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  1. @jimbojohn55 you are an antisocial miserable sod........... However I agree with your sentiment about getting pished up and sunburnt......
  2. Drewster

    Shot size

    I'd like to congratulate you on your new coffee..... (I am sure you used to drink Trevors)
  3. Trainspotting (Born) Slippy
  4. Mmmmmmmm...... Checks current stock..... Makes mental calculation.... Does that weighing the scales of probability thing (or Tommy Cooper impression)..... Decides should be timed pretty well........
  5. Might be better posting in the "Roasting" forum rather than "new Members"...... PS - I know Jack about roasting or blending but was passing through
  6. Well the investment of time and money into whizz-bang software to improve security etc might suggest a bit better strategy..... You wouldn't invest in motion detectors, pressure pads, cameras and bars for all your windows....... and then leave the front door open!
  7. When in Lisbon (last year) thee was a Pop-up on the way down the hill from the Thieves Market where they had no end of "useful" things made (almost exclusively) from Coffee Bags. I-Pad holders & pouches, Phone holders & pouches Notepad covers - both actual Notepads and Computer Notepads Tote bags, well various bags and things Book marks oh and Wallets..... The Wallets were actually so good I was going to buy one....... Unfortunately after quoting me 20 euro when I asked the price.... when I came to hand over my dosh the bar-steward attempted to charge me 40... attempting to hold out the cardmachine with his thumb over the actual price while holding it out (while keeping up an endless banter) When challenged he made some excuse about he must have misheard/the 20 was for a different thing blah blah blah..... I (reasonably politely given I thought he was a thieving con-artist) told him I wasn't going to buy it now and left..... Shame as the concept was good and the actual goods were of a fairly decent quality (40 although not cheap wasn't totally outrageous).... ..
  8. Like a responsible Forum Member I reported it as soon as I saw it...... It will never be possible to prevent the odd determined human (or even sophisticated app/bot/script/tech) finding their way through.... And obviously we all need to keep an eye out and assist Mods where we can..... BUT: Username: Bitcoinxxx (I forget the number sequence) Title of Post: Bitcoin link to your Bank Account (or similar) Body: .... Bitcoin... (possibly even a link but not sure) I don't doubt Mr Bitcoin could probably identify no end of "Sidewalks" or whatever...........
  9. I know I have expressed some negative views on the recent Forum update before - but I did always acknowledge that it probably had benefits wrt spammers, security etc BUT... FFS HTF did a user calling themselves BITCOIN with a post about BITCOIN and even a title of BITCOIN get through even the most cursory checking? Really just HOW?
  10. You only got "Contributor" because they can't spell Verbal Dio.... errr Dieo.... ummmm.... Diarrh.... Oh Rollocks - Nothing to see here please move along
  11. You were an ugly little shit? (even at 7???)
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