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  1. You are right, it is cast aluminium. I have found another supplier who says their item is flat, so I am buying that. The curved ring is going back to the supplier, if they ever reply to my email.
  2. It is cast aluminium...and a very poor casting at that. It is going back to the supplier as it is simply not fit for purpose.
  3. It is cast aluminium and has quite a curve to it. If I try to tighten it against the boiler and the rear half rings, I am worried that being cast it will snap. It is going back to the supplier, if they ever answer my emails.
  4. No, this one came from a restaurant in March, Cambridgeshire. It had sat as an ornament for 15 years, so it does have a few issues. Luckily it wasn't a huge price, but the cost is now starting to rise at an alarming rate.....lol One of the "joys" of rebuilding an older machine unfortunately.
  5. Not very exciting, sorry...……….. and immensely frustrating. Parts arrived to start the rebuild of my Faema Zodiac machine and the boiler ring is bent. Not only bent, but a terrible casting too. So few places to buy such items (this one came from Germany) and I only have 1 other source to try, if the German shop cannot supply something that at least is flat! Full of enthusiasm to get things moving and I'm now waiting again. Grrrrr!!!
  6. Arrived from Ebay a short while ago and after a strip down to assess its condition, I am now waiting for parts. Hopefully have it up and running for Xmas...…..
  7. I have managed to get hold of a Faema Zodiac, the age of which I have no idea at present. Having worked on a few lever machines in the past I am surprised to find that the Zodiac has no pressure stat, no overtemperature safety switch and no water level / auto fill of the boiler. (they all appear never to have been fitted) It appears to be entirely dependant on the operator for its safety. Which leads me to my question... should I leave the machine as it is, or should I bring it up to date a bit by fitting the items that are missing?
  8. I have never had my microwave serviced, or felt the need to do so. Every TV, fridge, freezer or washing machine I have ever owned, has not had a service. I would imagine that this is a similar situation in most homes up and down the country. My espresso machine is no different. I clean it regularly, I descale it periodically and have a look inside the case once in a while. The only regular "servicing" it receives is the lever, and cam, is cleaned and greased when it feels a little stiff. I am an engineer, so I do tinker, but it is not out of any specific need, or perceived need, on the part of the machine. I agree with DavecUK, if it isn't broken don't fix it.
  9. In my experience, the guys who build or modify their roasters are generally tinkerers and eccentric types like myself. They roast because it is fun, not because the current roasters available are "not sufficient". I have used popcorn poppers, a couple of Korean roasters and a Dieckmann Rostmeister, modifying them all to gain an element of control of the roast. From here, if we continue to roast, we progress onto something like a Gene Café or a Hottop. The Gene Café seems to be a decent compromise between cost and control for a lot of people. With a well documented heat control modification, the Gene Café is a very popular choice for the cost conscious home roaster. Probably the main reason there is not a "market leading commercially manufactured roaster" at present, is that there are many sources of high quality, freshly roasted beans, at a very reasonable cost. To spend a substantial amount on a home roaster is largely pointless, if fresh, quality beans are required. The Gene Café is successful because, at the price, it fits most peoples needs. If you were to design a "new" home roaster, it would have to be a good compromise between control, batch size, reliability, cleanliness and cost.....and for the majority of people who enjoy fresh coffee, the cost, I would suggest, is the prime consideration. Personally I would love to try/own something like a Quest M3 or a Hottop, but just cannot justify the cost (to she who must be obeyed, if i am being honest) and I am sure I am not alone in being in this situation. DavecUK is an extremely experienced roaster expert, i would definitely take his advice.
  10. I watch movies, TV programmes and sporting events on my phone. I listen to music, read books, surf the net and receive emails. I skype, tweet, message and "Facebook". My phone can even show me the way home and tell me where the nearest pub is. IT EVEN MAKES PHONECALLS!! .......Yes, that is progress. (and if the price of all that is charging it every night, then its well worth it)
  11. I have been roasting for quite a time now, on a few different machines. It can be a little frustrating at times when I don't get quite what I was after, when it comes to the roast characteristics. But mostly I just get very drinkable, fresh as possible coffee, that I can say with pride." I created that" I have been getting my green beans from a few different sources, but can def. recommend Coffee Compass. They have a good range of beans, at reasonable prices and are very quick with their delivery. They do trial packs and every coffee they offer roasted, they also do as a green bean. http://www.coffeecompass.co.uk/shop/ I would certainly recommend give roasting a try. I find it very satisfying and have spent a great deal of enjoyable time in the search for that perfect roast.
  12. Hi Would you take £250 for the roaster? She who must be obeyed sets the toy spending budget im afraid. If it helps, I don't require the beans and bags. Cheers
  13. Hi Longshot I know, but I don't suppose anyone has a Gene Café that they no longer require and wouldn't mind selling? My mutant modified Korean roaster has died and i'm only left with my trusty Dieckmann. Would like to pay around £250 but I am flexible dependant on age and condition. I am in darkest north Essex, but willing to travel a reasonable distance if postage is an issue. Cheers Ian
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