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  1. I'll be starting these tomorrow so thanks for the heads up. That salty flavour is something I've come across before so I suspect it's a brewing error rather than a feature of this coffee. Remains to be seen if I can find a way past it though...
  2. Yeah I think the main difference is the Aergrind is more expensive and can grind for espresso, overkill if only for AP.
  3. I use Aergrind with mine as it fits inside the aeropress plunger tube, great for travel. My aeropress tote bag fell apart; I now use this camping washbag from Mountain Whorehouse to carry the AP, grinder, micro scales, filters and single portion bean pots.
  4. I'm not sure if you're interested in people who DON'T have this issue Bertie, but I'll chime in anyway. - Which machine; Rocket R58 - Any modifications from stock; none except Cafelat blue silicone gasket - Which basket; (Stock, VST, IMS - please specify the model, capacity, etc, etc) VST 18g Ridgeless - Which coffee, how old; (from roast date or since out of the freezer provided it was frozen straightway after shipping). LSOL, funky naturals esp Ethiopia, anywhere between 1-6 weeks after roast. Never frozen. - Which dose (in grams, e.g.: 18g); 17.5-18.5 - Which grinder; Ceado E37s - H
  5. Came for the coffee, stayed for the gherkin!
  6. I'll drink straight espresso if I get a good extraction, I love the thick intense flavours and mouth feel. If it comes out a little too tart I'll just add steamed milk to make a flat white, which sweetens it quite enough without sugar. Alternatively I'll brew an aeropress and always drink that black no sugar.
  7. I'm also thinking, 1.5 away from zero is probably much finer than I've ever needed to grind - I would have thought that would take you into the sort of territory where the machine chokes?
  8. Here you are. Lungo and ristretto are ratios of neat espresso. There are loads of drinks and no real consensus but this link will help: https://www.homegrounds.co/uk/types-of-coffee/
  9. Hahaha yeah those Massimo cups are ridiculous, the coffee equivalent of a Claymore or double handed broadsword. There must be a pint of milk in those. I think I had one once and don't remember it tasting as weak as you'd expect, so I guess they must put 2 doubles in? I think I'd just have 2 separate coffees sequentially if I needed that much boost! I've actually got a huge cup like that but with one handle. Obviously not for coffee, it's for soup.
  10. Probably a week away from starting these, which should give them a chance to rest. Waiting for my Villamaria 103 natural to run out and then I'll see what you have all been doing for espresso. I'm pretty excited from what I've read so far, might weaken and do an aeropress.
  11. I don't pay too much attention to the exact quantity. I've got 3 pairs of Acme: 80ml demi, 200ml cappuccino and 300ml lattes. Mostly I use the cappuccino for me, the latte cups for SWMBO, and the demitasse for espresso, macchiato/noisette. I basically pull a double (anywhere between 30-45 depending on bean) and fill the cups. For my taste the latte cups are too big and dilute the shot too much, but she prefers it that way. I certainly don't weigh out the milk, that's kind of incompatible with free pouring. I did weigh once to see roughly what ratio it is, and the air in the steamed milk make
  12. Most of the discussions around Classic Vs Silvia focus on the fact that they're pretty similar but the classic is cheaper. Proponents of the Silvia tend to counter with comments around build quality. Most people quickly swap the classic steam wand for one from the Silvia though. It makes quite a difference whether you're talking new or used though. It may be that the new Silvia is better than the new Classic. The older Classic was probably a better buy than the new Classic and/or the old Silvia that was it's contemporary.
  13. Yeah I saw the other thread, (no pun) and it seemed ridiculously hard for what in theory ought to be something anyone could do if they fancied a handle upgrade. Huge props to El Carajillo for sorting that out for you! Looks really nice with the wooden accents!
  14. That sounds right up my street. Please do report back. I'll be doing espresso.
  15. As above. I also use cotton buds and push them through the chute from burr chamber outwards while rotating the burrs back and forth by hand after clearing the chamber and front of the wiper arms. It's also a good idea to really clean and even polish the inside of the chute (not with any compound, just maybe kitchen roll or a clean dry mini soft polishing wheel on a rotary tool).
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