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  1. Right - I’m back in Amsterdam so might try out a couple of the places mentioned above (although HeadFirst seems to have gone - not showing up in my search) Any more recent recommendations? Only here for a few days en-family so once again can’t be certain of getting there (unless very close by)
  2. But it's a form of initiation..... for each forum.... Look at the number of Noobs posting "I'd like to make something as good as Costabucks at home............." ..... then after a few months, they are weighing to .01g... buying refactometers and all sorts....
  3. You are certainly right that more subtle meanings etc can get lost when "talking" via screen...... Many a time you can witness (or even get drawn into) rapidly escalating arguments because a casual/lighthearted comment is mis-interpreted and then all hell breaks loose...... Plus once someone makes a judgement on someone based on such a heated argument (albeit based on an original misunderstanding) they will be forever prejudiced against that person.... thinking every future utterance from them is a personal attack! By example I offer our very own DFK..... Dave is a very nice and friendly chap with a decent sense of humour.... I bet you can give many examples of people who react to his posts as if he were the devil incarnate :-) Some (possibly fewer) think I have a vendetta against them too......
  4. Surely the banter is what helps build relationships IRL & online? The world would be a pretty sterile place if all interactions were "on topic".... Agreements, disagreements, jokes, puns, pisstakes, sympathy etc etc - All this gives a 3d picture of people.... Without them life would be pretty shite!
  5. Hi @dfk41 good to see you popping your head up :-) I'd say it seems quieter than it has been... but it is still possibly "summer dip" where everyone is out enjoying themselves etc........ I've personally been fairly busy doing "other stuff" but tend to checkin most days... but like a few posters above - haven't found too much to tweak my interest/prompt me to post..... Still some banter/craic but........ time will tell.
  6. OMG if true that probably undermines my whole argument.............. or possibly demonstrates it well..... I do think the "nobody knows" is similar to the Egyptians building pyramids or "ancients" building Stonehenge.... we do "know" we just find it very hard to comprehend... how people without our "modern knowledge"(tools/machines/technology etc) could achieve what they did....
  7. I'm pretty sure a trawl of the archives would chuck up some interesting 'disagreements' between myself and Dave.... and while we will both stand our corner I don't think either of us argue with ourselves!!
  8. Sorry to disappoint you but as Planter says - dfk and myself are very different people. I can assure you that I have met dfk and he certainly wasn't me ;-) On to undermining.......... Arguments that attempt to bolster a case with the use of incorrect or misleading "facts" very often CAN undermine the very case they attempt to support as: Someone with the opposing view can very easily use them to discredit the whole counter argument: Fallacious (or downright wrong) view - You CAN make "better" steel BECAUSE you use recycled steel (via method A which uses less energy and produces less waste etc). Scientific rebuttal - No you can't... Here are two samples of steel - I can show them to be chemically identical and various tests (tensile strength, hardness etc etc) prove they are physically equal ..... Therefore your argument that method A is "better" is false... therefore there is NO reason to use it. ie Use of method A is "better" than other methods BECAUSE it uses less energy, has less waste product etc... is a perfectly valid argument...using invalid/untrue arguments allows ALL arguments for it's use to be questioned - ie He "lied" or was wrong/mistaken etc) about 1 of the benefits therefore we can (legitimately) question all his arguments.... ...and as much as you might bluster and pontificate - all your arguments about "better" steel are anecdotal. Plus (as usual) some of your anecdotes are both confusing and contradictory... (your old friend who had a stock of "old steel" that lasted longer then the "old stuff"... WTF are you even trying to say?) As to the old "nobody around now 'knows what they did'"..... that is an almost text book "old wives tale"....
  9. Pixie dust and anecdote...... Unfortunately it is this type of "argument" that undermines many causes..... The fact (objective and repeatable) that recycling/re-smelting steel uses less energy than extracting from ore is good enough reason to do it...
  10. No it's me, always was and always will be.... The Hound is a small homage to dfk :-) As to magic Japanese steel I'll pass on that, old wives tales and pixie dust I am afraid. Modern methods of smelting steel are certainly "better" than older methods but the fact that a "better" method uses more (higher proportion) recycled steel doesn't equate to steel made with (more) recycled steel being "better"... No cause & effect...
  11. I get that smelting/re-melting aluminium is less energy intensive than extracting from ore but could you elaborate how (some) steel products are better than steel products produced from primary source/ore... or are you just referencing energy of (re)melting vs extract form ore?
  12. Literally... just found it behind a couple of bales of hay. Which means it arrived today - as the hay wasn't there yesterday.
  13. I did watch Peanuts..... (See quote re pedantry above)
  14. If you have literally 0g left - I'd say these will be a little late....... Pedantry won't literally be the death of me.... although my pedantry might pish someone off enough to kill me.... Thus being a direct cause leading to my death.....
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