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  1. I have never checked the beans I buy but may do from now onwards. I suppose there is more risk of debris if the beans are patio dried as opposed to raised beds! 🤔🤔
  2. I adjusted the pressure to 9 bar a month ago and it's been constant since. But this morning the pressure has settled back to where it previously was at 7.5 bar. I put in a blank metal back flush disc and it remains at 7.5 bar! Peculiar, not sure. I'll see what happens over the next few days.
  3. You've upset my Niche!😀
  4. I wasn't attempting to compare the two. Just that both have an innovative and modern design compared with "normal" run of the mill roasting machines. Sorry if confusing.
  5. Worth it?......a bit like the Niche of roasters! https://www.ikawacoffee.com/at-home/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAtrnuBRDXARIsABiN-7AK99s8ov1JAFZiqQZqGSShdir7LgCX6XTRViRSpQT7MRGXgU7U6Q8aAkeUEALw_wcB
  6. No not in pre dosed containers......I just wonder if I'm not distributing the grinds correctly or the same way each time. It's that void around the perimeter of the basket after removing the Niche cup. I use a toothpick thing to push the grinds to the side of the basket then a levelling tool....but I don't tamp per se.
  7. Parameters....19g in, 32g out in about 30seconds. The first shot is espresso and is nice but I haven't previously tasted the second shot as it's usually a milk based drink for my wife. I'll taste it before the milk next time!
  8. Seems to happen to me quite a lot. I make two shots just twenty minutes apart. Same beans, grinder setting, dose, water temp, tamp and weight out......but sometimes a variation of up to 10 seconds in shot time! Any ideas why?
  9. It is a very good review @DaveC. James is very interesting to watch and kind a compelling at the same time. It would have persuaded me, but I bought mine before his review!😀
  10. nicholasj


    Just wondering if the Niche will ever be sold in retail shops! Or is that not the way crowd funding venture work.
  11. Hmm! Yes, not sure why they do this. Adds to the clutter?
  12. Yes, agreed. But early days. So why not just get a duel boiler for what's probably the same price?
  13. It certainly looks a great machine. But not really for anyone who make milk drinks. Separate steamer, plus the Puristika and it's water tank on the side and then the grinder make for a lot of kitchen real estate.....unless you have the space and wonga! But still looks the bees knees!
  14. I bought one of these a while back but just found that I couldn't catch the grinds properly, especially with the small steel bit sticking up under the spout, ended up making a bit of a mess and still had a gap around the perimeter of the basket anyway. So back to the supplied stainless steel cup.
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