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  1. Any offers for this lovely grinder before it gets boxed and retires to the loft?
  2. Sold my machine a while ago and kept onto this as I hoped to buy another. Great grinder in lovely condition. More desirable than the larger mammoth Jolly for domestic use. Sits under the kitchen cupboards perfectly. Has a nice small hopper that I bought new and the burs are recent. £275 Can UPS for £15 next day.
  3. Hi, been a member for 6 years and now can't post in classifieds. Have I missed something?
  4. Just realized I still have this. Last chance before I remove from sale.
  5. Hi Gerry, I’ve slept on it and willing to accept your offer as I’m not sure when I’d get round to looking at the Gaggia with my current schedule and it’s just sitting here. Will send you message now.
  6. Hi Gerry, yes! I was just on the verge of ordering the service kit and keeping it as my new (hastily bought) pod machine isn’t quite cutting it. However as it’s still on here it is currently for sale.
  7. Yep still here, although my Mrs is now asking me to keep it so she use the steaming Wand as our new machine doesn’t have one. Im an espresso guy and she likes her lattes. However it’s still for sale currently and I will just buy a separate steamer/frother for her.
  8. Hi, Bracknell Berkshire for cash pick up or PayPal is fine but not preferred if courier is required.
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