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  1. Brilliant video, hadn't seen this before, thanks!
  2. Thanks for checking! Lol - see, I would have (and actually still do) read this differently - I think "only" is the operative word, with "liberal" being a mistranslation in this instance. Hence why the recommendation is to not to use plumbers tape - too much tape (or thread lock) and the adapter won't fit. I am sure they do know their beans though, and I am not judging their level of education... I would just rather my own beans not explode all over my kitchen... ... and in fact that suspicion has just been confirmed - I just went back to the ebay store and they have substituted "liberal" with "minimal". So that clears that up.
  3. Thanks coffeechap, No screw but i took it apart again just to check for any other blocks, and cleaned out the spring areas - this seems to have sorted whatever was the block, and I've now found that biting point on the touch of the burrs. Think I will pick up some food grade lubricant soon too as the adjustment wheel isn't the easiest to turn, even still. Thanks for the input
  4. Thanks coffeechap I don't seem to be able to get the burrs closer than an inch apart - the grinder adjustment will not turn any further, even when the grinder is on. Is this likely a lubricant issue?
  5. Hi all Was very happy yesterday to take delivery of a Royal from the forums, and spent a few hours yesterday taking it apart to get everything looking clean. All now put back together and good to go, but I can't find anywhere online that talks about how to set a Royal up. I had assumed it would be the same as the others in the Mazzer line up, with the grind adjustment being rotated until the burrs were close together, before backing off slightly to set the finest grind point. However, it looks like the grind adjustment dial on the Royal increases or decreases just the speed of the grind, as opposed to getting the burrs closer together (for example, the sign on the adjustment dial shows fast vs slow, as opposed to fine vs coarse). Any tips on what I should be doing on initial setup? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply - unfortunately it's kits like that that are confusing me (plus the kit together looks to be more expensive than buying the two things separately!). As an example, in the description for that kit: "Instructions when fitting , please do not use ptfe wrap tape but only a liberal amount of high temperature thread lock or plumbers thread lock liquid." 1) do i need to use thread lock or can I do without? 2) "only a liberal amount"... I mean I do enjoy paradoxes but in this instance it pains me "The above kit will only fit the smaller Europiccola models that are sold without the bigger model lever pressure gauges." Am I right in thinking that they mean this will only fit Europiccola models and not the Professional/any other model? Following on from that, I have also heard that there are differences between the millenium and pre-millenium, with each requiring a different nut. Is the nut in this kit the millenium one?
  7. Hi all - am thinking about adding a pressure gauge to my Europiccola millenium in the near future, but a little confused by the different nuts for different models etc. Am I right in thinking that for the millenium model, I would just need this nut: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pavoni-Europiccola-Pressure-Gauge-Nut-S-STEEL-3120104-EURO-/263180996703 And a gauge like this: https://www.bluestarcoffee.eu/la-pavoni-chrome-boiler-pressure--gauge-5921-p.asp And I'd be good to go? Thanks!
  8. That sounds fair Mike, happy to squeeze an extra fiver. Drop me a pm. Thanks
  9. Right, I might be signing my own death certificate here as soon as the other half finds out her kitchen table top space has diminished by about 90%, but needs must (!)... Really pushing the budget but any possibility you could do £290incl post to London??
  10. That sounds fair (and definitely useful for me to see it in action as I'm new to lever!) - and it occurred to me that I'm close enough to you that I could just jump in a cab back home with it. May be able to collect it this weekend if you're around at all?
  11. Great - southeast even better - am not far away in Brockley! Unfortunately though I don't have access to a vehicle at the moment - any possibility you might be able to deliver? Would you take £230?
  12. Looking for a gaggia classic so I can finally start making real coffee! Budget of up to £100, based in Reading. Let me know if you have one available! Thanks
  13. Fantastic news - will pop down there for a quick espresso and a chat sometime this weekend. Meanwhile - time to find a gaggia! Thanks to all for the warm welcome and brilliant advice, great forum!
  14. I haven't no, didn't even know it existed, but just looked it up and is not far from me at all. This is great, if I could get them to pre grind coffee for me would it be worth picking up my coffee from there for now and just trying to grow my grinder fund for a few months in order to get the best one possible (ie instead of picking up a hand grinder or an mc2 in a month or so)? Very exciting! Thanks guys!
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