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  1. Drewster

    The FFFrench

    Just to lighten the mood a little and point out a fact, not an opinion.... You obviously know that it is Johns Hopkins don't you?
  2. I'm glad you said that... I thought I was going mad!!
  3. We had a few fireworks, yells, whistles and cheers as well as the applause!
  4. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...... I got a Facebook update thingy yesterday: A picture of a reasonably crowded local shopping area with the poster admonishing "them" for stupidity/flouting the social distancing/putting others at risk etc. - Which was on the face of it OK but they went on to say that they HAD to be in town to pay in a cheque!
  5. Drewster

    CV linked music

    Working my way back to you.... Heigh Ho! It's off to work we go... 9 to 5... She works hard for the money... Taking care of business... Oh sorry not that sort of cv!!!!
  6. Drewster


    Wow!!! Just Wow!!! Have you got a lot of catching up to do!!!!!!
  7. Drewster


    I normally try to avoid political discussion but I can't let this pass...... While not everyone will agree with every announcement, pronouncement, decision etc as far as I can see in this totally unprecedented situation most/all of Boris' press conferences etc have been flanked by the "Chief Medical Officer" and "Chief Scientific Officer".... not Boris henchmen, not party apparatchik!!! I am not qualified to comment directly on their qualifications and experience I think it is somewhat arrogant to say they have "no competence that qualifies them".....
  8. Drewster

    Niche or ???

    Well a Niche is what circa £500... I think you'll pick up a decent SJ for a fair bit less... say £200-250?? (I got mine for a ton but it needed a clean) Yep there might be a bit more faff.... but £250 pays for a fair bit of faff or a lot of coffee to faff over. (That said if I were thinking of a grinder without tight budget constraints I'd be giving a Niche a very long look..........)
  9. Not sure where else to post this but: I have had a mare today with bloody photos... I am trying to renew my passport, I already have a recent photo set up with my Drivers Licence so I thought that "Obviously in this digital age" that I could just use the same photo........ apparently not!! No option to use existing GOV digital photo.. only "Upload a photo" or "enter code" (I have no idea what the code is or might be.... possibly my drivers licence photo has a code??)... OK then I'll just upload a photo.... (Ooooo look I have my DL photo on my hard drive... that'll do!!!) Oooooooops no it won't..... i) Eyes are closed ii) Too dark iii) Too many shadows iv) Too near the wall I can assure you my eyes are wide open and clearly visible (although I am wearing glasses)... It's not dark or particularly shadowy.... Still never mind - MrsD has an iPhone 11 (which has very good camera).... i) Eyes are closed ii) Too dark iii) Too many shadows iv) Too near the wall Try again 18" further from wall... Still no luck.... 2 more tries...... How can something so simple be made such a ball ache!!!
  10. S'funny isn't it... I have never in all my 50 odd years seen a British Prime Minster (nor any other country come to that) stand in front of multiple press conferences flanked by the the two most senior specialists/Gov advisors on the topic at hand and openly state in simple clear terms the Governments thinking and the reasons behind decisions plus then have the specialists answer questions and explain their logic. Nor have I even seen such "support" and unanimity from the opposition and other parties yet apparently "Boris" still accused of lack of transparency blah blah.... I wonder what magic wand the sainted Corbyn would have waved in this situation. Personally I think it odd how Boris managed to engineer a pandemic just to further his machiavellian schemes!!
  11. Welcome - you'll find loads of advice on how to spend shed-loads of money. Banter....... If you're up for it you might get that!!!
  12. You might be seeing a local pic/pic from your cache - I ain't seeing squat (well technically I am seeing a bloody great placeholder with "Image Preview" in the TLHC)
  13. Ha Ha that's brilliant... ROFPML :-) :-) Actually - I can't see anything :-(
  14. I'd have thought that 99% of people don't "think" VAT (or indeed any duty) at all when buying stuff.... We all pay VAT when we buy sh!t.... Real people don't have a choice in it.... they just pay. (businesses who are VAT registered can reclaim VAT paid on purchases.. but "even" they don't get to buy VAT free they get to reclaim VAT on valid purchases against the VAT they charge on their sales/services etc). The only time "real" people get involved in it is often when they buy that "super cheap" gizmo from "somewhere abroad" and get the nasty (surprise??) when "the Man" tells them they can't have it delivered until they pay the "import duty".... I don't think I've ever met anyone who looks at "anything" for sale and thinks Oooo that costs 83.33333% of "Displayed price-X"... It costs X (VAT etc is irrelevant to them)... So when looking at buying 2nd hand they look at the price..... If I were selling something (almost new) and a prospective buyer told me they expected me to "remove the VAT" I'd (politely???) tell them to do one!
  15. So are "they" saying (whoever they are) that If you were gifted a "gizmo" (that would normally be sold at say £4800 inc VAT).... But you decided you didn't actually want it that you would have to pay someone to take it off your hands? ie: It cost you £0 and is now 2nd hand... Count me in!!!!
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