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  1. when I had my duo temp i was impressed with the dispersion, considering the price paid. clean it as best you can, it it's not making a difference in the cup to you then I wouldnt worry
  2. Apologies should have stated they are the fp-1 papers, the most common ones
  3. Hi everyone i have an as new and boxed hario buono 1.2l kettle (£29 on Amazon) and about 90 left in a pack of 100 chemex papers (£10 on Amazon) for sale. happy to send both for £26 posted to a uk address thanks
  4. As the title suggests I have one of the best games ever released on PS4 for sale, brand new still in sealed film. My price is £15.00 delivered. I will donate some money from sale to the forum
  5. Arghh its alright - happy with my purchases I guess. I think a lot of upgrading is overrated though, having traveled full circle now. On this forum there is a lot of overestimating the effect new bits of equipment will have on the end cup for the average forum user - perhaps there is bias involved because the people talking about their new upgrade are usually going to be biased but I think now that reality has set in much of the coffee equipment world is too expensive and much of a muchness. Just my view, to which I'm entitled.
  6. the aussies love their coffee just finished a bag of compass skyberry - loved it
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