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  1. Just read this. Sorry mate. Will be thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed. This video perfectly explains the Epley Manoeuvre. Worth trying at home I reckon. Looks entirely credible following a head injury: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9SLm76jQg3g
  2. That is really starting to look like a thing my wife would sanction. Almost clinical it’s so sharp. Like it.
  3. Obnic


    Welcome. You’re in the right place.
  4. Similarly committed to the Apple ecosystem here. The rate at which my kids break their iPhones is getting painful too! However, privacy is the selling point for me. It’s not perfect but it is light years better than any Google owned software.
  5. This. Continuing my quest to find a drinkable coffee in Switzerland (some days I feel I will find the grail first) I found this roast-dated coffee in Jelmoli Zurich (a Swiss Department Store with aspirations to mimic Harrod’s). It’s an arabica blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian, Colombian and Costa Rican. Confused much? Despite being only 2 dots on the roast scale, I’d say it’s medium dark and pulled short in milk it’s not dreadful.
  6. That brew looks a bit insipid to me. What is your method. Moka pots are tremendous. It’s my go-to travel kit.
  7. Dude, you’re dark. I see an angel.
  8. Used to live in Hampton. You know Eric then?
  9. I know a bloke down the Cardinal Wolsey called Eric (not Ethic) he can source you a bit of ‘under the Barber’ deer horn after the annual deer cull. Usually comes attached to a nice bit of venison he ‘found’ lying about. He accepts cash and Sky Box cards. You didn’t here it from me.
  10. So, I’ve been up late at night worrying about poor Ian. I mean what do you buy the girl that already has two Monoliths and a Vintage La Pavoni? It’s an unfair standard for any guy to meet so I thought we could all chip in with some suggestions. I’ll go first. I found this:
  11. Yes. I guess what I meant (and didn’t actually say) was vacuum is good for avoiding moisture but I am suspicious about using it for cupboard storage for much the same reasons you outline (accelerated gassing off). No scientific evidence of course, this is pure supposition. However, that same line of thought led me to airscape ie limiting oxidation without vacuum.
  12. I vacpack my beans before freezing in order to severely limit any moisture next to the beans whilst they’re in the cooler. Once open, I keep them in an airscape airtight jar. This has an airtight lid that you can force down inside the jar to push out any air above the beans. In effect the beans are stored with the minimum amount of oxidising air around them but at one atmosphere of pressure. https://www.amazon.com/Planetary-Design-Airscape-Storage-Canister/dp/B00167TT94
  13. Speak to Richard at CoffeeCompass.co.uk. He does 500g bags around £8/9. His Brighton Lanes is a very consistent and easy to dial in coffee - it has a wide band where it tastes good. He also has lots of single origin beans at all levels of roast. Roasts the day you order and it’s there within two days nearly always. For real value, every now and then, he offers a mystery bean 1kg bag. These can sometimes be astonishingly good and are always very very keenly priced.
  14. I’m with you[emoji23]
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