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  1. That's what the Hotmetalette calls a "coffee adventure" and we do it every so often - find an interesting area, check out where the good cafes are and then we try 2 or 3 in a day. Latest was Saint Espresso in Mornington Crescent before heading up to Camden. They had a Brazilian natural on espresso which we had in milk. Lovely. Of course, paper cups and sit outside but nice to drink something I haven't made myself for a change. Decent kit too, VA Mythos and a VA gravimetric 2 group, twin EK for brewed.
  2. Glad I read this, I thought my account had been deactivated! Almost all the forums I used to follow have dropped Tapa now. Makes posting pics a pain and navigation less easy on some fora but I understand why forum admins hate it. None of my fora are supported anymore but tbh the convenience of Tapa made it a real time thief, and I don't have as much time these days so it's probably for the best.
  3. Yes I think you're right about Artisan and Curious Roo. Haven't been since Covid so I forgot the connection.
  4. Ealing is well supplied with good coffee. Apart from electric there's Artisan, and there's Cafe Zee right opposite. Artisan use Allpress but Zee roast on the premises. Then there's Curious Roo and a couple of other small ones that I can never remember the name of, like "Ginger Moon" or something like that, but I've not been in there.
  5. Yeah the rationale is just a quarter of a kilo. Some still sell in 227g (half a pound) and some by 200g (Union for example). Dose varies so you're unlikely to get an exact number from a bag whatever you try. I've found that on average, one bean weighs roughly 0.2g and that's close enough. Plus, if you find that having put that bean in, you get 18.1g out and you're dead set on having 18.0g then knocking off a tiny bit of grinds is easier than trying to single- dose half a bean! As for the end of a bag, I will either use it for aeropress (around 14g) and then take the opportunity to take the to
  6. Same as John. I bung a couple of days worth in the hopper, keep the rest in the Airscape. Taking beans out of the hopper is a faff. I keep toying with the idea of an acrylic tube 'hopper' and a ball bearing to simulate the weight of a full hopper with fewer beans, but never quite get around to it.
  7. Machina have just emailed me about this: ETHIOPIA - WORKA WURI (BANANA PROCESS) - FILTER (MAP SERIES #2) At almost £25/250g it is above my normal price point (I currently have some rare Colonna at the same £/g and feel slightly as if it's wasted on me). This does sound interesting though and I bet it would be enjoyable. I can't quite decide if it's "legit" - I mean, there's "notes of banana" and then there's "we put banana in it". Is that a step too far? At what point does it become "banana flavoured coffee"? Thoughts? https://machina-coffee.com/products/ethiopia-worka-wuri-banana-process-
  8. Agree on all counts. They're generic E61 I think so plenty to choose from rather than cut the original. Save yourself the hassle and buy one. I haven't got the tools so I bought the Rocket one (which doesn't say Rocket on it, it just 'fits' the Rocket, and most other E61s as well obviously). If your machine came with a double and single spouted PF then by all means cut the single, as a double spout will pour into one or 2 cups.
  9. Yeah just cut the bottom off. Spouted portafilters don't support the bottom of the basket, they're just there to collect the coffee. The basket will not suffer. If you've got the kit to cut the bottom out, go for it, many others have on here. Just maybe keep the double spouted one in case you ever want to split a shot, or get fed up with the spritzers that can occur if your prep is off. (This is the primary point of a naked: to let you see when there's a problem).
  10. He probably only wants to upgrade his stapler after hiding Gareth's in a jelly.
  11. This is why I purchased my machine. It said "Rocket" on the front. I figured I could use it to get there... As for how far the rabbit hole or worm hole goes, it's like a gas... or GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). It keeps expanding to fit the available budget.
  12. Hahaha! In all those billions of stars, and parallel universes, or as-yet unnamed dimensions, I would think its a mathematical certainty there is a thread on Dopamine forums on the psychology of upcaffitis. Hey maybe that's "Thread Theory", a bit like String Theory? They're probably trying to justify purchasing of an SX machine (Serotonin Xchanger) or deciding whether to just get a Sage BX (wise man's brain exchange?) with the latest SSRI mod.
  13. So true. I have a good mate who has plenty of money (all legitimately earned through hard work, plus some inheritance). He's constantly buying stuff, I mean stuff such as sports cars (R8, 911...) but they end up polished, maybe upgraded, then mostly mothballed and sold sooner or later. He's always complaining he wants a better one, or that these cars are unusable what with the state of the roads these days etc. Its all about the acquisition, once sated, he moves on. Sadly I can't even afford his barely used cast offs LOL! I did tempt him with espresso but he bought a Nespresso machine d
  14. On a general level, being all philosophical, it's the human condition to always want more/better, sometimes as you say, for its own sake, not necessarily for social kudos. We seem to be programmed to always search for happiness and fulfilment in the wrong places, rather than seeking contentment. If you worry about what other people think on top of all that you'll need deep pockets! Back to espresso, I decided to dip my toe in the water with a Classic/PID and a cheap Iberital grinder to see if it was "for me". Having decided I was in for the long run, and after learning a lot on here, I dec
  15. Still laughing at The Hoff's hipster get-up!
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