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  1. (Without having any experience of Coffee Roasting) Do NOT try to "get into roasting" to "save money" - You WON'T !! ie Realistically in any pre-determined time your outlay (in money) will exceed "saving" - let alone time/effort etc. That's not to say that it isn't possible to "save" money.... even to "make" money (eventually) with (any) hobby (even an expensive hobby). Obviously all the roasters around started somewhere and they have developed into "whatever they do now" (be that "just" sorting themselves out, selling to mates, self-financing, or even making a living/employing
  2. More than you ever have you miserable g.......... Ooooops did I say that out loud :-( Nothing to see here.... move along there.....
  3. Well I would say that you were right...ish! (in your initial wording if not your understanding) It is "Client Side" in that "we" (the Client/User) individually have control over the setting..... rather than the "owner" (Admin etc).... Which would be "Server Side" or "Host Side". It is possible (even likely) that "they" (Host Side/Admin) have some control over some default setting(s) - even if "we" (Client Side) can tweak locally. It is possible that "Server Side" (default) settings were reset (changed) as part of some "upgrade" (even that some "Server Side" reset also reset exi
  4. Thanks for that but..... I was thinking the Hobbit Trilogy and the Lord of the Rings series... Possibly all the Game of Thrones (Maybe to be safe both of the above with the Marvel Universe offerings as back-up?)
  5. Popcorn has runout..... I thought I had plenty..... but I didn't plan on 6 hours....
  6. Technically I think you find: a) It's a natural that that makes you convinced that you are right... b) "our" natural state is to (Inwardly) opt for the quieter (safer) option of letting you think that we agree you are right.
  7. Oh my gawd... are they (my) ashes?
  8. Well hell-ooooh..... ;-) Do you come here often? [Twists ends of waxed moustache] Disclaimer: Entirely in jest, no iffy-ness just responding to a humorous response.
  9. Not since you won that fiddle? PS Re your "survey" - Of the people I know: Several men are (sort of) into coffee (Where they are either single or I have no idea about their other 1/2 or their interest in coffee) Several men are (sort of) into coffee (and their other 1/2 isn't) A few men (sort of) into coffee as are their other 1/2 (ish) I don't know any women into coffee (when their other 1/2 isn't) I don't know many single women into coffee (or actually at all) Obviously my sample is far from random - I certainly know many more men than women, particularly well enough t
  10. A used commercial grinder - would be perfectly capable for espresso or filter (not necessarily great to constantly switch back and forth though) many have managed for years. But "worn out" is a different thing...... Worn out burrs - replacable... Worn out/knackered in other ways...... ????
  11. But to be fair Nata's go with anything, anytime and indeed are excellent on their own or better still with more Nata's.........
  12. According to MrsD Ercol answers a lot of questions.......
  13. I have (or technically MrsD has) a couple of sets of Ercol Pebble Tables (actual vintage ones rather than new) - not sure how they slow your breathing though. I guess sitting at them (in an Ercol armchair) with a coffee could be calming?....... although I'd recommend a coaster for the cup!
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