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  1. Got the beauty dialled in now - this morning’s brew was a million miles away from the first test cup. Still a remarkable thing to experience what a difference the grind setting makes to the end product when using the same coffee beans.
  2. Thanks. I bought the grinder new and got a bag of beans thrown in to help with initial dialling in- thanks Clumsy Goat Coffee
  3. I will be unboxing today a gucci new Mignon Crono. Can I please ask what kind of grind setting the burrs are set at when the machines leave the factory eg coarse (french press), medium ish (pour over), fine (espresso)? I’m hoping to minimise wasting beans (and time) while I dial in the grinder to a pretty good base line from where I can just tweak for different batches of beans. I’ll be brewing mostly V60 or clever dripper. Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks. Just too far out of the way for me. Best of luck
  5. Can I please ask where in London? A simple post code would be fine. Thanks
  6. Thanks for that. I think, on reflection, I’ll go for a used/refurbed Mazzer. As I tend to make a big pot of coffee first thing in the morning I’ll be grinding 50-60g of beans.
  7. Thanks both tsouthwell and MWJB. Very helpful and I now have my answer. Much appreciated.
  8. Hello All It has been a while since I was last here. Can I please sound you out over choice of grinder? I am getting back into coffee, but pour over/infusion only - everything BUT espresso. I have had a Mignon and Super Jolly previously and don’t mind going back there again, but..., I was attracted to the new ROK hand grinder but there’s none to be had (beyond two currently on Ebay). As I’ll be grinding 30-60g at a go I don’t want to consider “hand” grinding (MBK, Comandante etc). For the dosh of a new ROK I could get a used Mazzer of some description.
  9. Arranging collection via PM with Blustery
  10. Dear All As far as I can see, Theblusteryday has been the first to post on this thread commitment to buy at asking price. So unless I've misunderstood the sales rules, which can easily happen, that's the grinder sold subject to collection. My apologies for sounding hesitant. I'm on another forum where things can get a bit funny between who pm'd first or publicly agreed to buy. I just want to be transparent and keep within the rules. Hope that makes sense.
  11. Hi Chaps Sorry. I've not been getting any pings through on my phone when comments have gone up on this thread. I thought it was all very quiet (because of no notifications), hence not being on here for a while. So to get back to the first few chaps who kindly replied. No offers. It's silly cheap already at £150. Collection only please. I just don't have the materials to adequately protect the grinder and hopper in transport, and I don't fancy getting into a ding-dong if it turns up damaged at the other end.
  12. It is time to move on the Super Jolly as it is getting used less and less, and then only for filter, plus I could really use the worktop space. I bought this in good second hand condition a few years ago when I wanted something a bit better than a Mignon. A few cosmetic marks on the body, to be expected, otherwise ready to plug n play. Collection only from Hitchin, Hertfordshire as I don't have adequate packaging materials to properly protect it from Parcel Force and their ilk. Photos to follow v shortly.
  13. Sorry I can't help Gerry, other than to say I have just bought one myself and it's a super piece of kit. Best of luck selling this - I paid £179 for mine!!!
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