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  1. So back in the day, I trained as a Graphic Designer. Until I realised my skillset was firmly in the do as I say, and not as I do realm. So now, marketing 😂 I really like the bean icon. However, I would say having it in both words is over egging it a bit. Why not ditch the bean in coffee and put the coloured logo in the forum? This way you create a cleaner, clearer visual connection that correlates with the stand alone logo. In terms of typography, it's a bit clunky. Having a much finer type face would be more contemporary and for me, a san serif face with a little more curve.
  2. Nope, nor do I. I remember being so excited at procuring a teas-made back in the day (and in my day, they were still retro) until I realised that you actually had to take the teabag out, and refill it all for the next morning. Definitely more effort than gain.
  3. In my house, it's passive aggressive usage for anyone that can't be bothered to put their razor away. Which is all of them 🤣
  4. The ultimate aim is to sleep. And at £765 each I think I would pass out. this could be the answer 🛌
  5. I prefer to wax myself But if anyone should leave a nice razor and a teak bowl of Crabtree Evelyn shaving cream - it's lathers well for other areas
  6. Or - everyones making money in coffee right now. Let's do a kickstarter for something that maight make it to a cheap shopping channel. But probably not
  7. Do these work? Did you post in black and white so that I wouldn't see the colour of these tablets? blue
  8. I can sort you out with one of those. I've got a working prototype, just need £150,000 for patents and tooling. Shipping Autumn 2025 Can I do the £10, I will donate the dummy?
  9. I can extract all of the flavour without gadgets, so even people that can't make coffee can live without this.
  10. Is that because you predicted that when you have a baby, you will need coffee, roughly every 10ft
  11. It's a two step process. Stage 2 is lobbing at your husband in a bid to stop the snoring
  12. I am not getting one unless it comes with someone that washes it out and refills it each morning
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