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  1. Mine's a batch 2. I've not had any problem before, just a one-off accident, but I'm keen not to do it again! It sounds like I hold it the same way you do Charlie and I've had no bother, it grinds very easily - not sure about bracing, I've tried it but I'm aware that the cup could flick off if I get it wrong and it feels a bit risky.
  2. This morning when grinding out a couple of shots, my index finger strayed a little too close to the base of the wooden grinding knob (where I find it is actually most comfortable to hold) and the top edge of the steel grinding arm sliced half of my fingernail off! It isn't a razor sharp edge or anything, but it doesn't need to be if its rotating steel vs finger nail. I'm wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem, if I should mention it to Peter via Facebook message or something, suggesting either a taller knob that lifts the fingers further from the rotating arm, or maybe that the arm moves from a flat profile (which I guess it needs to be at the grinder end) to a more rounded profile at the knob end so there's no guillotine action as the arm passes the knob/fingers every revolution. I'm going to try a couple of things myself: Switching the stock knob out for a longer tamper handle Adding a flat disc between the knob and the rotating arm to act as a guard for the fingers, probably just needs to give 10mm of protection all round. The latter won't be the most attractive option, but I'll make it as small as possible
  3. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    I suspect my new bag of Suarez may develop a bitter after taste if a certain individual dives his way to the next round of the world cup...
  4. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    I'm with you. just received one of each and I much prefer the matt
  5. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    Being quite new to this, and so far not having bought a kg of the same beans twice in the name of experimentation - I also think I get better at fine tuning my method and more familiar with the bean as the bag goes down. So I'm better with it by the end of the bag. What I should perhaps do is decided at that point if I like it and buy another bag when I get down to the last 200g
  6. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    haha didn't reeally think they were spying on me, but it is a bit of a co-inkydink! Suits me though, I'll be diving right in tomorrow - work at home day!!
  7. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    Well after asking about receiving rested beans and bemoaning having to wait for my order to mature AGAIN cos I'm so disorganised, Rave have sent me 1kg Mocha Java that was roasted on 10th June, which makes it ready to rock!, and some lovely Suarez roasted two days ago It's like they're listening . . . and is a bit spooky
  8. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    Solid idea Charlie, thank you
  9. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    love this idea - everything else makes perfect sense too
  10. andyt23

    Rave Coffee

    I've got a kilo of Suarez and a kilo of Mocha Java on their way (all in the name of free delivery)... Just done the OPV mod to my Classic too so I'm looking forward to getting to grips with it and seeing if there's a difference, particularly with the Suarez. Until now I've enjoyed it in the Aeropress more. Only thing is I have NO coffee in the house - it's gonna be a tough wait, although I'm sure I'll sneak into the bags early as usual. Probably a silly question, but aren't pre-rested and ready to use beans an option? Or is demand so high they can't get them out the door quick enough, and that just happens to play right into our hands as 'supa-fresh' coffee?
  11. Sorry David, no go here - nobody prepared to take a punt at my work. sorry I'm not a good salesman, glad I'm not on commission!
  12. Dave I can ask a couple of people at work tomorrow who have shown a coffee interest in conversation, see if they'll put their money where their mouth is. I'll let you know tomorrow pm, but obviously don't wait for me if you get a bite here is it the same price collected?
  13. Sorry Steven, just posted the gear (gauge, tape, allen key) off to you today. Had to wait until the next work at home day before I could sort it, after missing last week's window... Good luck
  14. Cheers, still couldn't get it to do that so i just submerged the sucker in the end. Sorted though, 10bar on the nose. Stevenh, I'll try and get this off to you tomorrow (gauge, tape, allen key) Just the MIND donation to take care of. thanks again to jeebsy
  15. got the gauge - and a question... is this gauge supposed to fill with water ? all its full of at the minute is condensation and I can't read it (or work out how to fill it with water...)
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