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  1. So, if pitchers are specially designed to steam and micro foam milk then should my plain pitcher be binned? I don't get great results from it.....or is it just the user?
  2. Well, as suggested @Mrboots2u, I went on a one 2 one masterclass with one of the Dear Green Coffee Roaster barista trainers. Well worth it, I learnt a lot. From the plantations to the grinder and into the cup . Very interesting to learn and be shown from a professional.
  3. Well I got the tool and adjusted the pressure to a tad over 9 bar. Now the question is.....will I notice the difference from when it was just under 8 bar? 🤔 I'll find out in the morning!!
  4. Great @Cooffe. Thank you....get one tomorrow, with the other tools. Cheers
  5. Wow! @DaveC, thank you for this.....I'll be onto online shopping tomorrow! cheers indeed!
  6. Hi, @DaveC, are you able to enlighten me please on required tools please? Cheers.
  7. Nope, just checked and I have a few small Allen keys but none fit!
  8. @Cooffe Ah! No, I just loosely tested hex. Didn't think it looked like Allen but in that case I should be okay as I have a set. I'm going to adjust up from 8 bar to 9 bar.
  9. I'm going to adjust my Minima pressure to 9 bar but for some odd reason I've got nothing that fits the six screws properly and I don't want to ruin the heads. Can anyone let me know the hex size or whatever to use so I can go to the hardware shop. Also the spanner size for the pressure adjustment? I think 12mm, but not sure. Cheers.
  10. Small point but what length is ideal between the bottom of the cork and the end of the round bit? Cheers
  11. Thanks guys. I agree, it doesn't look like it will last....interesting to see what a long hard frost may do.
  12. They have just been finished. So no issues at this time, just the finish. Would frost potentially be a problem. Needs rendering.....but I don't know.
  13. Thy always were different heights, they are very old. The issue is the finish.
  14. Our neighbour has outside steps to her house. They were very worn and becoming dangerous. She asked what I thought about the repairs. I said that I didn't know anything much about this but it didn't look very well finished. Any concrete people or builders here care to make an educated comment please? Cheers.
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