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  1. Hi, has this been sold yet? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi, I have just posted to you. Sorry for the delay, been all around the country. Let me know how it goes.
  3. Oh, cool. I am next in line please if he later decides not to get it. Just so you know that I am interested. Cheers.
  4. But this post was a day after he “presumably” closed the sales with the seller.
  5. Do I take it that this is still for sale? If so, i will take it at the asking price.
  6. Any photos that might encourage buyers to develop more purchasing thoughts?
  7. Hello peeps, sorry, I have been away for the holiday season. I am back now. Who’s next on the list? I will pm you to obtain an address. Cheers.
  8. I'd like to be added too after chip_kara, marc1882 and jaffro. So current list (unless anything changed) 1: chip_kara 2: marc1882 3: jaffro 4. Iwwstriker Thanks peeps!
  9. Hello, Another non-coffee related sale. It is my used computer accessory. Due to upgrades for "futureproofing". https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/263977803511 I am not sure if this link will work. Just going to do a quick sale, and negotiable. The reason I unticked the "make offer" option is that a lot of "different" buyers lurking on eBay. If anyone's interested, I allow PayPal transfer for a buyer's guarantee. Cheers, Iwwstriker
  10. I think I have to close this post as the item is sold elsewhere. Does anyone know how I can close this?
  11. This is an interesting topic, I always thought the rule of thumb for tamping is about 30lbs?? So then, is that subject to change depending on the grind size?
  12. Just thought to close this thread, the iPhone has been sold elsewhere. I got the same price as what @Yes Row suggested. Thanks, everyone for the interest.
  13. Huh? Who're the Piranha brothers? what unwritten law? I am confused, or at least unaware of what's going on :confused:
  14. Why would you want to sell your business though?
  15. Hi, thanks for the confidence. It is fairly new, I have only used it for a year and a few months more. And I only use it for phone calls and social media. Never tinker with it either, or use it as a test phone. Thanks, guys for the interest. £150.00 is a bit steep for me. I am sorry that I will have to turn down your offer.
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