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  1. Good Sunday everyone. I was wondering what spares are a good idea to have in the drawer for the Synchronika, apart from gasket and shower screen? Enjoy your extra cappuccino in bed, I am!
  2. Yeah, I have a 3k plug, used it before on electric radiator as regular ones would die after a while......
  3. 😆😆🤣😅 All this talk put me in the mood for some nutmeg on my cappuccino......🥶🥶🥶
  4. ...yes, it did 🥶......and surely I'd kick myself in the nuts if I scratched £2k worth of nuts....haha🤑
  5. Why'd you say that? the glue residue? I was thinking very precise tools would reduce scratching or I came across what I think they're called tube spanners, they lock on 5 faces as opposed two two, otherwise those jaw protectors....not sure, really but there's a few nuts out there I wouldn't like to scratch.....especially if that cam nut needs to come out once a month...ouch!
  6. Electric tape sounds good too. I'll be sweating cold first time I go near those nuts....anyway thanks for the tips.
  7. Thanks, thought so! Tomorrow I can stay in bed half hour longer.....nice!
  8. Is there any reason why I shouldn't use a smart plug with my Synchronika? It's a pain to have to wait for it to come to temperature in the morning and I can't see why a smart plug could be a bad idea but I thought I better ask as this is my first big machine.....
  9. Where can I get a wrench with protective sleeves for the jaw as the guy in the video? One of my paranoia is how to get to those shiny nuts without scratching them.....thanks, I followed link and lots of tutorials there....
  10. Thanks. Good advise. Cheers guys!
  11. I've had my new Synchrinika for a week now and it's an amazing machine, I thought I better double check with the experts what it needs done regularly to be maintained properly. Care: Backflushing: is once a day over-kill? and if I do it once a day, that's without cleaning agent, correct? Backflushing with cafiza (I've always used this on my previous machines) is required every 100 shots or so, correct? To descale or not descale: is it safe to do it at home and how often? and what product? (h20 in my area is super-soft, tester shows 0 hd and goes through a Brita jug first anyway). Other than above, plus cleaning exterior, portafilters and steam wand am I missing anything else? Use: Is it better for machine to be left on all day or on/off as required? It has an Eco function that kicks in after 30min so I'd be inclined switching it on morning and off evening and let Eco take care of rest in between. Should the portafilter live on the E61 in between uses or better leave it on the counter? I'm thinking with warm machine it would eventually cook the gasket if I keep it locked on group-head all day! That's lots of questions I know! I'm not even going into opening up the machine, it's so shiny and expensive that I'm afraid even looking at it...haha!
  12. One week into my new Atom 65 and I'm wondering what type of care it needs. I can see only access to top burr is via removing top plate, I'm wondering how often I should open up the grinder to clean build-up of coffee and whether I'd be invalidating warranty or not in doing so, I cannot imagine this would be the case as manual clearly explains the procedure but better safe than sorry! I'm also not sure whether you guys leave it on all day or on/off when required? Thanks.
  13. ...and I've run out of image allowance, maybe I can pm you rest of pics....
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