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  1. Get yourself down to Bould Bros - 1 next to Round Church and one at the other end of Regent St (past John Lewis) You won't be disappointed. :-)
  2. Yep - we we given "Four Figure Tables" as a text book. Logs, Napierian Logs, Trig Functions et al.... and I knew how to use a slide rule (for more than drawing lines)
  3. Mum & Hubby (older generation several weeks ago - reported no side effects )Both Pfizer???) Sister 1st jab Oxford/AZ week/2 ago - no side effects Her other 1/2 had Pfizer similar time - no side effects MrsD yesterday O/AZ - bit of a headache and a bit cold/shivery yesterday evening. Bit of a sore arm today. I'm booked next Sunday...
  4. As helpful as that is......... the OP only has one post so...... @OP Wanted & For Sale is available to/for "active" members... Which I think is 5+ posts in a month (possibly also a member for x?? not sure) But basically post aa few things - Introductions etc and you'll be good :-)
  5. A fellow Peterborian! Didn't expect to see anyone local here...

  6. I sometimes wonder at the stated requirements in queries. 6-12 a day = 30-60 per 5 days not 20 I sometimes wonder how serious some advice is. I don't doubt an EK could cope..... but a small grinder? Apologies to both - I am just being flippant ;-)
  7. When I were a lad..... My Dad had a Jensen Interceptor: White, Black leather, 8-track stereo. It were great..... Cropredy Bridge Garage can make you a "new" one... for about quarter of a million... or sell you and "old" one for 80-odd grand.
  8. Drewster


    The Evil that Men Do......... I love Damian Wilson/Wilson & Wakeman and Maiden United are worth checking out if you like.... well acoustic versions of Iron Maiden. They (W&W) also do a version of Life on Mars (Adam's Dad played on the original). Damian also writes his own stuff..... Oh and he was also Jean Valjean
  9. Drewster


    Well worth looking into Toyah and Fripp - this one is a good starter (Enter Sandman)
  10. Drewster


    I thought it was Hot Lips Houlihan or am I missing something... Apart from SoS by Disturbed as mentioned above this is one of my favourite "covers" : Cover(-sh) of House of Pain Plus as I Ska fan/Rudeboy - pretty much all Ska is covers of covers of covers..... it's often hard to work out the original. Also not 100% sure they count as a covers but: Is this the way to Amarillo (Tony Christie) - written by Neil Sedaka I will always love you (Whitney) - written by Dolly Parton
  11. You're the voice try and understand it.............
  12. I would recommend patience.... if you have the patience to feed it in at a steady rate it will chew through pretty well anything.... It's when you get a bit lax and blasé and shove in multiple branches "in parallel" when it gets clogged... tbf with proper wood you can often even get away with that with judicial use of a bit of pulsing between reverse and forwards..... wet/fresh fibrous conifer with wide-flat leathery foliage is just about the worse thing you try to overload it with. Flat leaved/deciduous branches will churn through all day... you'll only need to pause to empty. A word of
  13. Drewster

    Members pets

    Is he genuinely missing any limbs or just hiding behind your belly (albeit a trim, sculptured, sixpack) PS - Hope you're feeling better?
  14. I've got one of those (well very similar). I've had it for years - it generally speaking "does the business".... A few years ago I fed about a dozen or so Leylandii through it over a few weekends. Well everything that would fit into the slot (so not the trunks and big branches) Basically a "tree surgeon" wanted to charge several thousand pounds to remove them..... So I bought one of these and a chain saw and got stuck in..... tbf a LOT of work but I ended up with several tonnes of "mulch" and I sold several tonnes of wood to a bloke with a woodburning stove. My only re
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