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  1. And I get called pedantic............
  2. I think you just send a letter to Santa...... and wait.
  3. Don't worry @Instant no more ! that's it!!!! (from me ;-) )
  4. or if it needs another @Instant no more ! to achieve!!!
  5. And I'm not sure if he will get another notification from someone quoting you tag.....
  6. Many (many) Years ago I lived in East Ham and attended a JMJ Concert/Performance. It was centred in one of the Docks (I don't remember which)... it basically covered most of the east end with lasers and the sounds were awesome........ tbh I loved it but I can imagine (if you weren't into JMJ) that others weren't as keen. It was (obviously) built round Oxegene and Equinox......... HNY all :-)
  7. @Instant no more ! I wonder when you'll get sick of this......................
  8. Well it is debatable if it is possible to actually refute an opinion - as an opinion (by definition) isn't necessarily based on fact or knowledge. But (that aside) nobody has actually refuted the OPs original statement of fact - that (technically & legally) obtaining something via a crowdfunding mechanism isn't the same as actually buying it! You may all be correct in saying that "Niche" won't let you down, they are decent blokes, you'll always get your machine or (at least) your money back blah blah... but the OP is still correct...... Personally - if I wanted a Niche I wou
  9. Drewster

    Home security

    I remember Ajax AND Ajax. Johan Cruyff played for one of them. One was certainly pronounced Ajax and the other one was distinctly pronounced Ajax - which was how you could tell the difference. Unlike scone and scone where it is very hard to distinguish which one you meant! I think with scones and scones the only way to tell is wether the jam is 1st or the cream... as it is always cream first for scones but jam first for scones.
  10. You Sir are a Godless Heathen - I LOVE Twiglets and will fight for them!!! Apropos this thread - I'm a new boy, sort of rebellious teenager rather than elder statesman!
  11. Well done @richwade80 & @Mrboots2u Plus the others brave enough to have a go!!!
  12. Drewster

    LSOL Announcements

    I've already ordered some more beans to last over Xmas :-) @Coffee by the Casuals I'm looking at you!
  13. I'm not sure if I'll be a tiny minority (or not) but...... That looks FUGLY... like a tacky 1970's view of "futuristic" and as to 8K :-O Having just seen Missy's quote - I am obviously not entirely alone!
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