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  1. I don't believe you wear silver.... Platinum but not Silver
  2. I know I am a tad cynical about lots of the pseudo-science (smoke and moonshine) surrounding coffee (and tbf lots of things).... But resting some sugar on the crema!!! Really..... as a mark/demonstration of.... well I have no idea what... You could probably rest some sugar on the head of a pint of stout... but it would just ruin the pint (some might argue that it would have the same affect on coffee)
  3. See - I told you "one person" was a decent chap.......... Thanks Chap!!! You're a diamond!
  4. I am knocking out banging flat whites at the moment.... Morning v60 are all OK but the flat whites are ACE! My guess..... DRC Natural! (Cos he wouldn't do a double-counter-bluff and do another Ethiopian..... Would he!!!!)
  5. Or arguably how our minds can play tricks on us based on "expectation".... Basically an individual "anecdote" isn't scientific proof..... I don't doubt for a minute your experience... but It's hardly a "blind" test is it?
  6. My vote is for "one person".... Nice bloke/bloke-ette
  7. I admire your optimism........ No really..........
  8. A) People who got banned - (but then again) too few to mention. B&C - Not sure about them D) People who are dead but still posting and haven't realised yet - Oh Yeeeeaaahh! The list is endless!
  9. I must admit - She hadn't looked at the price (I had and thought it was a mis-print or I'd got my SwF to GBP mixed up :-( )
  10. Ahhhhh I bow to your less fuddled brain...... The biblical one was a laugh though..... totally batsh!t but a laugh!!!
  11. Oooooo yeah the "Banned Pair"..... I'd almost forgotten the biblical one..... and the other one (that nicked many peoples money....) I also forgot him and what I had paid him for..... was it a Brass thingy for a Gaggia?
  12. I think I'd look at an Olympia Cremina - Basically saw them in Zurich and MrsD said... That looks nice... which is a 1st......
  13. Well pedant that I am - I can think of at least two ways to find out: One would be to go through the dialog and press the button. myself (see notes below) Another one would be to ask someone that had already done it (see other notes below) Note: I could have done this already, probably much quicker than replying to 1/2 dozen posts. Other Note: It is possible that the person who has already done this thinks that they have already answered the question (I might contend that they had at best implied the answer rather than actually confirmed/answered it)
  14. So.... does it actually do anything or not? ie Other than displaying a message.... does it start a thread... or send an email to ??? (Tait, Admin) does it whistle dixie?
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