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  1. thanks everyone for the suggestions the mythos sounds a good option, will it give me a step up flavourwise from the major? if so what kind of price should i be looking at for a good condition one / is there a particular variant or model to look at or avoid? as i say its still probably a few months down the road
  2. Cheers Phil the niche sounds great , easy to use and good value but would it give me a better taste in the cup than the mazzer major?
  3. i notice you are in cornwall? have you been to mount zion in st ives ? its great!
  4. thanks Jony, happy to buy used but wouldn't that be much over the £1000?
  5. Hi all, I've had my londinium for a couple of years and I am really happy with it but wonder if I can improve my espresso by upgrading my grinder? (I currently have a mazzer major with titanium burrs ) it will take me a while as I need to save my pennies but I am looking for a grinder that doesn't have a lot of retention as I only have 2 or 3 espesso's a day, I tend to drink medium /slightly darker chocolatey coffee prefably with a good mouthfeel, I would probably at a pinch be happy (well ish) upto £1000 as I want a grinder I will not want to change from, any suggestions? I am not really bothered about size as it will be in the utility room and I am the boss in my house and what I say goes ( or more accuretly I am a nancy boy so my wife leaves the kitchen area to me) thanks Ian
  6. ianskelly

    Black Friday

    well spotted eagle eye!
  7. ianskelly

    Black Friday

    20% off 1kg bags "20ff" free delivery as well, I can heartily recommend the revelation blend for those that like slightly darker chocolate flavours..
  8. thanks for the breakdown ! if you had to go purely on taste is there much difference in the cup?
  9. Thank you for the explanation! Possibly the niche maybe better for me as I tend to prefer Italian style chocolaty beans then?
  10. to DFK; in what way would it taste different( sorry i'm only used to my mazzer major) thanks
  11. it looks tiny comared to your mythos! how does it compare taste wise ? if they were both the same price which one would you go for ?
  12. have you noticed an improvement in the taste?
  13. yep coffee compass is great for me (I much prefer them to Rave personally, ilove the sweet bourbon and can't stop ordering the brighton lanes beans, I keep meaning to try other roasters but every month back i go...
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