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  1. I'm not saying you're wrong but I've never heard this and I've been on here since about 2013. The advice has always been to use a timer plug. If you turn the machine on with the steam tap open, surely you're going to get water everywhere and the service boiler will never pressurise? You may be referring to a specific machine, I only have experience of a Classic and my R58. I realise this is the Fracino forum and I've never used one, so maybe it says that in the handbook? I have never had an airlock and I never leave the steam tap open. Well, I may have once by accident but it wasn't something I'd do again. I'd be interested to know why you suggest leaving it open, or where you read that. Seems highly unlikely if you don't mind me saying. Of course, if you have experience in coffee machine engineering, or it says it in Fracino instructions then I will defer to your greater knowledge... ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  2. I really enjoyed the Guji Bochessi Weredi Natural and I've been hearing great things about the yeast fermented Nic Santa Luz 'pineapple candy' so I've taken advantage of this. Many thanks Black Cat. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  3. Chris Baca seems to be in the "rest for a week, finish in 3" camp but in my personal experience it often needs more than 1w rest and it's good through 6w after roasting. I'm more inclined ti go with Gwilym's guide. Was a very informative video, talking about grinding finer and down dosing when working with coffee that's a bit too fresh. Cheers for posting [email protected] For those interested, here's CB doing his thang, y'all, and keeping it real! I liked the curve idea, even if we argue over the timings. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  4. Ask them how much they think their 'rubbish' Classic is worth, then buy it off them for a song and enjoy it or sell it to someone here who will! [emoji1] ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  5. Yes, worth trying a ten minute aeropress. That can bring out sweetness sometimes. I only ever go shorter than that if I'm desperate for caffeine! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  6. All these labels are a matter of opinion to some extent. I make mine with a double, so 36-40g and topped up with 160ml of creamy microfoam (not too much air, like paint) so about 200 total, partly because that's the cups I have (Acme cappuccino 200ml). Flat white is often served in tulip shaped cups of 180ml, and Acme FW cups are only 160ml total so you are looking at a 40/120 shot/microfoam ratio. Like most things, opinions differ but this is what the guys at North Star say. I'm quoting them because the article discusses the differences between latte (which is what I'd say you've been drinking), cappuccino (more air, slightly separated, smaller than latte) and the FW. I'm not suggesting they're authoritative, as it is an antipodean drink anyhow. https://www.northstarroast.com/flat-white-coffee/ ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  7. More mad scientist stuff if you want to sleep well (or not). http://users.rcn.com/erics/Water Quality/Water FAQ.pdf ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  8. Yes, it's a reverse osmosis filter with a remineralisation cartridge. Filters, softens and then puts back a little minerals so it's good to drink and brews coffee well. DavecUK did a detailed review which is on here somewhere if you're interested in finding out more. We also have been clubbing together and ordering 6 at a time to get a group buy discount. https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpress.com/2019/01/06/osmio-zero/ ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  9. I also had a TempTag for my jug. They're very handy for getting your fingers 'calibrated' so you know when to stop heating the milk. Getting milk temperature right makes a huge difference, as both the texture and the sweetness go out of the window if you overheat it. The tags don't last forever (they stay on, but the indication becomes more and more vague and hard to read) but it's enough to learn what the feeling on your fingers should be. Lockhills should be fine for taste and boiler. That's what I used until I got my Osmio. I've not seen any sign of scaling on the E61 mushroom. Mark reckons it's good and boiler safe. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/index.php?/topic/40130-Waitrose-Stretton-Hills-no-more?#entry713161 ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  10. Many people just get rid of the doser altogether for home use. Nobody wants ground coffee sat there going stale. Some people have tried the clean sweep mod to reduce retention in the doser but if you've a broken vane I'd just amputate. Stale coffee is more of an issue than a bit of static I'd say. Are you considering the octopus funnel mod then? There are a few threads in here somewhere. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Very classy! Thumbs up from me! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Thanks David, indeed I've been meaning to try your wares for a while but this reminded me to pull the trigger on the Bochessi Weredi. You probably know I'm a fan of Guji naturals and this one piqued my interest. No brainer with the generous forum discount. Cheers, Paul. ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  13. Haha! Yeah I know, tasting notes are mad sometimes. I don't necessarily think coffee that has a tomato soup vibe is 'a good thing' but it can be associated with Kenya sometimes I believe. Like all these tasting notes though, for me it's always "vaguely reminiscent of " rather than "tastes like". The only tasting note I find undeniable is when people say Ethiopian naturals in milk can taste like strawberry milkshake. That sometimes is quite true. The same shot as espresso usually makes me think "Rumtopf". However I might have the palate of a mongoose, so hakuna matata me ol' warthog! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  14. I know I shouldn't even be putting these in my grinder yet but the hotmetalette and I had a major coffee drinking binge yesterday and my Rocko ran out after my first coffee today. I've just made an espresso with these now, not really dialed in yet, this is the first, but 18.5-40 in 35" is giving me a hint of tomato soup, so I'm going to kick off the guessing game with Washed Kenya. I may change my mind once I get it dialed in properly though! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
  15. Funnily enough Dave, I was having this conversation earlier today with a mate. He's sensitive to caffeine and can't drink more than one of my doubles. I drink maybe 4 x 18g a day. He thought that was excessive until I mentioned you and your 10 a day!! ___ Eat, drink and be merry
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