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  1. I’ll drop to £90 if that helps.
  2. Selling my Gaggia Classic as I have now upgraded. The machine is the version with the bigger solenoid. Works very well and has been regularly cleaned and descaled and I also live in a soft water area. It has the Raincilio steam wand upgrade. The steam wand does drip a little but doesn’t affect its use when it’s up to temperature and creates very good steam pressure. I can create perfect microfoam. This part can be replaced if it bothers you. Comes with all original spares, and a stainless milk jug. Original steam wand and wood handle tamper and tamper mat included. Im looking for £
  3. Selling my Stainless Steel knock box. Originally sold by Kingdom Coffee which they still sell Its 38cm deep, 25.5cm wide, 10.5cm high. A few scratches on the top from where my Gaggia Classic sat. £40 Collected from Guildford Surrey. Paypal with fees paid or cash on collection
  4. I am selling my Super Jolly Timer as I now have a machine with an integrated grinder. This grinder is in superb condition and has limited use. There isn’t a chip anywhere around the portafilter holder and it works like new. It is a 2014 model. There is a slight scratch after I accidentally scraped it whilst moving it but it’s very minor, this is the only mark anywhere on the machine. Pictures show this. Grinds tray included. I’m looking for £240 collected or a courier arranged by the buyer. I live near Guildford in Surrey. Cash on collection, PayPal with fees paid.
  5. Thanks everyone. I think I’ll leave it as a set up for the time being but will edit and add individual prices if nobody wants the whole package.
  6. I’d rather keep it as a package as I think it’s a great set up for someone. If others want to buy the Classic and knock box on the same thread it’s certainly an option. I guess you need to say what your offer is for the Super Jolly.
  7. ​Selling my whole set up as have just upgraded. Will now split. 2003 Gaggia Classic with Rancilio Silvia wand. Regularly Descaled and live in soft water area. Includes two baskets, Old steam wand, blanking disc for backflush and original spare parts. Stainless milk jug included. Only slight issue is wand leaks a bit but doesn’t effect steam operation. I can make perfect microfoam. £100 collected 2014 Mazzer Super Jolly Timer including grinds tray and laser etched gauge for adjustment accuracy. Like new condition apart from slight scuff to upper side where I scraped it. Very minor. No
  8. I'd like a mirror silver when you have one available please. I'm guessing this will work fine with a 2014 model as per the first post. Can I pay PayPal?
  9. Great. We can sort out payment and delivery when it suits you.
  10. I have finally upgraded to a Super Jolly so am selling my Gaggia MDF with Gaggia base. The grinder still works properly but the handle sometimes is a bit sticky every six or seven pulls of the doser lever. It has done this all the time I have owned it but still works fine but I need to mention it. I think you can buy a new handle if it annoyed you too much for around £20. I'm after £70 including the base and live near Guildford, Surrey. A good first, pretty decent grinder. Could possibly post at buyers cost.
  11. Thanks Jonc I've messaged the seller for some more details
  12. Can't believe I missed this! I've actively been on the lookout for a bargain SJ and live in the same village as the seller, enjoy.
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