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  1. Fully serviced gaggia classic with RANCILLO upgrade. Excellent condition £160 plus post[ATTACH=CONFIG]39423[/ATTACH]
  2. hiya glenn, firstly thankyou very much for putting my banner on here, was brilliant. want to give some advice but not sure how to word it, basically , phillips have taken complete control of gaggia and saeco, i have recieved a new parts list/price list and they have rocketed. 2, 3 4 5 times more than pre philips. want to let people know that services and spares from anyone will soon rise very quickly. how do i word it so it dont sound litigation wise against philips. dont want to cause coffeeforums any trouble if worded wrong.

    Thanks again



  3. Hi Mark!

    I just cleaned the group head of my Classic, but noticed that in the middle of the rose holder assembly (#22) there seems to be rust of some kind right in the hole in the middle. Is this possible? I did a proper descale which didn't work. Do you have a spare rose holder assembly for sale? I checked your ebay store and it was not listed on there.

    Thanks so much!


  4. its in the post on its way mate. check it when you pick it up, is insured with royal mail, enjoy, its a beauty


  5. Hi there,

    just to let you know it was me that purchased the gaggia classic you were selling on ebay.

    I look forward to receiving it, its my first machine.

    Many thanks,


  6. thanks for that. love helping people. probably cost me a fortune lmao

    i will always check with you mate. its a great site


  7. No probs at all. Great service and assistance provided to our members.

    Thanks for checking :)

  8. hi glenn

    just posted this

    i have recieved a number of vital spares for the gaggia machines, classic steam valves, coffee steam valves, group gaskets, pannarello frothers and most importantly decalcifier. i sell through ebay or you can go through my site or message me on here. i will always advise first to be sure if the part you need is actually at fault,




    hope its ok. if not let me know. more people who can fix them themselves the better


  9. hi glenn. i have 3 reconditioned gaggia's for sale. classic, new baby and a cubika. is it ok to post on the gaggia forum to see if any members want one. dont want to just post in case its frowned upon lol.thanks


  10. Hi buddy was wondering if i would be able to chat with you about business stuff if thats ok. I'm easier to get at [email protected] hope to hear from you.

    All the best


  11. hi glenn, getting a lot of people with faulty / blocked solenoids on gaggia machines, wrote a description on how to un block and clean but unsure of the legalities, i dont want responsibilities if they cock it up basically lol. read it and do any revisions you feel neccessary to help people out. would rather let them do it them selves than take money off them for a simple repair. did not want to post it until you read through it. if you feel any legal issues could come due to peoples inability to use a screwdriver and lack of common sense please dont post.thanks a lot and regards in advance. the description is too long to send you, do you have an email address i could send send to.


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