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  1. Hi Mandy, We are based in South Wales which I know is a bit of a trek (!!) but we have customers bring vans to us from literally all over the UK so if you were willing to travel, we could do you a top quality conversion for a very good price! Let me know if you are interested and I can send you a detailed quote by email if you like. If you would prefer for me to get equipment sent directly to you and you get the conversion work sourced locally, that would be no problem. All the best, Andy
  2. Hi all I'm trying to get myself sorted with inverter setup for my coffee van. I have added up everything and it works out I need a 2000w inverter. I want the van to run for 8hours so I can do events and I want a splitter so I can charge of my main engine battery. I have no idea what is the best inverter to get or how many batteries or what is the best batteries to get. If someone can break it down in layman's terms that would be great. Also please can I have links to what is recommended by yourselfs. Help me coffee forum your my only help !!! 


    1. coffeebean


      Where are you based Mark? We can fit it all for you if you bring the van to us (when you are allowed to safely - Wales still in lockdown! )

    2. Mark dyer

      Mark dyer

      Hi coffeebean 

      Thanks for the reply. Wales is abit far I'm afraid I'm in Ipswich in Suffolk but thanks for the other 

    3. coffeebean


      We have done vans from London, the Midlands, North Yorkshire..... all over the place really - up to you though 😊

  3. Thanks @Jony - have been in touch with Al by email 🙂
  4. 2000W/4000W inverter and 110ah leisure battery is fine for dual fuel machine and grinder. If you have a fridge and a freezer, are they 240v or 12v? If 12v you could probably get away with it (how many hours a day would depend how busy you are and you might consider 2 batteries and /or a split charger) but the draw would be to high if they are 240v
  5. Fair comment guys! I think you are probably right - will take the £5 charge out 😀
  6. Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping safe and well in this difficult time! I run The Coffee Bean in Aberdare in South Wales and like a lot of us have had to close down my little coffee van for the time being. I got thinking that it would be great if there was somewhere that mobile baristas like us could get together, swap ideas and build a mobile coffee community that could advertise our wares to people looking for us for their events. Also, a place where people holding events could come to find a coffee van. I thought it would be worth trying to set this up myself online. I already have a website for The Coffee Bean so I have added a page for Mobile Coffee Club UK. Mobile baristas can join the club for £20 a year, adding your name to a database of UK mobile baristas. Anyone looking for someone for their event can buy a ticket for £5 and we will get send their details to club members to get in touch with them. I am just getting started with the club and hope to spend the next couple of months building up a database of members so that we can look at getting event organisers on board when the lockdown is lifted. Hopefully it will help everyone and over time we can build up a great community of mobile baristas. If this is something that might interest you can sign up here: https://www.thecoffeebean-vanandroaster.co.uk/mobile-coffee-club-uk Stay safe! All the best, Andy
  7. Hi Andrew, I can do you a great deal on a Classico, let me know if you are interested All the best Andy
  8. Hi Alex, as you are are a forum member, I would be happy to do a Fracino Cherub for £950 delivered or (and I know it is slightly above buget!!) a Classico with wooden handles for £1100 delivered. Let me know if you are interested! Andy
  9. Hi Lee, setting up businesses like yours is what I do for a living (along with running my own little coffee van in the mornings!!) Have a look at my website for some pics of vans we have converted and let me know if it's something we can help you with. https://www.thecoffeebean-vanandroaster.co.uk/business-start-upsAs far as consumable items go there aren't all that many really milk, coffee beans, sugar, sweetner, hot chocolate, tea bags, cups and lids, coffee syrups, complimentary biscuits,machine detergent, anti bac wipes, cloths......these are the main items I use on a daily basis. My van is static Mon - Fri too.... all the best, Andy
  10. Forum offers on these three fantastic Fracinos..........Classico £1050 delivered, Heavenly £1200 delivered, Cherub £900 Give me a shout if you are interested!
  11. Hi @PeteRobo, yes can still do you a deal if you are interested, though that was posted in 2018 and Fracino's prices have gone up a bit since then! I can still do it for £1300 though 😀 all the best, Andy
  12. Hi James, What is your budget for the grinder? I can do you a Eureka Mignon Silenzio for £300 delivered........very quiet!!...... Andy
  13. Wasn't sure where to post this so if I have put it in the wrong section I apologise!! My business, like a lot of other small self employed outfits was pretty much shut down overnight. I can't run my mobile espresso bar and can't do vehicle conversions at present. I just wanted to say that I am still taking orders for coffee equipment and for conversions....in some cases I will be able to send stuff out, some I won't (depends on status of suppliers in this lockdown!) but please take a look at the website https://www.thecoffeebean-vanandroaster.co.uk/ to see if there is anything that you may need. Any trade at all at the moment is hugely appreciated! If you are thinking of starting a mobile coffee business once this madness is over - please get in touch to discuss your requirements and if you want to order anything, we will be able to get your conversion sorted as soon as the lockdown is lifted. Thanks for taking the time to read this . Stay safe everyone! Andy
  14. No worries, pm your email and let me know what sort of thing you are after 😊
  15. Hi Holly, I have been running my coffee van for 12 years and we convert vehicles for other people setting up their own businesses. Pm me your email address and I will send you some info 😊 Andy
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