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  1. You can justify full-fat on health grounds using this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22585901 The research is unclear.
  2. I just spoke with the barista at my local Costa a minute ago, and asked him when they use semi-skimmed milk. I know you ask for a "skinny" if you want skimmed milk, so when do you get the semi-skimmed. Well, I found out. It is the default! I had always thought full-fat milk is the default for cappuccino chains - it seems not. Whenever I made a cappuccino at home, I swear it tasted significantly better when using full-fat milk, rather than semi-skimmed. What is normal in most coffee shops? Which is better?
  3. I like the feel of the Costa takeaway cups so ideally would like to keep that. Are there any sleeve type things that can improve the insulation? Not sure what you would call them, that is if they are a "thing."
  4. I go to Costa each day and have my coffee in a takeaway cup. I sit there in with the aircon going on full blast for a couple of hours, while my hands freeze and my coffee plummets to zero. Are there any insulating gizmos I can buy to put around the medium sized Costa takeaway cup? I already order it extra hot. Jon
  5. Called Sage and they said they will have to get a repair person out. No steam from the steam wand now and some pulsating sound coming from the motor. The steam wand peeps 3 times when I lift the lever. They said a repair would normally be £300 to £400 but they can do it for £108 for me as she feels really sorry for me. Is that bull? I heard someone laughing away on the phone. I think they were playing silly buggers. Nice and professional huh?
  6. If I trick the machine into resetting, won't the error message still be there when I run the descaling process again, because it still hasn't been descaled and so will have some scale blocking the draining of the boiler? I am asking this because when I tried to descale a few months back, I got the same valv message. One additional thought...can you just run the descaling solution through the system as though you were making cups of coffee and frothing? I wonder if this could help remove some scale as a pre-wash type measure, in case scale is causing the valv issue.
  7. @Bolta, there isn't any descaling solution in each boiler. The error message happens after I have opened the valves to let the clean water out. But it doesn't seem to empty properly. Water comes out but I still get the valv message. The descaling solution is just sitting in the water tank. It hasn't been through the system yet.
  8. I have a Sage Dual Boiler BES920UK and it needs descaling. I have run through the process up to opening the 2 valves at the front to let the water drain from the boilers. But when I tighten those screws back up again and press Manual, I get the valv error message. I can't seem to get past this. When starting this descaling process, the machine was cold, if that makes any difference. Any ideas? Thanks, Jon
  9. Just ordered some Puly sachets. Thanks for the recommend.
  10. I got a Sage Dual Boiler and the descaling warning has come up. Does it come with descaling stuff or do I need to buy it? Never descaled it yet! Thanks, Jon
  11. Ok. Worried it might be going back into my drinking water tank!
  12. I'm doing a cleaning cycle, put my rubber disc in, got to cleaning cycle with PUSH on the display and pressed the Manual button. All good. It counted down as its supposed to, but I'm sure I didn't see any water coming out of the portafilter. Is it meant to or not?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. Got some ordered.
  14. My Sage came with two cleaning tablets and now I have run out. Anyone here with a Sage who can point me to some replacements? Thanks, Jon
  15. I received my Inker cups. The deadline was supposed to be yesterday at 4pm according to the couriers, but they arrived today instead. I hate it when you wait in for couriers and they don't arrive. Anyway, I got my cups, but one has a mark in the base. See photo. Anyone else have this? To me this is a defect which should be picked up by Quality Control, unless they just try to push it onto unsuspecting customers. At £10 per cup I expect it to be defect free. Returning it will cost me £5 or so in postage. Also, I find them difficult to hold. You can barely get your finger in the hold on the handle. Anyone else find this?
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