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  1. Beer. 4 months ago I quit my job in a specialty coffee shop and now work in a specialty craft beer bar - which also does specialty coffee - but coffee has taken a back seat as I learn about and taste beers. So many beers. Below: my small, but growing collection.
  2. Buy a smaller jug? From bend to tip on mine is about 170mm and 40mm from the drip tray.
  3. Single base layer - but push it right to the far side of the cup then push a Rosetta into it. I've tried a multi-layer tulip swan and it just never works for me. Always ends up wonky.
  4. Trying to squeeze out one more layer, realising I'd started over pouring and carrying on anyway.
  5. I've used; Oat Hemp Soy Rice Hazelnut Almond Coconut All in a coffee house capacity and all of them are a pain in the ass. Took me a good few months of practice to get soy milk to stop splitting and to do latte art. Hazelnut milk is the best non-dairy milk. The rest (especially hemp milk) are terrible. Hemp milk tastes like carpet when steamed.
  6. Haha. I met my wife in a coffee house, I was her barista, and served her everyday for months. She would always ask for an espresso and I'd always ask if she'd like a glass of water with that and she always said no. Eventually we went out on a date and she learned my surname was Taylor so she called me Taylor the Latte Boy - after the song. In: 1. Bongo 2. Taylor
  7. First one is from today, getting to grips with my mew machine, second was from a few months ago, and third from a few days ago. I do far less coffee now in my new job, the middle one was at my peak. I'm a head barista and bar supervisor now, and a lot of my time is spent pulling pints instead of shots.
  8. My mother-in-law over Christmas. I was talking to my wife about buying an espresso machine and my wife's mother said "why do you need to spend so much money on a coffee machine? If I gave you really bad tasting coffee beans and you used it with your coffee machine it would still taste horrible, like it would with my machine. So what's wrong with my 60 dollar machine?" she went on to say that it's as much about the beans as the machine, but she failed to realise if I gave her some amazing coffee beans it would taste rubbish on her 'percolator' - which by the way, she has never cleaned in years! - but the same beans would taste fantastic on a proper espresso machine. She just doesn't understand, and is from a relatively backwards American mid-west family. She thinks charred beans made into a 24oz cup with 4oz of syrup is good coffee.
  9. B*llocks. I forgot about you. Everyone, we have a winner, Scotford!
  10. Also, I only have straight walled cups, which are crap for latte art. Seriously. I am handicapped here lets do it!
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