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  1. Apologies if there is a thread for this already, but I couldn't work out the search, kept getting 1000's of results. The doser lens in my mazzer broke, so I am trying to find a replacement. I ordered one but when it arrived, it’s the right size, but the wrong fitment. I have a Mazzer Mini, circa 2002. The new lens I received is a similar height to the one I sourced. The height of the original is 68mm, the new one is only 69mm. The problem is that all the cut out’s are wrong, the lens blocks the screw and dispenser holes. Can anyone advise where I can get one, or maybe a spare part number?
  2. I bought myself a 2010 Super Jolly Automatic which I stripped down to refurbish and thought you guys would like to see... I'm not spending much time online much at the moment, so questions might not be replied to...
  3. Hi there, As it turns out, I decided to use it literally one day ago. So unless you'd like it with a few specks of fine local artisan roast coffee in it (I still have the boxes), I guess that's a no?
  4. Having only used it once, this was my initial reaction...
  5. I bought this La Mazocco 7g single basket and I'm at a loss on how to prep the single basket ready for the machine? I've been happily making double shots for quite some time now and now want to work on my single shots. I've done some searching on the forum, but I'm still coming up a bit lost. What should I be doing to prep/tamp this setup? Thanks.
  6. As the title says, a brand new in the original packaging Cafelat Tubbi Knockbox in red with black bar, size small. I bought load of accessories from CoffeeHit back in October then forgot to return this knockbox for a refund, so it's sat unopened in it's original box, inside the original box that it was shipped to me in. From a pet and smoke free, clean home. They are currently out of stock of these at CoffeeHit at the moment. I paid £20.50 + shipping, I see them selling for £20+£5.99 on ebay. I am looking for £20 as a paypal gift (no fees for me) delivered by Royal Mail.
  7. I would absolute love this. I am rebuilding my grinder and need some food base grease which is a nightmare to find in local shops.
  8. After I got hold on my first commercial grinder, I took it apart, stripped most of it down for a thorough clean and polish, then rebuilt it. I thought some of you might like to see the components an RR45 is made from. There is some solid engineering in there and the heart of the machine is really quite serious... I now know that a commercial grinder is the way forward...
  9. Sweet, no longer concerned and please to know what it does. The joy of owning my first proper grinder...
  10. So I completely stripped down and rebuild my new Brasillia/Rossi, RR45. Such a pleasure to take apart, lovely to see some proper engineering for once, rather than a cost cutting exercise. There is only one thing I'm not sure about, having rebuilt it, how much to tighten the big knurled aluminium nut inside the doser that seems to alter the vein height/compression? Part number 702032 on webpage http://www.coffeeparts.com.au/ginorossi/rossi-spare-parts-2
  11. Thanks for the info glevum and Charliej, appreciated. I think I am going to strip down, clean and rebuild the whole grinder, so I can see if anything else is amiss before I commit to anything and after a proper check over if all it needs is one foot, I might cobble something together. Any companies in the UK who might have a foot?
  12. They have a foot, but they charge €20 postage. Doh!
  13. I am now the proud owner of a Brasilia RR45. Really pleased with the engineering, so very very glad indeed that I went the commercial route, the machine just oozes quality and having shoved some beans through it as a quick test, wow, I'm beginning to understand what a grind should be like, I thought my other grinder was good, but realise the consistency of particles is where it's all at. Pleasantly surprised at how quiet and whine-free the machine is in operation. The RR45 is sadly missing one of it's rubber feet. One of the feet has cracked/ripped and fallen off, leaving just a bit of th
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