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  1. Thanks David, I will definitely buy a metal filter, I've only heard good reviews regarding them. There's certainly plenty of guides to try out for the aeropress
  2. Oh Yes, I've had a few coffees in here. In fact after having the delicious coffee he makes probably got me into wanting to get something better at home.
  3. Twinings Earl Grey and Lady Grey but can't stand Lapsang Souchong
  4. Made by Knock Grinder is coming in at £120+, a bit out of my budget
  5. Yeah I'll get the steel filter I'll keep an eye out for this grinder and when I've got everything I'll post how I'm getting on.
  6. It's a difficult one regarding budget. I'll be honest in the past when I've researched a product online I had a tendency to spec myself something way above my needs. Although I do enjoy researching products and I'd rather do this then say watch tv. It's all too easy and I suspect a lot of people do this, you read reviews and convince yourself that you can't possibly live without the top of the line product for your modest needs. Recently I've really tried hard to control myself and limit my budget, I mean I drink one black coffee a day. Instant coffee tastes dire but that doesn't me
  7. You shouldn't really have to pay for the return but sometimes it's worth being out of pocket to just get rid of the damn thing so you can move on.
  8. Put a paypal dispute in, they normally side with the buyer. People shouldn't get away with blatantly ripping people off
  9. Hey folks, After browsing for a while thought I'd get a bit more involved. I was thinking about getting a delonghi bean to cup machine but after browsing the forums am now going for an aeropress and reasonable grinder. I'm the only one in the house who drinks coffee and limit myself to one Americano per day. Any more plays havoc with my J Pouch (intestinal surgery). So definitely going for an aeropress and something like a Delonghi kg79 grinder or maybe push the boat out a bit more on a better second hand one. I've done a fair bit of research on grinders so far and whilst hand
  10. New member here as well, from sunny Bridlington
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