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  1. Ah we know Jollybean on here. I think he was a member before he started the roasting business. I've had stuff from him that I enjoyed very much. Back to my post from 17th Sep, I finally gave in and ordered a key of the crazy yellow stuff from Rave, and it turned up today. Only roasted on 22nd so too early for espresso, but I couldn't resist an early doors aeropress. It's mental! Big beans, through 1st crack, but still light-ish and rather than the 'blueberry, strawberry milkshake, lime' you get with an Ethiopian natural, this is like a tropical fruit punch! Stewed banana, berry funk and
  2. Thanks for the heads up. A huge loss to the forum. Dave has devoted untold hours trying to help enthusiasts get the best from their gear, and advise manufacturers on what us coffee nerds at home want or need. I for one am sorry to hear that he has decided to leave, but without speculating as to his reasons, I can't say I blame him given the way things have gone recently. You can only try so hard.
  3. It's a shame, but I'll end up the same way. I've got so used to the convenience of Crapatalk. My motorbike forum doesn't support it any more either, and now I've just gradually drifted away from that forum due to the inconvenience of having to fire up a computer instead of quickly checking notifications on my phone. Will probably happen here too eventually. Although I have added CFUK as a shortcut so maybe that will do. The vibe has changed here recently though, so I only come here for LSOL now.
  4. Holy Hippo you're not kidding! I like KTH and drink in there (when they were open) but I'll have to wait till my boss stops deducting the Covid19 (borrow from overworked employees to buy out competitors) fee from my wages before I start spending nearly fifty per key! I've had my eye on this from Rave though... Anyone tried it? Colombia Monteverde 'Yellow' Natural Another delicious and bonkers natural! If you like to get on down with the deep deep Funk, this will be right up your street. This lot is his 'yellow' natural, which means it had an extended fermentation of 80 hours.
  5. Hey Alberto, yes, I'm a bit lazy and like the convenience of on-demand hopper feed. I get through nearly 100g/d anyway and the E37S is best with a weight of beans over the burrs. I'd probably go down the Niche route if I could be bothered with single dosing. For exploring smaller quantities of bean than is practical with espresso, I have my aeropress and Aergrind. But of a morning, I'm one of those guys who stumble downstairs praying to the coffee God that I set the timer! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  6. Mostly I follow the whole "in the beginning was the bean. And he weighed them 2 by 2 (=0.4g)..." Yes, I started with a Classic and MC2 (LOL!) but my coffee got a lot tastier and with barely a sink shot since getting Dave's R58 and a decent grinder. I now see Ebay scales as a consumable almost! But I totally get you. And although I could probably improve my technique, or even palate, I'm actually happy where I am with espresso and aeropress. I wouldn't want to downgrade but upgraditis has been at bay for years, I like what I make, will probably never refract anything, and also never pour a s
  7. I'm surprised you don't have a personalised carpet square for this very purpose M! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. See I'd prefer it if I bought a packet of digestive biscuits and found a kilo of speciality coffee inside. If the packet contained steak or tomatoes I'd be less impressed. I'm loving these flavour descriptions this month! I'm enjoying mine as espresso and flat whites but struggling to put a name to what I am tasting, apart from "good". ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  9. Same grinder, and thanks for the tip with the cable ties. For the wiper arms and back of the chute I use cotton buds. Works really well. You can run them round between the burrs and chamber walls, clean the dirty edge of the wiper arms, then push them through the chute. The only drawback is they're essentially single use plastic, but I only use 2 or 3 each time I clean it out so it's not huge waste. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I'm tempted, at the discount price (ah, poor Gail!) https://www.seattlecoffeegear.com/seattle-coffee-gear-gailisms-t-shirt-just-sayin-heather-gray ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  11. I just loved her for being straight up honest, human, not full of slick sales messages, regularly getting things wrong and just generally seeming like a nice, approachable, helpful yet self-deprecating person. That's where I got the "everyone's favourite coffee aunt" idea. When I was new to all this about 8 years ago, she seemed like a fount of info. I so much preferred her and the invisible* Kat to WLL... *Kat did actually appear in front of the camera once or twice, not sure if she was camera shy or just that she was the one operating it. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  12. Nooo! Everyone's favourite coffee aunt! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  13. Cafiza is pretty good at removing anything oily or fatty. Obviously it is intended for backflushing coffee oils out of machines, cleaning baskets and PF spouts etc but is surprisingly good for flasks etc. It's one of those things you could probably pour the waste from the drip tray after a backflush session straight into your flask instead of down the sink and see if it removes any aftertaste or smells. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  14. [emoji23] ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  15. It's the economics of technocrats. Replace real people with robots so fat cat directors can own all the money and reduce the costs of having "human resource". And when the economy crashes because everyone below them has no disposable income, they sit on their superyacht and count their chips until they die. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
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