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  1. Refurb classic. 2008 innards into 2015 case. Small mark on side.serviced with new seals and gaskets. Comes with all in pic. £165 collected from Todmorden or £15 postage.
  2. Hi Mark, want to buy the gaggia classic. You have listed for sale at £115 plus 15 delivery. Just registered and can't work out how to reply to your thread? Unless I have to.pidt x times first!  Thanks, Mark

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    2. gaggiamanualservice.com


      It uses to be much easier. If you want to message me though my site gaggiamanualservice.com I will amend to sold once agreed and let Glen know of our problems. 

    3. gaggiamanualservice.com
    4. Edlong


      Great have done, at least it's not just me!

  3. Havw a gaggia classic, refurbished and cleaned internally. Great condition. 2005. £150 pick up Todmorden or post for 15.
  4. Hello!

    My trusty Gaggia Cubika seems to only be able to get the brew water to 77 oC. It's be well looked after and the pressure/steam are all fine. I thought it might be the thermostat, i can get a replacement original thermostat, but perhaps there is a better alternative than the original? 

    Any help much appreciated!

    1. gaggiamanualservice.com


      I don't know of any other. New original should be fine. 

  5. Fully serviced gaggia classic with RANCILLO upgrade. Excellent condition £160 plus post
  6. Don't use bottled water. The minerals line the boiler and give heat issues.
  7. As far as know it is going to be aesthetically like original classic. However internally it is going to have stainless boiler like classic 2 but with solenoid also. New style steam valve with professional wand. More internal electrics.
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