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  1. Hi, drop me a pm with your email address and I'll send you a detailed quote for everything you would need to get started - we convert literally anything so horsebox no problem! Andy
  2. When I was selling them they were Visacrem machines so maybe Gaggia have bought them and are passing them off as new?
  3. Dave, I posted that 8 years ago and don't sell them any more....... 🙄 Lol
  4. pm me your email address or email me and I will send you some details 🙂
  5. Plenty of room in there lol! We have done smaller van than that! I can do you a good deal on equipment too (supply only if you prefer to fit it yourself). Basic set up is coffee machine and grinder in the back (trade out of the back doors) you would have a waste tank under the machine. Accessed through the side door you would have your water tanks, water treatment unit, flojet pump, high pressure pump, leisure battery and inverter, and gas bottle.
  6. Hi Samantha, We convert all sorts of vehicles and have done a few VW Caddys! Drop me an email at [email protected] and I will get back to you with a detailed quote for everything you need. You can fit a fridge if you want one, we fit dual fuel coffee machines with leisure batteries and can fit a split charger to your van if you want one too. All the best, Andy
  7. Hi Mandy, We are based in South Wales which I know is a bit of a trek (!!) but we have customers bring vans to us from literally all over the UK so if you were willing to travel, we could do you a top quality conversion for a very good price! Let me know if you are interested and I can send you a detailed quote by email if you like. If you would prefer for me to get equipment sent directly to you and you get the conversion work sourced locally, that would be no problem. All the best, Andy
  8. Hi all I'm trying to get myself sorted with inverter setup for my coffee van. I have added up everything and it works out I need a 2000w inverter. I want the van to run for 8hours so I can do events and I want a splitter so I can charge of my main engine battery. I have no idea what is the best inverter to get or how many batteries or what is the best batteries to get. If someone can break it down in layman's terms that would be great. Also please can I have links to what is recommended by yourselfs. Help me coffee forum your my only help !!! 


    1. coffeebean


      Where are you based Mark? We can fit it all for you if you bring the van to us (when you are allowed to safely - Wales still in lockdown! )

    2. Mark dyer

      Mark dyer

      Hi coffeebean 

      Thanks for the reply. Wales is abit far I'm afraid I'm in Ipswich in Suffolk but thanks for the other 

    3. coffeebean


      We have done vans from London, the Midlands, North Yorkshire..... all over the place really - up to you though 😊

  9. Thanks @Jony - have been in touch with Al by email 🙂
  10. 2000W/4000W inverter and 110ah leisure battery is fine for dual fuel machine and grinder. If you have a fridge and a freezer, are they 240v or 12v? If 12v you could probably get away with it (how many hours a day would depend how busy you are and you might consider 2 batteries and /or a split charger) but the draw would be to high if they are 240v
  11. Have you thought of going mobile? A coffee van has significantly lower overheads than a shop and you are free to do things like events as well as developing a regular pitch and client base
  12. Fair comment guys! I think you are probably right - will take the £5 charge out 😀
  13. Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping safe and well in this difficult time! I run The Coffee Bean in Aberdare in South Wales and like a lot of us have had to close down my little coffee van for the time being. I got thinking that it would be great if there was somewhere that mobile baristas like us could get together, swap ideas and build a mobile coffee community that could advertise our wares to people looking for us for their events. Also, a place where people holding events could come to find a coffee van. I thought it would be worth trying to set this up myself online. I already have a web
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