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  1. I concur. Think of all the things you could have achieved!
  2. So , if you had to average 1 minute per interaction on this forum, how much of your life have you spent online talking about coffee? Lets start with hours, then days, etc
  3. Free choice my friend. Though someone has had to be restrained from using it. Clear jealousy
  4. The new posting format is much easier but just spent 15 mins in the search function and have had enough. which Joey is it that makes the lovely tampers?
  5. The dripping wand is an age thing. You’ll need my advice in a few years time
  6. I’m happy to do an advice column for anyone who lives with a coffee equipment addict. Help, I live with a coffee addict My husband has a dripping wand my boyfriend left me for grinder My husband left me for the weekend for a group session pulling levers
  7. Well...... following the now quite old McDonalds advert and an article this weekend in the Broadsheets on the yawn factor of the over exuberant barista - I think you should have a humour forum along the lines of ‘overheard in Waitrose’ - ‘The barista said’ or simply “overheard in the coffee shop” Just saying
  8. Oh, I’m super excited. Thank you. You can keep the blue one. I’m a reasonable lass
  9. @coffeechap can I have the little one with the blue base, the rare La Pavoni. Easier to procure than a contender, appreciated wife
  10. wow, just for me? I take back everything I thought. That’s a sweet gift. It’s not as good as winning the L1 but I’m stoked to have my very own coffee set up. Thank you ������
  11. I’ll just recirculate everything he’s ever written. There’s plenty of it and you will never know.
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