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  1. I think keeping the shiny copper is difficult, copper is oxidized. But it's the heaviest metal that we can use to create tamper so far . It is aesthetically pleasing. they can look fancy in photographs
  2. you can refer to this link below to keep clean copper ^_^ http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Copper
  3. Hey guys! They are my handmade product from Vietnam. Let contact me if you would like to order. Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/VietnamHomeBarista Email: [email protected] Catalog Espresso Tamper: https://www.facebook.com/nigel.rex/media_set?set=a.10203612426173592.1073741831.1304075187&type=3&uploaded=1
  4. very great information but as I know some green beans supplier believe that "catimor is Arabica" Althought The "timor" part is from the Timor Hybrid ( maybe they tried to cheat me). because its quality little better than others Robusta varieties? ( my opinion is its flavor run out very quick and Catimor's acidity is too harsh compared to Kenyan or Ethiopian varieties, which have very pleasant acidity, so I prefer to roast it a bit darker ,Full City or more or longer, which will mute the acidity)
  5. Hey everyone, I want to start a coffee course next year. I'm want to study seriously about coffee roasting, coffee beans, Barista , Cupping .... after then get a good job with coffee in Uk. You have any recommend about the best coffee school in Uk or Europen ?
  6. Hey guys, Anyone have information about Catimor ? Is it Arabica varieties or Robusta varieties???
  7. great looking espresso but...... How much ml for this shot?
  8. great !! Where can I find this green beans ? I want to try it
  9. very nice :| I feel like you pulled a cup of chocolate !! was it sweet,right ?
  10. Better I should fix my word "tiger striping" I had a discussion with some barista in Vietnam about how a perfect looking espreso. Many people said that tiger striping is a sign of burnt coffee ( Vietnam is popular with Robusta) And then I do a lot of testing on both robusta and arabica coffee. I noticed that tiger striping creates bitter taste and burn all flavor (if using robusta) or more sour (if using Arabica has 2 or 3 months after roasted and hard to see tiger striping). However tiger striping in new roasted Arabica such as Ethopia Moka , El Savador bourbon,Costa Rica bourbon, and some others typica coffee can creates more sweetness, rich and better aftertaste. Is it right?
  11. Hello Guys, This is my espresso that I want to look like.( Bezzera Magica espresso machine and grinder Krups GVX 2) But there are some opinion that perfect espresso should be shined and light brown crema. How about you ? But many people love this one ?
  12. Hey guys, I want to find about 10- 40 second hand espresso machines.They should be fully automatic machine such as Schaerer Coffee Art Plus . Price under $1900 each one include shipping cost to Vietnam and they should work good enough to service for buffet morning at Hotels. Do you have any recommend ? Let contact my email: [email protected]
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