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  1. Ooo the new Classic looks interesting...
  2. The latest version of the Classic surely is not it. What do people think? Quality construction. Small footprint. Sensible price point. User serviceable parts. Decent output. Any suggestions? TIA
  3. I just replaced both stats, but temp still unstable. Starting to drip too?
  4. Hi guys and gals I am having to consider a replacement for my 2006 Classic. I understand the modern machines are not a patch on the old ones, and I wonder what forum members consider a suitable replacement? I drink espresso 99% of the time, and it would be paired with a Mignon. I am not needing to upgrade, but am simply looking for a modern equivalent. I like the simplicity, construction quality plus the user serviceable parts (if possible). [edit] And the small footprint too - keeps SWMBO happy ;-) I look forward to hearing your suggestions, and reasons too, if pos
  5. Hmmm... The Londinium or a divorce...? ;-) GLWTS :-)
  6. This has happened to me too with a different Rave blend. Beans are a natural product and will change during the year. The roastes will undoubtedly do what they can but are not magicians.
  7. ajh101

    Isomac Tea II

    Give it to me? I'll get my coat...
  8. ajh101

    Isomac Tea II

    Nice looking machine. A bargain for someone. Glwts.
  9. I would happily take it, but think others ought to have a chance! [emoji6]
  10. Interesting, but I wouldn't buy without seeing them, and I live too far away.
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