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  1. Thought i would write up a little review on the Behmor Brazen i purchased from Ronsil last week as i have used it a couple of times now. Out the box was all the little bits that make the machine up, main body, lid for top, filter basket, filter basket holder, serving jug and lid, little measuring scoop, instruction book. The top of the machine has a nice large lid that comes away and presents you with the water chamber, it has some markings on the side, first for calibration, then 900ml (6 cups) and 1200ml (8 cups). The lid also locks into place. You can see the filter for the water to drop down onto the grinds in the below shot, what you can't see is the little temp probe that sticks up, only a millimeter or two though. The jug for your brewed coffee is a nice chunky jug, feels well made and is insulated, i made a brew this morning, had a cup, went back an hour later and the coffee was still hot enough to have to wait a few minutes to drink! The lid on the jug locks into place easily enough. When all put together i think the look of the machine stands out nicely, looks good next to the compact vario! In terms of setting up there is not a lot to it really, push the Mode button and the auto start timer is up, select a time you want to make a brew automatically, although i can't really see many people using that as you would need to load the grinds up in advance! Press menu again and you get the Pre soak time, default it 15 seconds, i have mine set to 30 seconds. Press menu again and you get the water temp, default is 90c, been using mine at 94 for now. Press it again and you get the clock, just a normal clock which i guess you will need to do if you fancy auto start in the morning. Press once more and its the calibration mode, set your altitude, around 500ft for the midlands and your done. At this point for your first time, you should fill the water up to the calibration mark and leave the ,lid off, then press the start button, it then does its magic and boils the water for about 30 seconds to calibrate the temp, then it beeps to tell you its calibrated. You then need to fill your water back up to the desired weight. Pop your grinds in the basket and slot in place and hit the start button! The machine will start heating the water and show you them temp, then when it reaches the set temp it will drop some water on the grinds, then enter presoak for the period you set (30 seconds for me), it tells you this on the screen, then aft6er the 30 seconds it kicks in again pouring water on the bed of grounds till the reservoir is empty and beeping three times. I read in the user manual this part, 'Presoak will release approx 4oz of water first to wet the coffee grounds before actual begins based on the pre soak setting, during brewing, water will be pulsed and released every 15 seconds to create turbulence and help improve extraction from the coffee grounds' So how does the coffee taste?? Well i have only used it a couple of times, but first impressions are very good, been using my own roasted beans, these beans were used all last week in the V60, same grinder, no pouring kettle just a standard kettle. Based on it being fully automatic, i can see its taking a lot of the mistake i make when using the V60 away, no more guessing the temp of the water, am i pouring correctly and i don't have to stand there anymore, which at work can cause people to suggest your taking too many breaks for a coffee! Coffee is tasting much better for less faff, i need to roast some of my ethiopians now a little better and play with the grind size plus temp. So there you go, very happy and thanks to Rons wife for not liking it and giving me the chance to try it out, i can't see me selling this on, even if i take it home it will still be used.
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