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  1. Hi Chris


    Just noticed your a moderator on here. I'm the guy that came to La Bottega and did a trial shift.




  2. Hey guys. Some of you who know me will know that aside from coffee. I love writing. So here is a super short piece I wrote a couple of days ago. Feedback appreciated Sat next to each other on in the lobby of the apartment building on a sofa so soft that it dipped towards the middle, neither of them knew how to feel. So much had been between them for so long until now and yet, there was a lingering feeling, a final barrier. “This moment is everything” he said. “You are everything” she replied. Their hands briefly touched as he shuffled deeper into the foetal comfort of the sofa
  3. I'm off the drink atm (tonight being the exception), so to hit the 'cold beverage in a can' button, I drank a red bull at 2am night before last... whoops
  4. Well, after sticking my interactive CV online, and sending out a couple of emails. I know have what seems to be rather hopeful news. I have a meeting at Fernandez and Welles in Soho at 3pm on Monday regarding a supervisor position. So please, I need all the luck I can get!
  5. Yeh, I think the standard in the UK, outside of Speciality stores is to underdose. Normally due to badly set-up doser grinders, or money pinching head offices. I'm not a huge fan of overdosing (thinking of Flat White, London back before SQM).
  6. Hey guys. Would love some feedback about this. I'm looking for work (albeit casually) at the moment, and I decided to build a quick online CV, as I think it's more accessible to potential employers than email attachments. I do still attach a PDF of my print-out CV, but also give them the link to my online one. http://www.chrisweaver.co.uk/cv/ What do you guys reckon, and how would you improve or change it?
  7. Alas I won't be there. Money is rapidly becoming an issue. Though maybe I should get a sandwich board saying "Unemployed barista needs food", get the sympathy vote. My protege, the glamorous CJ (@ceeige) might be heading down though!
  8. I reckon the Rattleware beat the Motta jugs hands down, simply for symmetry and consistency of latte art, especially for more elaborate designs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YG9aRCOKfA a rattleware in action!
  9. Well I've been about on here a few times before (as my post count shall attest) but recently, I went insane, so not been on so much. I have however travelled across europe, spent WAYY too much money, taken lots of photographs, startd a novel and quit another coffee bar job. Hello everyone... again...!
  10. Also (sorry for double post) don't be tempted to spin the PF when using a San Remo. I find it does NOT hold onto the pucks that well. "Is it a bird, is it a plane.... no it WAS a perfectly distributed and tamped coffee pucking, now disintegrating all over my converse"
  11. We need a campaign against tapping (though not against knockers). When you hit that pour button, the water is hitting the portafilter with high pressure. No grinds are going to be left stuck to the portafilter. Also those grinds left are going to be probably less than 0.1% of the grinds, its negligible to the shot. What you are doing is breaking the seal between the puck and the PF giving side channeling, it sounds horrible (metal on metal, euwww) and I've had wayy too many good tampers ruined by over-zealous tappers. It feels horrible to not tap once you're in the habit of it,
  12. You guys must be superheros. I have a HEAVY tamp, and in all my time in coffee bars, I have never cracked or deformed a basket, and that's over 10000 tamps!! I'm gonna take a weird line here, and argue that a tamp doesn't need to be fine tuned at all. The difference between a super light tamp, and good heavy tamp I've measured at normally And for anyone obsessing over tamp weights, I did a demonstration once to prove a point... I dosed, distributed (luckily pretty well) and locked the PF in without tamping, perfect shot of espresso. Great way to prove that tamping maybe isn't THAT i
  13. I'm surprised I'm the first guy to say it. But with espresso, your crema is REALLY going to suffer with pre-ground beans. After beans are ground you're gonna see a drop in crema after about 2-3 minutes, let alone after the 3-4+ days to get it into your machine at home. You don't need to drop a large amount of money to get a good grinder. You can pick up a Hario Skerton hand grinder for Secondly, look to cut out as many variables as possible. Exactly the same amount of ground coffee each time (if you have scales, think between 18-20 grams, but when you get a dose, stick to it). Simplify y
  14. And Hasbean Steve is off to the Machacamarca farm, lucky chap! I would happily reccomend Hasbean's beans. I tend to order a bag every week or so, and I use a cafetierre atm. Just finished a bag of his El Salvador La Illusion, a lovely fruity favorite of mine!
  15. The Spaziale home machines are some of the best for sure. I cut my teeth on a Spaziale 2-group (it filled my kitchen somewhat) What cups and jugs you looking at? The ACF cups are gorgeous, and jugwise, I'd reccommend the Rattleware straight sided for latte art
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