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  1. Thanks for the responses. The machine is still within the 2 year warranty, I'm unsure if John Lewis offer the 5 year warranty on coffee machines aswell. Ultimately I bought it from them because its my first coffee machine and I felt they are more likely (then the likes of DSG group) to do the right thing should things go wrong. I guess I will be finding out if I was correct unfortunately. It was a present from my girlfriend, so I wouldn't want to spend too much more as she may feel obliged to pay the extra despite my protestations. But I also don't want to be stuck with a dud I'm not sure how I'd fare with a Semi. The extent of work needed for my morning coffee with this one (when its working properly) is tolerable: 1) Press the button to dispense coffe 2) Steam Milk 3) Release some water from steam dispenser to clean it 4) Repeat 1 to 3 for second cup 5) Rinse and fill milk jug with water +drop of washing up liquid 6) Drop the steamer nozzles in there and leave to clean Every few days (because of problems first time) I pull the filter unit and give it a quick rinse. And once a month I de-scale and clean the whole thing. The issue I have is, I'm now not sure if this is the type of experience I should expect with this Bean to Cup over its lifetime. Or infact thats just the best case scenario, interspersed with problems. If I was to go semi-auto, how much more work do you feel it would involve (if you have experience of an auto also) and what components would you recommend? Thanks again fr taking the time to help
  2. Hi everyone, having a problem with my ESAM 4200 bought from John Lewis about a year ago and would appreciate opinions/others experience with this machine. Essentially the machine starts to drop moist grounds into the machine, rather then them going into the bin adjacent to the filter. The filter iteself will also be caked in moist grounds. This makes the machine a pain to use, as parts of the machine interior are not easy to clean. Moreover, since the grounds are moist they can get mouldy quite quickly. The machine is only used to make one or two cups of coffee every morning and is de-scaled using Delonghi Branded de-scaler (the indicator light appears to come on once a month). Moreover, I've started rinsing the filter after the last cup every morning, yet it still won't prevent the problem. I had the same problem a few months after I got the machine, and John Lewis sent it back for repair. Since then it has only been used a couple of months (been in storage during move and house renovation) and the issue appears to have re-appeared. I've been given some Kopi Luwak for my birthday, so am pretty annoyed the machine has failed again. Therefore am thiknig I will press John Lewis for a replacement this time. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? As I'm currently unsure wether to change manufacturer/model. Appreciate any help or experience you can share.
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