emoji33][emoji33]
  9. So General James Mattis is hitting back after Donald Trump said he was the ‘greatest overrated general in history’. At a charity gala dinner, General Mattis observed that he had ‘won his spurs on a battlefield where Donald had won his in a letter from his doctor’ and that his colleague had observed that ‘the only military officer Donald appeared to rate was Colonel Sanders.’ Winning!
  10. I’m almost embarrassed to post here now. There is so much talent on here! Rocko Mountain Natural from CoffeeCompass. Just a massive hit of cherry brandy / pruno type booze and dark chocolate.
  11. Really only two for me: An eBay special jewellery scale: for around £5. You just can not argue with the price. If they break, get a new one. Acaia Lunar: scandalously expensive but it’s the endgame espresso scale. Super fast, easy to calibrate, rechargeable, and fits on my machine neatly. It also has all sorts of functions via the app but I use none.
  12. ^ This. Check in all directions with a spirit level at the grouphead not the machine’s shell. Also take a look at your portafilter. That may not be perfectly symmetrical and so have an inherent bias.
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