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  1. That is true dedication to the cause..... and you ain't kidding about "jury rig".... bloody hell Heath Robinson has nothing on you!!
  2. Drewster


    Whooosh <==== The joke ^ ^ ^ ^ A Long way ^ ^ :-) <==== Your head You said "Sperm Whale"... I said "I can't see no Whale"... The (I thought) far from subtle intimation was that although I couldn't see a whale I could see "Sperm"... In case you still haven't got it - I was implying that the O/P might have "spilt their seed"..... Obviously the ermm "stain" is somewhat thick and brown so I added the obvious comeback that (if such a "stain" might be occurring) that perhaps a visit to a doctor might be in order...... I'm too good for this place!!!!! ;-) (OK to be fair possibly "good" isn't the correct description :-( )
  3. Drewster


    I don't see no whale...................................... ps - I know - Go see a doctor!!! :-(
  4. WTS - ie My random guesses are exactly that!! I think I can "spot" a blatantly obvious natural when it has "in your face funk"..... but as to Country etc.... Stick a pin somewhere in the Tropics.....
  5. Absolutely no need to justify it (to me I mean).... It's your money to spend as you like. I have no doubt I spend money on stuff you wouldn't waste breath on :-) I hope you enjoy it!!
  6. Sorry not me - I remember a few months back dfk did a "trial" and ordered some "silly expensive" Gesha coffee (two or three varieties as I remember)... We tried brewing it a few ways each and were completely underwhelmed... Not that it wasn't "nice" coffee but it wasn't outstanding in any way.... and not worth the fortune it cost (it cost dfk not me but even bearing that in mind I wasn't impressed). Obviously your experience may differ and it may be amazing...... Good luck!
  7. I am no expert - but it won't have done it any good. (It might not have done much harm and the "Muppet Gods" may well have looked after their own....)
  8. I think that officially counts as a Bollix Day!
  9. I loved Mombsa when I was there.... Very friendly people, good food, great beaches and great. weather..... However I have just realised - it was something like 3.5 decades ago........
  10. Mmmmmmmmmmmm - I am wondering if that is a subtle red-herring.... If it were the case surely others would have noticed/mentioned or even agreed with my observation..... curiouser and curiouser......
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