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  1. WRT Boots....... I also have decades old sh!te (OK technically only years old) in my Mail.... @Mrboots2u I think you can delete "everything" by selecting the COG ('kin autocorrect) and then Empty......... Although @tait is it possible to restore our mailboxes as they were? ie to Save everyone having to re-do Housekeeping (I seem to have pretty large space availability so it might not be quite so necessary anyway???) Additionally - Do we have access to "Sent"...... I only had a quick shufti and didn't spot it...
  2. I honestly thought that you wouldn't be that shallow......... No - I did..... Really..... @dfk41 I know is a bit of a rep-whore but not our Milly!!!
  3. @dfk41 Dave don't give up just yet.... I am sure these teething problems will get resolved. Hang in there!!
  4. Little grey "button" next to the Thread Title..... Hover over it says "Go to first unread" or something similar..... (Safari on a Mac - dunno about others)
  5. I refer the Honourable Gentleman to a previous post.. possibly even a Milly post........
  6. C'mon Caps & Chapettes There are always some teething issues with a major upgrade. I am sure we can let Tait and the lads know what we are "missing" - and once that is sorted I am sure the "nice to haves" can either be sorted or possibly we will be a bit more used to them so they'll seem less important. Remember the strength of the Forum is "us" the users - the technology is just a vehicle!!!! NB: As Tait already knows - I am not happy with the actual implementation and the lack of communication (and possibly testing/UAT etc).. BUT that is water under the bridge - Let us all pull together to to go forward....... I look forward to the PIR/Lessons learn sessions ;-)
  7. Phew!!! Milly is happy she can see her Likes count....... All is good!!!!! Keep going Tait and Co........ Rome wasn't built in a day ............. You can't make an omelette [* ]and other platitudes....... [*] - I have no idea if you can actually make an omelette
  8. I don't envy the reactions that @tait is likely to get.................
  9. Please, please, please tell me this'll get better? This is awful.....
  10. Hey hey diddle dumb day Ei ei ie'er.............
  11. I have often wondered about the balance of reasons for this phenomena.... Is it because of the knowledgable employees.... the high-end kit... the specialist beans and basically just the care and attention that goes into making a cup of coffee.... but set against this could it be... The Beards.... Skinny Jeans.... body-piercings.... tattoos.... fixed wheel bikes..... Mmmmmmmm I am open to persuasion...............
  12. Not far from me is the "Anglian Water Birdwatching Centre" which is basically a (largish) managed habitat on the edge of Rutland Water. Surprisingly (for the 70's) when the Rutland reservoir was built they set aside a chunk of land and financed various plantings, lagoon digging and even on-going staffing of a diverse wetland/woodland area - which is now an SSSI and all sorts of good things....... A few weeks ago we went (at some godforsaken time of the morning) on a Dawn Chorus walk.... where we wandered around the site accompanied by a "Ranger" (in our case the Chief Habitat Officer) where we saw and more obviously heard, and had identified, a wide range of the birdlife on the estate. Everything from Warblers (Reed, Willow etc), Tits and even Nightingales.... all followed by a few croissants and a cup of coffee in their training centre... Anyway - while wandering and chatting at dawn two other "attractions" were mentioned.... A Badger Watch and a Bat Walk - both carried out late into the evening/gloaming/dusk.... Now - we have bats that flit about our house most evenings and very few opportunities to see badgers (although we have picked up one on our trail camera in the past) therefore we decided to book on the next Badger Watch (which was actually last night).... Duly wrapped up in warm clothes and armed with cameras, binoculars and a hot flask we trundled along and all crammed into a garden shed... OK OK into a luxuriously equipped "Hide" (No really it was a garden shed with a floor board nailed onto a couple of floor joists at "bench height").... Kick off was 9pm but for pretty obvious reasons not a lot happens for an hour or so.... A couple of Muntjac deer and a rat or two... plus a few hundred bats flitting about the clearing.... A bit later "Brock" came bumbling along and "did his stuff" for 20 mins 1/2 hour..... We had all forgotten our cramped and by now fairly fetid environment and were fully into the antics.. when much to our surprise about 50 yards in front of the hide we spotted what appeared to be a group of Elves moving through the forest paths... lanterns glowing and swinging as they walked......... But as the party approached we realised that far from being woodland sprites they were a large group of oafs in heavy boots laughing and chatting about their evening.... As could be pretty reasonably presumed the "Star of our show" the badger had made a hasty retreat and was now long gone....... Our warden sneaked out of the hide to see what these oafs were upto..... Would you F*&%ng believe it!!!! They were the "Twilight Bat Walk"...... organised by the same team as the Badger Watch..... Tramping straight through the middle of the clearing directly in from of the Badger Hide..... You couldn't make it up!!!! Fortunately we had had a good amount of time watching the badger.... but.... well just BUT!!!!
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