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  1. Nope. It’s utilizing the potential of exemplary engineering.
  2. I have that effect. Life will never been the same again
  3. This is such a good idea. The steam wand is good for removing sticky labels
  4. That's a quality pizza - no grease or anything.
  5. Ummmm - baked beans on toast on top. Sounds messy🤣
  6. You'd think. But who'd you think put it on. 😇
  7. We always make scrambled egg with the steam wand 😂
  8. Cooker out. How to utilize your espresso machine. And warm up your pizza. I can justify anything
  9. I’m cured. the trick - champagne. not so good in the morning but a good evening alternative. Right now
  10. Pram Not sure what a Larm is. Possibly a caffeine overdose
  11. Oh, I saw something. But I think it was the Simpsons. A yellow character, throwing some toys out of a Larm, I think. I believe it was a repeat.
  12. This is good problem solving. My house was once a pub. It came with kegs. Ya know - back in the days when you could have parties. in the current time - stay in, get drunk and help pubs by turning into alcoholics 🤣
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