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  1. @Tait @DavecUK @The Systemic Kid et al Is it broken again? I am seeing some stuff on Activity Feed but nothing less than about 8hrs old. Looking manually there are a few posts posted after that.....
  2. Technically "you" are a Sockie (Sock-puppet) - a banable offence in some places! At least you don't troll yourself!
  3. I might as well just post this every few days.... One day I am sure someone will actually communicate...... well something..
  4. The OP could mean the option to "not appear" (even though logged in) - which I've just found....
  5. I had a quick google (images) and didn't spot anything visibly/obviously convex - hard to tell at quick glance with rounded corners...... I might delve deeper ("might" being relevant)
  6. I've never heard of them :-) What I have heard quite a lot about is the desirability, even need, to have even/uniform distribution/compressions of the puck..... which any degree of bow/curve/convexity would hinder (surely?) so.......... <Grabs popcorn and waits for evidence/argument otherwise)
  7. Do you like movies about Gladiators?
  8. Who you calling a Kia Girlie.... I drive an Audi and am a hairy a*sed bloke..... I wouldn't be seen dead in a Kia........
  9. I really don't think I should ask how that is pronounced.... Cah-ggggggergle...
  10. Wow - is that a 12 hour turnaround! As per above - any chance of any meaningful comms/explanation Should we be wary of next week - or is it actually fixed?
  11. <Tuneless whistle> 17:03 all quiet......
  12. I wonder if "anyone" can actually let us know what's going on ie Long term issue/fix/investigation not just "write off Wednesday (each week)" There may be a serious underlying issue that is affecting "the world" (not just CFUK) Our "WoW" might be trivial compared to the impacts felt by others....... if only we knew!
  13. Mmmmmm this issue that seems to occur like clockwork on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning has occurred ..... Presumably as the techies haven't been able to identify (and resolve) the cause they were all over it this morning a) To gain diagnostics (in order to fix it for once and all) b) To head it off and get it fixed asap with minimal user impact (just for now) I haven't seen the comms telling us long suffering users about what's going on... but I am confident that we aren't just letting it fall over like clockwork each week and then relying on a user to notify "admin" when it'
  14. Well tbh I think intubated has only been "common" recently (ie wrt Covid) Historically it might have been more common to refer to newborn/premature babies as being in ICU and even in an incubator..... so maybe that's where you got it? As to girls tinkling details :-O :-O
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