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  1. could be your thermocouple......you can pick up a standard domestic boiler thermocouple from a plumbing supplies store which works just as well and will cost next to nothing!
  2. Can do you a really good deal on a new Cherub if you are interested..........Classico too...... Andy
  3. Hi Lauren, I use and install Autofather inverters for mobile coffee set ups. 2000W rated /4000W peak and find them very reliable. Andy
  4. I can do you a Classico for £1100 delivered if you are interested.........?
  5. I can do you a great deal on a Fracino...... aftersales/parts great as they are based in Birmingham and they are built well (I have a 12 year old Contempo from new that is still going strong!)
  6. What is your budget? We specialise in kitting out mobile units so I'm sure I could come up with something for you! ? Andy
  7. I can do you a great forum deal on a Cherub, Classico or Heavenly........ more than capable of coping with those sorts of numbers! Andy
  8. I offered a K3 as that is the grinder I have used on my own coffee van for 11 years and it has served me very well. No worries if you have mains water, the bambino works well on both. If you didn't use water tanks you wouldn't need the flojet either ? Andy
  9. Hi, If you are not wanting to plumb the machine in you can run it from a water tank. I can do you a 1 group Bambino 1 group electronic, K3 Touch grinder, 5ltr water treatment unit, flojet, 2 x 25 ltr water tanks and a waste tank for £2495 and I will come and install it for you.......... Andy
  10. Hi Sarah, pm me with your number or email and I will get back to you ? Andy
  11. Quack quack oops! Should have read the whole thread! Lol
  12. The high pressure pump from Fracino is separate to the machine in a dual fuel model. If this has happened after the winter, it may be that ice has damaged the impeller blades inside the pump - happened to me once! - If that is the case, you will need a new pump. Do you use just this pump or do you also run a flojet?
  13. I sell Fracino machines and have used one for the last 11 years with very little drama! Well put together machines and I can highly recommend the redesigned Heavenly - lovely machine, Give me a shout if you are interested in one and I can give you a very competitive Forum price! ?
  14. Anyone thinking of starting a mobile coffee business, get in touch to see how we can help make it happen for you!!
  15. 10kg gas bottle lasts me around 3 weeks working 7.30-12 Monday to Friday
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