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  1. What year did you buy your Londinium?
  2. Does anyone know the proportion of male/female active forum members?
  3. In our house, it’s pretty simple “is the coffee machine on”? ”No” “ffs” This is a gender neutral house
  4. Anything that anyone else has cooked.
  5. The Italian bit is, as you say - language. And cultural. I’ve just written an article about the difference between German and Italian design. The Italian difference is bringing an Italian love of beauty and passion into designs. And that’s seen across fashion, automobiles and interiors. All very la dolce vita.
  6. Only if you had noticed. And talked to it
  7. It’s clinical. I’d divorce or dump anyone that did that. I once worked as a motoring journalist - NO-ONE did that.
  8. So that men drool over them? we have a Londinium, gender neutral, for modern thinkers
  9. haventadog


    Well, that is weird. These type of things. https://www.bestpestcontrol.co.uk/designer-uv-fly-killers-78-c.asp The white magnetic tape was easily sourced when I made secondary glazing a couple of years ago
  10. haventadog


    You can purchase white. Here is the tape in my other living rooms. I can’t take a bigger picture - it’s a room that’s only used at Christmas and the summer - it’s filthy 😂😂
  11. haventadog


    Posted a linked somewhere in the posts. When I lived in the far east, we had door and window screens - very good. You could look at magnetic tape and leave them up in the worse season. We have had a lot of rescue animals over the year. Why not consider a cat flap on an external wall - with a sealed run. Best of both worlds for a troubled cat. A s you know, too much. freedom can be a dangerous thing. An outdoor pen keeps some safe boundary whilst giving freedom.
  12. haventadog


    This shows clear moderator bias. 😂😂 What's wrong with my recommendations? Just be wary of a metal chain on a dog collar. Make sure you clear treat the dead wood. New windows a good idea - just get good recs first!
  13. haventadog


    this is the one that I have. I like discrete, they don't know what's coming and no one knows that I am a killer. YOu do have to replace the pads once in a while. It's like an update sticky thing that Patrick mentioned, but less evidence https://www.hygienesuppliesdirect.com/products/prod251551-pro-range-white-uplighter-electric?gclid=Cj0KCQiApsiBBhCKARIsAN8o_4h5XCHvs6mfucJs9cM7EduNUIFLll59lPmMfQRKhWMDNRuoRd4Ef_IaAi5PEALw_wcB
  14. haventadog


    Like the iron curtain 😂😂 not sure if this would work on the windows
  15. haventadog


    You might need to get an insect grill. There’s obviously something that is attracting them. You probably need someone that knows what they are doing. the pro zapper thing I purchased looks like a steel wall lamp. But I’m not a fan of unattractive machines - and I don’t want to hear the noise of a bar one. If you live in an old house with beams, that’ll be an attraction for wasps And as I said, of your being bothered by them now - it’s going to have more serious consequences in a few months
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