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  1. amazing set up! i have a londinium r and a mazzer major. i am looking to upgrade my grinder. i tend to drink low acidity italian style espresso. which grinder [with low retention as i only drink 2 per day] Would you say would pair best?
  2. thanks everyone for the suggestions the mythos sounds a good option, will it give me a step up flavourwise from the major? if so what kind of price should i be looking at for a good condition one / is there a particular variant or model to look at or avoid? as i say its still probably a few months down the road
  3. Cheers Phil the niche sounds great , easy to use and good value but would it give me a better taste in the cup than the mazzer major?
  4. i notice you are in cornwall? have you been to mount zion in st ives ? its great!
  5. thanks Jony, happy to buy used but wouldn't that be much over the £1000?
  6. Hi all, I've had my londinium for a couple of years and I am really happy with it but wonder if I can improve my espresso by upgrading my grinder? (I currently have a mazzer major with titanium burrs ) it will take me a while as I need to save my pennies but I am looking for a grinder that doesn't have a lot of retention as I only have 2 or 3 espesso's a day, I tend to drink medium /slightly darker chocolatey coffee prefably with a good mouthfeel, I would probably at a pinch be happy (well ish) upto £1000 as I want a grinder I will not want to change from, any suggestions? I am not really both
  7. ianskelly

    Black Friday

    well spotted eagle eye!
  8. ianskelly

    Black Friday

    20% off 1kg bags "20ff" free delivery as well, I can heartily recommend the revelation blend for those that like slightly darker chocolate flavours..
  9. thanks for the breakdown ! if you had to go purely on taste is there much difference in the cup?
  10. Thank you for the explanation! Possibly the niche maybe better for me as I tend to prefer Italian style chocolaty beans then?
  11. to DFK; in what way would it taste different( sorry i'm only used to my mazzer major) thanks
  12. it looks tiny comared to your mythos! how does it compare taste wise ? if they were both the same price which one would you go for ?
  13. have you noticed an improvement in the taste?
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