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  1. I can't really add too much to the comments here. I haven't had any truly outstanding cups out of this BUT I haven't had a bad cup either!!! Every single cup has been pretty decent - ranging from quick knocking out a morning V60 through taking more care & attention... Initial espresso (as flat white) far too quick/coarse through much finer and more normal parameters.... I am rattling through it at a fair rate - possibly a couple of extra cups per day from "normal". I can only liken it to a "session" beer.... It's not my favourite... but I'll happily keep drinking it all day. PS A couple of "guests" have given good feedback on it as a flat white....
  2. I would have thought with the amount of money MrsD spent on OK - she would be a millionaire living the life of luxury...... Oh hang on.... She is a millionaire living the life of luxury.... It is just her erstwhile staff who are penniless and jobless.....
  3. Obviously from a few months back... but apropos your comment: A few days (at most weeks) after MrsD visited this OK exhibition... The OK* company went tits-up.... Leaving several staff out on their ear and jobless... *Notwithstanding other apparent happenings with other OK companies and OK herself not being out of pocket but..............
  4. Only had a few V60s so far.... Very pleasant :-) Will probably fire up for espresso/flat white during the next few days.
  5. I am pretty sure people like posts for the right reasons - basically their reasons. As to confused.... Your final, albeit brief, sentence is amazingly as confusing as many of your normal meanderings... Who can still smell coffee? - as there is no clue in the rest of the sentence!
  6. .. I know baby just how you feel... You might as well......... Jump!
  7. Now.. you're really saying something.....
  8. A decent cup of coffee - well appreciated at the time for sure. Went on to the Foodhallen for lunch before beginning the journey home..... literally just walked in the door (21:45)
  9. OK -I got to Lot 61 (in Urban Outfitters) for a mid-shop flat white
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