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  1. Sorry, I forgot to update this. The machine sold on eBay.
  2. Time to move on my trusty Sage Duo Temp Pro. Its such a convenient machine, heating up in minutes and makes lovely espresso. Sadly I have been allured by a lever and ran out of kitchen space. I bought this in November 2017 and has worked perfectly since making maximum 5 drinks a week. It has been fed Ashbeck all its life so I did not bother with the water filter. Includes all original accessories, including the never used water filter. I also have the original box. I replaced the group head gasket recently so should be good to go for a while. Looking for £180 collection from the York area is preferred but can post at buyers risk/cost.
  3. Thanks for that, L1 sounds like the best choice. I suppose the next question would be, is the LR worth holding out for? I understand it’s better for lighter roasts but more expensive, harder to find used and maybe heats up a little slower?
  4. So I finally have a nice big flat grinder and now I want a lever all over again. I have wanted an L1 since their debut in 2012 but always been out of budget. Now the originals are coming to a realistic price used I’m interested. I only ever make one drink at once, either espresso or milk based. Would the temperature stability of the L1 be wasted on me? Would a La Pavoni Pro or similar give me the same in the cup?
  5. Paid and collected in minutes! Please mark as sold.
  6. For sale is my Santos 01 grinder. An interesting grinder with vertically orientated 63.5 mm burrs. I have used this for espresso and brewed and does a good job with each but could probably do with a new set of burrs at some point. I have converted the grind adjustment to stepless and added a leather strip to maintain the grind setting. It works well, even for very small adjustments. Motor sounds excellent, practically silent when running without beans. £150, collected from the York area or posted at buyers expense.
  7. May I ask the function of the thermometer? Is it just to confirm the PID temp?
  8. ahirsty

    Mazzer Major/Royal

    Thanks for your responses and pictures @Wuyang. I ended up buying one that came up on eBay. Hope you find a buyer for one of yours!
  9. Seems like a good price if they are indeed original? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-MAZZER-Major-TITANIUM-Blades-Burrs-T151A-BARGAIN-PRICE/193367684816
  10. ahirsty

    Mazzer Major/Royal

    Thanks @Wuyang I guess they are the burrs from when you acquired it? I know its a faff but do you happen to have any pictures of the burrs? Andy
  11. ahirsty

    Mazzer Major/Royal

    Thanks, do you know much of the history of the grinder? Did you get it from the forum? Has there been any work done apart from disabling the switches?
  12. ahirsty

    Mazzer Major/Royal

    @Wuyang The prices in the sold section vary quite a lot. I was hoping to get something in the £250 range. Not sure if thats in your ballpark?
  13. ahirsty

    Mazzer Major/Royal

    @Wuyang I would indeed be interested in the Major. Do you know how much use the burrs have had. What sort of price would you be looking for. I could collect in a socially distant way, I'm only in York.
  14. ahirsty

    Mazzer Major/Royal

    Not so bothered about the paint but would prefer fully working mechanically.
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