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  1. You are quite right - Don't judge a book by it's cover.... Although I am totally at a loss as to why you quoted that post... a post that had nothing "judgemental" in it.... It would seem that you don't judge a post by its content? But... a) I am not convinced you came on this site to do anyone a favour... as far as I can tell you came on this site to flog your car/machine (I am not judging that as good or bad - just a fact) b) I have not the faintest idea if you make a good living out of it or if you've never made a penny.... and either way tbf I don't really care. c) Also either way - wouldn't make you criminal or bad - as far as I am aware nobody has accused you of either... d) Good for you - having a clear criminal record (I'll read that as you have NO criminal record).... Generally speaking I expect or assume most people I meet have no criminal record (there may well be exceptions - but I wouldn't have "known" and I wouldn't have assumed) e) ditto with treating people with respect..... although that is pretty well a given in a service industry? (Although I do remember certain "Chinese Restaurants" in London's China Town who made a "thing" out of being rude and abrupt to customers) If I were interested in buying your car/machine (which I'm not by the way) I'd do a couple of "Google" searches on the components to check prices etc to assess it's worth/value/how much of a bargain it might be... From that I might make a judgement about how much of a "favour" you were doing...... All that aside - I hope you'll hang about and contribute to the forum, 5 years "in the trade" will no doubt give you a wealth of experience and I am sure you can give some good advice etc.
  2. (Can't) Wait (because I'm off to Porto)
  3. That's the odd thing Micky has almost reached 20 posts "advertising" the bl**dy thing but still hasn't told anyone how much he wants. (Obviously he may have had dozens of PMs asking) I am not an expert on Smart Cars... but my mum has one (considerably younger than that one) and it is a gutless heap - pulling away from the lights we got left behind by an old guy with a Zimmer frame!!
  4. I agree-ish........ Let anyone come along and shove their stuff into "For Sale" as soon as they like..... Everyone has the choice to investigate/buy it or whatever - and they may take into account the "history" of the seller (or indeed lack of it).. This might allow members to grab a bargain (with all the caveats inherent). It would certainly save many dozens/hundreds of (frankly pish-take) one liner/one smilie posts just to get up to the 5 post restriction (once again members can react to that how they like). I think the "issue" is that the restriction is to prevent "outsiders" gaining access to BUY bargains (without "contributing" to the forum in any other way... At least an "unknown" seller MIGHT be giving someone a decent bargain... even if they are never heard from again.... an "unknown" buyer could just get the "benefit" with nothing given back...... Obviously the 5 posts of pish restriction isn't a real hurdle for buyer or seller. I would like to see some sort of "hold prior to moderation" on new users posts... just to weed out this sort of piffle (And some of the more obvious spammers)...... OBVIOUSLY this would be an overhead for Mods... and I wouldn't volunteer to wade through the crap myself so can't really expect others to do so.
  5. Pedant/OCD/Autistic Alert....... Pretty well "anything" would be easy to use ONCE it's been set up....... It's the setting up that provides the challenge.... Plug & Play - doesn't mean "Switch on (plug in/power up) a stand-alone device and you are ready to go....." Plug and Play means you can swap/change various peripherals/internal/external equipment (on some form of "computer") which will "automatically" configure so that you don't need to have technical knowledge in order to set up for use... "In the old days" even plugging in something as simple as a keyboard or a printer required the "configuration" of the peripheral and/or the computer before it would work (sometimes "physical" switches/connections and/or software settings) sometime even the physical installation (and config) of an additional "card" to even give you a place/way to plug it in......... Nowadays such stuff as "Windows" etc has many (many, many) "device drivers" built in - so that all you need to do is (literally) plug the new kit in and it will work...... (and in the background it will even sort out most conflicts with existing kit)... When I were a lad - I remember sticking staples into connectors (to join specific terminals) on "Expansion Cards" that then needed to be fitted into the (relevant) expansion slot of the CPU..... and manually editing "driver files" in order to get printers & keyboards to work!!!
  6. As a bit of fun (inspired by DFK's questions thread - and a similar thread on another forum). A Word Associations thread. Rules: 1) Quote previous post/word 2) Your word has a link to previous word (*) 3) Different poster each post (don't just post an uninterrupted string of words) This could go on............... * the link can be as tenuous as you like :-) Examples: Green ==> Grass ==> Rye ==> Whiskey...... all pretty obvious/direct Green ==> Bean ==> Flick ==> Subuteo.... "less" direct If you have a "target" (punchline) word you are aiming towards - a "(kerching)" or "(Boom-tish)" when you hit it is fine!! I'll start:
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