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  1. Yes, didn’t think about that. But I do give the grinds a good stir with a wood BBQ skewer in the Niche cup before decanting.
  2. Yes perhaps it need the weight, but if the little rubber cups speeds up the wayward bean or two to be munched then pop corning then doesn't become an issue. So, no it doesn't stop pop corning per se.......just addresses the matter, me thinks. But I won't be getting one!😀
  3. This little thing doesn't reach in far enough so I'll need to invest in one.
  4. Ah! Thank you. In that case I'll apply the wax with the feet on!
  5. It's a great machine and it's put a whole new dimension to my daily coffee experience.....and to my wife's coffee experience too, as she get a milk based drink every morning. No idea whether it's a latte or a cappuccino or somewhere in between! But she likes it!
  6. Well I've seen a few pimped Niche Zero's wood parts. I'm just applying some bees wax with linseed oil to bring the wood back to life. I gather different woods may be offered in the future but a bit of treatment to the wood adds even more class! Having said this I can't get the feet off as my hex tool doesn't reach into the foot far enough. What tool do I need to get?
  7. Cheers for that @mikas. I've ordered a two hole thingy from BB so I'll see if it helps when using a small amount of milk.
  8. Okay thank you @ashcroc. I won't labour this anymore.......but you said it yourself. So why not put in an ACS section?
  9. I went out of my way to go to a particular cafe in Glasgow......it wasn't that welcoming and nor was the espresso. But I'll give it another go on my next visit.
  10. ........I'd like to see some feedback please concerning my post re putting the ACS Minima in with coffee machines section. Or let us know the reasoning why it is better suited where it is. Cheers.
  11. The Minima comes with a three hole wand. But when I'm just steaming milk for just one person I find it rather too powerful. And I have to use more milk than I really need just to get the steam to be controllable. Would the two hole tip help me in this regard? Cheers
  12. @Junglebert Yes, well spotted. For emergencies only.....or the wife!😀
  13. @DaveC very nice upgrade with the wood. Easy to fit onto the pressure valves? are they available? cheers
  14. Very nice....easy to fit onto the pres
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