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  1. Just recently purchased but don’t really have a use for it anymore. Was extremely helpful in getting a consistent dose however. £32 posted.
  2. I actually think I remember what you mean regarding the magnets. I got some spares with the doserless mod. I will include all original spares and accessories.
  3. Hi, I'm not 100% sure what you mean regarding the magnet and bulb. I will include a Giottos Rocket Air Blower however. Looking at Parcel2Go with DHL insurance would be an additional £17. Of course I'm happy for you to arrange an courier collection yourself if you wish. Thanks
  4. A superb experience all round. Hope all goes well getting it to its final destination!
  5. Of course! It's 39cm without the cap, and 41cm with the cap. Thanks
  6. I have found a safe way to transport this so I'm now willing to ship at the cost of £10.
  7. Yes still available. I believe this is priced fairly based on the cost of the mods and the new set of TI burrs. I think for any less I would rather keep it in case I get another machine. Yes I would be happy to meet at the station. Hope that answers your questions.
  8. This is the 2016 series 2 Londinium L1 espresso machine which includes wood toggle valves, lever and portafilter handles, as well as the push fit panels. I bought from the original owner a few months ago but unfortunately not in a position to keep. The pressure switch has been upgraded to the 30amp version and was previously fed with c.35ppm TDS water from new (GH c.25ppm). I have been using Ashbeck water exclusively. Machine is in full working order in good condition with just some minor scratches from general use on drip tray and panels, I have tried to photograph these the best
  9. I’m moving on my espresso machine so seems silly to keep this. This has been fitted with doserless mod from Daniel Wong. It also includes the aluminium cap to stop the beans. With this system I can reduce retention to between 0.1 and 0.5g. I fitted with original TI burrs that have had very little use. There are a few chips on the front but the rest of the case is in good condition. Mechanically is running perfect. I have modded the power switch so it can run without the hopper. Collection in the York only since it’s extremely heavy!
  10. Sorry, I forgot to update this. The machine sold on eBay.
  11. Now also listed on eBay
  12. Time to move on my trusty Sage Duo Temp Pro. Its such a convenient machine, heating up in minutes and makes lovely espresso. Sadly I have been allured by a lever and ran out of kitchen space. I bought this in November 2017 and has worked perfectly since making maximum 5 drinks a week. It has been fed Ashbeck all its life so I did not bother with the water filter. Includes all original accessories, including the never used water filter. I also have the original box. I replaced the group head gasket recently so should be good to go for a while. Looking for £180 collection fro
  13. Thanks for that, L1 sounds like the best choice. I suppose the next question would be, is the LR worth holding out for? I understand it’s better for lighter roasts but more expensive, harder to find used and maybe heats up a little slower?
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