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  1. And just this morning, grinding much finer on a single estate, I get massive clumping just like your photo... First time I've seen it. Still tasted great though ? Very interested to see how you get on!
  2. Very sad news, I do remember MrSimba's posts. He will be missed.
  3. How are you finding it now with the clump crusher Aaron, any improvement? I've noticed mine sometimes clumps, but nothing like the photo you posted, and WST hasn't made much difference to the extraction for me (it's never that pretty to be honest, as I'm too slapdash - still tastes great). Colin
  4. 1. Coffeechap 2. Grumpydaddy 3. RvB 4. PPapa 5. NickdeBug 6. Alexferdi 7. Thecatlinux 8. drude 9. MrShades 10. jtldurnall 11. Doozerless 12. working dog 13. Eyedee 14. PeterL 15. Johnealey 16. risky 17. dfk41 18. Jeebsy 19. anton78 20. TomBurtonArt 21. Snakehips 22. Bean About 23. Xpenno 24. Grahamg 25. Blackstone 26. h1udd 27. mrboots2u 28. Dunx90 29. Aaroncornish 30. GCGlasgow 31. Jp19810 32. bongo 33. Brewer in training 34. Drewster 35. mmmatron 36. YesRow 37. Knightsfield 38. ronsil 39. Soll 40. jlarkin 41. AndyH83 42. JGF 43. urbanbumkin 44. jonbutler88 45. Funinacup 46. Hotmetal 47. Flibster 48. MSM 49. Elonii 50. bronc 51. Dylan 52. Drusy 53. Jasper Velders 54. malling 55. DavidBondy 56. Daren 57. Milanski 58. Nobeans 59. Colio07 60. Rhys 61. oursus 62. fluffles 63. NeilR 64. Djhep 65. batfink 66. Phil104 67. cambosheff 68. DarenF 69. plevis 70. Nod 71. D_lash 72. whiteyj 73. michaelg 74. Jollybean 75. The resurrection 76. mazi 77. MWJB 78. Lefteye 79. Deejay suave 80. Tamper 81. Doolallysquiff 82. Bz99 83. Iroko 84. MarkyP 85. Bigben 86. sjenner 87. EricC 88. Matharon 89. noelweston 90. aphelion 91. unoll 92. coffeechops
  5. Thanks for this - have been missing a decent shop here! Went there today and had a lovely couple of espressos, one house blend and one guest, both from Round Hill, both excellent. They were served with a cold cascara (brewed hot and cooled apparently) which worked very well. Barista (sorry I didn't get his name) was enthusiastic and helpful, despite being very busy, and the food looked good. Partner had a green mint tea which she said was excellent too. Will definitely be going back! Colin
  6. Assuming you are using standard 15mm (always OD) PEX poly pipe, then standard brass pipe compression fittings work very well, too. You need pipe inserts in the ends.
  7. Try here: http://www.espressounderground.co.uk/hose.html Peter is a helpful guy and should be able to sort you out. Colin
  8. Aye, 'tis a fair chunk of aluminium - will last a lifetime though! (At least if you don't get further upgrade-itis like wot I did :-)) Without the hopper its about 370mm tall, so it might fit under cupboards (it certainly won't with the hopper fitted - though I wouldn't recommend using it that way anyhow). I upgraded from a Rocky to this and it was a very good move, if that helps make the decision...
  9. Having just bought a Foundry E8 RedSpeed I'm certainly very happy...
  10. For sale my 63mm burr Fiorenzato Doge: This came out of a cafe in North Wales that went under, and it was hardly used when I got it from them, so I guess they had it from new; I've had it since mid-2010. As you can see it's in very good condition throughout - paint is virtually unmarked and shiny, no cracks or chips to the plastic work. The doser produces nice fluffy grounds into the PF, no throwing left or right and it sweeps pretty clean; the output shute is easy to get to so a quick sweep with a plastic spatula in the shute and it is clean, very little retention. Comes with the very large hopper (must hold 3kg easily) - I've been single-dosing with an old tamper as a weight straight into the throat and that works just fine - I made a small plastic collar to help with that (the black ring in the throat above). I also removed the stupid auto-doser and the auto-shutoff mechanism which I'll supply if you really want them. I fitted new burrs in Sept 2010, so at the rate I have used coffee it is probably coming up for a change in another 10 years or so... (seriously - I get through maybe 250-500gm a week, so after five years that's just 130KG of the 400KG they're rated for). Motor is 350W, runs quietly without appreciable vibration. The doser mechanism is smooth and quiet. This is a large, heavy shop grinder, 16kg plus. I gather these are similar in size to a Mazzer Super Jolly, and it's similarly built like a tank - it feels like it will last forever. As it is so heavy I really don't want to ship; it would cost a fortune and with the (more) delicate large hopper it'd be an unwieldy and awkward package so damage is too likely. I'm based just west of Salisbury, or I'd happily deliver to the Southampton/Portsmouth area. Looking for £145 to a forum member. Cheers, Colin
  11. It's the step change that is so obvious; I dare say if I'd come from another grinder at this level, then seasoning would bring out the best in it, but for me you're right, not necessary. I am finding I get through half a bag getting dialed in though - slowly getting my head around relationship between grind level and the time it takes to produce the required amount of grinds; not a linear relationship. Oh, and whilst the E8 is still far cleaner than the Fiorenzato, Monsoon Malabar is the most messy coffee I've ever used, so full of static and gets bloody everywhere... tastes good though :-)
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