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  1. Go on the Russell, let's take this to PM
  2. Selling my matt black Mk2 Eureka Mignon. Has probably had less than 5kg through it, as only used for a Gaggia Classic occasionally, and not at all since getting a Hausgrind. I've got the PF holder, though haven't been using it, preferring to handhold the basket. Bought from Bella Barista in December, and is still immaculate inside and out, I'll include the receipt. Hoping for £220 collected from Taunton. Not sure how much postage would be, these aren't light.
  3. As per the title, my Gaggia Classic is up for sale. Has everything you would need to get started, except the beans and water and cup of choice. It is in excellent condition and already has the OPV mod and Silvia wand fitted, as well as a new screen, dispersion plate and gasket fitted 4 months ago. No leaks etc of course. As per the photo, also included are: 18g VST basket 15g VST basket Blanking basket for back-flushing Bottomless PF 58mm Knock Tamp in black 58.35mm Knock Tamp in walnut Almost full bottle of Puly-Caff cleaner for backflushing Box of Puly descaler 1 x Clickmat with extra covers Bag with the original Gaggia baskets/plastic spoon/plastic tamp Looking for £180 collected from Taunton. I expect postage would be around £20 if needed, though I would need to confirm that. I'm not looking to split this lot, unless it hasn't gone by Christmas I'll also have my Mignon going on soon, to make a complete starter package for someone.
  4. I suspect that if I did that, the cup would fall off and resultant grinds distribute themselves over the floor. The friction between top and bottom halfs isn't great on mine despite trying all the o-rings supplied and their replacements that Peter kindly sent out.
  5. Jeebsy, I'm not sure if that is a stupid question or not (which way to grind). I can imagine the burrs are set to be ground by a right-handed person, who would in all likelyhood turn the crank clockwise, but what if you are left handed? Do any cack-handers turn the cranks anti-clockwise?
  6. I agree that it is a very nice bit of kit, though the instructions are over complicated. Finish-wise I have a knot just above the engraving which may prove to be a weak point in time. No brush with mine either, but hardly a big deal. More of a problem for me is the o-rings for the catch-cup. Although there were four included in a padded envelope, I seem to have two pairs. Two that are too small and don't give any friction, or two thick ones that don't sit in the groove and therefore stop the cup from being fitted at all. Has anyone else had this issue?
  7. K008 batch 1 walnut: Fatboyslim K010 batch 1 walnut: Lookseehear K021 batch 1(.5?), walnut: coffeechops K021 batch 2, walnut: Kikapu K023 batch 2, walnut: Lewis K025 batch 2, walnut: Drc K027 batch 2, walnut: CallumT K028 batch 2, walnut: rmcgandara K029 batch 2, walnut: Neill K041 batch 2, walnut: SamW K048 batch 2, walnut: Saftlad K057 batch 2, walnut: andyt23
  8. Removed my original post. No sooner did I hit the post button than the email dropped into my inbox. I sincerely hope others have their emails very soon too and we can all start to enjoy great coffee again.
  9. Between sitting on a website to order for a whole night, then emailing to register the pre-order, emailing the confirmation of materials, emailing for the deposit and finally emailing the final payment, I struggle to comprehend just which date this has all been based on, given how sparse/inaccurate the information from Knock has been. It will come when it comes I guess, but it doesn't make the wait any more palatable. My wife has been able to order a new car with factory fit options that's come quicker than this grinder
  10. Still nothing here yet. I didn't realise that paying first thing on 5th March would make me one of the last to receive it You guys must have been super-quick
  11. I've gone a lot coarser than for my AP. I figure the coffee's only in the AP for around 45-60 seconds but in my Impress for around 5-6 minutes. My porlex is set to 10 clicks so a lot easier to grind than for AP.
  12. Yes, we have an update but as MBK already have an email list for those on batch 2 would it really have been that difficult to send an update that way? Not everyone uses Facebook or comes on this site. It's no good having a great product if you lack even the common courtesy of keeping your customers informed. The fact that it's a very small number involved only compounds this issue. You just cannot set an expectation and then fail to deliver without letting people know. I'm sure it won't make much difference, but I seriously doubt that I'll buy something from MBK again.
  13. Nothing received in Somerset. Thought they were due to be despatched on Monday/Tuesday just gone?
  14. Saftlad

    Rave Coffee

    I think Rave have pretty much nailed the bulk order process, such that they are great value. The cost of delivery is another item that has swayed me away from Hasbean for the majority of my coffee purchases
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