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  1. If you are looking to sell one of these, please get in touch. Thanks! Milan.
  2. Last call on this before it goes on Gumtree/Ebay...
  3. Shame. No probs. Good luck on your hunt!
  4. Hi Jon, apologies for the tardy response time. Thought I might get a notification on Tapatalk that someone answered but obviously not. It appears to be 7mm.
  5. £15 +postage. Moving house so de-cluttering and found this, which is no longer required...standard, generic black pf.
  6. Grinder received. Thank you for a pleasant transaction Dom!
  7. Richard and Greg at CC are my pusher-men! They know my roast preference and send me whatever's coming up good at the time of my order...but I've never tried a Mystery Coffee. At £14/kilo I'm sold. I'm going in!
  8. Yep, move to PM. Thanks all.
  9. Ok cool, thanks gents. Let's see what transpires...
  10. Afternoon, I'll take this at asking if Amvantage has withdrawn the offer?
  11. From Coffee Hit so should be legit Hario stock. Obviously, only really worth it if you buy 2 or more...(I just bought 2 and the postage remained the same). https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hario-V60-01-Filter-Papers-40/253684858312?epid=13012044247&hash=item3b10cbbdc8:g:XnIAAOSw8StbH6FI
  12. Ladies and Gents, please accept my apologies for being one of the last to pay. I did actually make payment on the evening Glenn sent the request but I've been on tour in venues with dodgy wifi connections and I remember specifically being in Birmingham when the request (and my payment) was made. The transaction obviously failed and I didn't notice until just now when I got reminders form Glenn and Dave.
  13. Little forum bonus for anyone wanting to see The White Buffalo tonight at the Academy in Glasgow. Ping me a PM in the next half hour (so cut off 18.15) and I'll put you on the FREE list for tonight's show.
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