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  1. Which video was it, was it an expert review?
  2. size is not everything buddy
  3. Yes I am inclined to agree with that thought, but then better safe than sorry and keep ones behind covered. Also I had no idea there was such a vacancy, can you tell me more? Had presumed it was something of a closed shop.
  4. I am concerned that I might have posted something incorrect the other day about the responsibilities of forum members and moderators. Being of the opinion that everything should be clear and truthful I just tried to verify that, but can no longer locate the moderator guidelines. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I am probably just forgetting where they were published on the site.
  5. Syenitic


    powerful story of man vs wild beast there.
  6. Syenitic


    if the purpose of this post is genuinely as titled re insects, wasps especially, you might find a degree of elucidation here. https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/what-do-wasps-do.html And note the V&A museum (I think) are releasing 1000's of parasitoid wasps to protect their fabric based collections. When you sit on one of these you might have genuine cause for concern
  7. Ah so its not string then
  8. Agreed, and not wishing to be antonymistic, they do it in a completely predictable manner. keep the big words coming I say!
  9. and moderators seem to be allowed to breach their responsibilities as well as the rules
  10. and later posts quoting those missing posts seem to disappear also...it is like there is some string connecting them and when one falls off the thread they all get dragged off. Yeah it must be string intertwined in the thread
  11. Think you'll find Pete (as I like to call him) was better known for his association with The Libertines. And I am sure Mr Hoffman found your comparison of him to a drug addled sociopath hilarious.
  12. or here https://uae.kinokuniya.com/bw/9781784724290
  13. And of course a link to a cheap blender on Amazon is relevant to a thread discussing James Hoffman?
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