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  1. And thank you for making my activity stream one long list of guff plus one more piece of guff, with an annoyingly long list of responses, all full of guff...I'm going for a cup of tea.
  2. Careful you might break them
  3. Syenitic


    Brilliant Now which side you dare fall on?
  4. Absolutely not, Pact do, as you say, get people initially hooked and pull them through into the previously unknown world of speciality coffee. You'll realise soon, if not already, that there is a lot of hearsay presented as experience and knowledge in this place, your'e on a better path by the sound of it!
  5. Thanks for the recommendation....I've promised to stab myself if I try to lay out on more headphones over the next three years.
  6. Good post...I agree about streamed music. Spotify comes in one or two forms. It's best is not as good as the top offering from Tidal But is is also half the price. I personally use the combination sitting at a desk as a software engineer...I don't have the focus to differentiate there to make the higher investment worthwhile...but I can still be shuddered to a halt by specific moments of music. I also acknowledge that my 55+ year ears don't receive as well as they once did. The PXC's wired are still no match for either of the Beyers - I guess their impedance characteristics pull them through on smoothing/balancing. Plus my huge ears fit inside them, not so the 550's. And yes audition is the best way to decide what suits you - physical fit, dynamics, accuracy and these days form (wireless or not). Sad fact of life is you'll never find everything on offer in one place to listen to. p.s. still aching to hear a decent pair of Grados - but scared they re very unsociable.
  7. Like I said I have not heard either of them, but your words are not agreeing with far more than I have read elsewhere....Sony better sound (though I am sure Bose are good) , Bose better (industry standard) Noise cancelling (though I am sure Sony is good). Based on experience, one other factor not discussed and quite relevant - I think I could live with the Bose wrapped around my head for longer than any other brand - End of the day - You takes your choice, you defends your decision (I have neither).
  8. [quote name='Rhys']... (Big Honda 4 stroke engine)[/QUOTE] Nothing like a huge great Honda eh @Rhys? (Derek & Clive quote c.1978)
  9. [quote=Junglebert;679709 I’m not a huge fan of Bose, other people like them, but I think for the money, the sennheisers I linked to are very hard to beat. Think entry level Bose give very good value. the original OE travel phones were (are if you find some) beyond excellent. Upper level Bose define how noise cancelling should be. Not heard them, but they are out reviewed for the money frequently on sound quality. ...
  10. Not knocking the recommendation, but reminds me of the time that 4*Star was outlawed (80's / 90's) and everyone had to adapt to lead free. All kinds of additives were marketed, along with specially hardened valves to get us all through the challenge of engine collapse. Still see old classics running the old Leyland B engines and wonder did anyone ever do the conversions we were told we needed to?
  11. Yeah but you've got a Hydrogen powered (water fueled) McClaren haven't you?
  12. Yeah not many I would think, but there will be some, and that being so I wonder if they suffer issues and if the car dealerships ever warned them of such 'Deep Folly' (to quote the great Prof Stanley Unwin).
  13. Seriously though Sennheiser have been around very long time specifically in the headphone market. I recently bought some PXC-550 bluetooth wireless - they are very good...and despite most reviews telling me the Sony's are better I am not sure. My first headphone purchase some 40 years ago was going to be Sennheiser, but I listened in store and came away with some AKGs) . But I am also not sure about the 550's. Bluetooth dos not equal wired. As a compromise they are good. This COULD also be down to the source...I use spotify (Tidal is better quality, smaller catalogue) and various bluetooth devices and although its good, it is not the same as a pair of Beyer Dynamic DT770 or DT880 direct into a decent amp. They are huge headphones and wired.....and only sound better from my phone when I use a Cyrus soundkey DAC...the 880's are not private either, they will let everyone around you listen too. (both these are half price than the Sennheisers) If anything ever deserved a personal audition, headphones is one contender.
  14. Nice show I am sure, not sure why Mr's Page and Plant (and Jones?) were in the audience though?
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