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  1. Rumour has it, he was going to rename Trump Tower as Zinger... You can't blame poor old Cheetoface though... can you imagine how annoying it would get, every time he would've been under enemy fire, his comrades would have said "Donald, duck!" ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  2. Reminds me of Whitesnake - "And here I go again on my own, should've got a better satnav on my phone..." ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  3. Thanks for digging out the original thread - yes it was Dallah, and apologies to jolly bean for forgetting him! I do still love Rocko even though it seems less 'in yer face' these days (could also be me becoming over familiar with it). Will check out some natural Rwanda some time. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  4. Foundry RM has been my go to for a few years now. They do change from one year to the next of course. I think last year's was a tad funkier and boozier than this year's, but always great. IIRC somebody here did buy some Rocko from about 4-5 different roasters (Foundry, Avenue, Cartwheel, ?) a few years back and did a subjective 'review'. I can't remember the outcome apart from that they were all good but different, and the net result being that a lot of good coffee was enjoyed along the way, so worth trying different suppliers. Alas Avenue had to close. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  5. I'd recommend not trying to use an espresso grinder for filter (especially a Mazzer as the adjustment mech might drive you nuts going round and round between espresso and filter, more so than other grinders). You'll waste a ton of coffee dialing in back and forth. I used to have a Mazzer mini and the dreaded Iberital MC2. Avoid the iberital. Mini, Super Jolly or Mignon are good places to start, but use a hand grinder or whatever you currently use for filter. (for example I have a ceado e37s for espresso and an Aergrind for aeropress or cold brew. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  6. Agreed, Karma definitely belongs on the list. Delicious well-prepared flat white, friendly baristi, and a quaint garden setting. Didn't try a V60 as it was 15 min to closing and didn't want to annoy them, but the espresso was good. Żarówka in the old town was also good, the Hotmetalette had an unconvincing latte but I had a cracking Ethiopian V60 full of fruit. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  7. The only real downside is the inevitable wastage when aiming for espresso again. I use an aeropress either on the go, or for certain coffees that rule as brewed but less so as espresso. I tend to grind a fair bit coarser for AP than espresso. However, I bought an Aergrind for the AP as it will grind for espresso in an 'emergency' but the big advantage is that it fits inside the AP plunger so it's great for travelling or work, and I don't need to mess with the settings on my Ceado at home. It grinds well and much faster than cheaper ceramic burr hand grinders. Not cheap but worth the money IMO. If you buy one, it's probably better to buy from a reseller than from Made by Knock direct. It'll cost a bit more but buying direct can mean waiting for bloody months!! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  8. Really enjoying these! Great info on the reveal and on the Crankhouse site. Thanks to Mark for allowing his arm to be twisted for another Ethiopian natural, and to Crankhouse for grabbing an extra couple of sacks of this cracking coffee for us. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  9. I must admit I'm a huge fan of their Rocko as Lee well knows! As such I soon rack up a decent enough loyalty discount which keeps me happy. I've also upvoted it on the shortlist, it's #1 by a country mile - hope that doesn't mean we run out again next summer!! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  10. Interesting viewing. Nice also to hear a slightly less alarming take on things. I don't know who is right; one can only listen to 'experts' and if you pick the wrong side these days you'll get lynched by the Twitterati. I will just say this: thanks for sharing the info, I hope they're right and our beloved beverage is not under threat but I think it's just awful that subsistence farmers are so hard pressed that they suffer loss of livelihood when yields are low, yet ironically also lose out due to price drops when yields are high. Too much unfairness in the world. Thumbs up to these roasters who strike up positive relationships direct with the growers to try to ensure a market and a fair price that gives these people some glimpse of security. I'm also a member of Kew royal botanical gardens and they're doing a lot of work to safeguard coffee, especially the wild varieties. Here's a link to one of their projects (they have a load of coffee projects on the go: just go to their website and search "coffee") This one is in partnership with Union I think, as I've had Yayu Forest from them. https://www.kew.org/science/our-science/projects/mainstreaming-biodiversity-conservation-climate-resilience-yayu-biosphere-reserve-ethiopia ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  11. FBS it's sad to see you hang up your LSOL apron after having brought us so many great coffees (I think our tastes align somewhat!) But I can only imagine what a time consuming hassle and responsibility it is, so thanks again to you, and 3 cheers to Dave for stepping in, I'm sure we'll be in good hands. I enjoyed his DSOL back when I knew the power of the dark side. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  12. My favourite place for espresso was Amoret in Hammersmith which I only discovered as I was working next door. They had a fantastic natural which was roasted for them by Curve. Was sublime every time as straight spro or cortado. The baristi were really passionate and took care over every shot. No seats though (at all) as the shop is tiny and i really miss it since not working there any more. Most of the time I'll order a flat white anywhere else, and if it blows me away I'll go neat. A bit of milk makes almost anything drinkable, but hoping for standout is setting yourself up to be let down I fear. Espresso is just too intense to enjoy if it's too light/ dark/ under/ over extracted. To be honest if the cafe looks capable I'll order V60 as I've only got aeropress at home and I've had some great V60s out and about. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  13. Pass the touche on the left hand side. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  14. I'm more than happy with my R58 (luckily!) but if it hypothetically got stolen and I had the insurance money I'd be tempted by a Bianca or Minima, simply to try something different and perhaps more modern despite maintaining the traditional look and feel. Non-hypothetically, I hope my (very early) Rocket keeps on keeping on for another incredibly long amount of time. There is the whole lever thing in the back of my head too, but there'll be no scratching of itches in the foreseeable future. If I was to go all levery, I think I would want some kind of Londinium L1-something... ___ Eat, drink and be merry
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