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  1. ShortShots

    Knockout Natural

    Clifton work extensively with the Hartmann family for various projects. As most roasters are on friendly terms we often help each other with importing or sharing of lots that we have too much of. It's not unusual to see
  2. Note to you all, if you like it I'm about to run out for a few days but I have 60kg incoming for next week before it goes (and it isn't coming back next year- with us anyway)
  3. Hey all, So as some of you have guessed, this is indeed a form of Asian natural. It's our China Xingang, a double fermented lot from a mother daughter Team in Menglian. Following hand sorting, the cherry undergoes double fermentation – the cherry is fermented in bags for three days before drying. It is then laid out to dry on raised beds on the first floor for two days. They are then bagged again and monitored until the fermentation reaches a similar aroma to red wine (around three days). Finally, they are laid out to dry again on raised beds for about a month. Glad you've enjoyed it
  4. Thomas ran a great selection of coffees and social impact projects, this is a heavy duty job with a hell of a lot of responsibilities. That wage is about right for a HoC in London💁‍♂️ I'll be intrigued to see who heads it up!
  5. 94.5C for us, but I quite like high acidity in naturals. Could go 95-96C for milk based perhaps but down to personal preference at this point
  6. Grind will need to be super fine for espresso, super super fine 😂 we found the same thing here at the roastery. Glad you're all enjoying so far! As noted already you may want to up the temp for espresso to tame some of the acidity
  7. or even better 'please use a sack from the roasters stash'
  8. as suggested above, if we see a note for 'pretty sacks please' they usually grab one of us roasters to pick from 'our stash' 😂, which covers all the weird and wonderful (denim ones included too). worst case email in, most roasters happy to oblige!
  9. Get yourself down to Azahar Cafe in Bogota, great coffee and the arepas are on point
  10. Miriam's (Clave de Sol) coffees are so damn good and this year is probably her best so far, might see if Lugat are up for a coffee swap
  11. Yes it does make a difference. How the beans were dried can affect shelf life, but in my experience some beans just age better than others. Fresh crop is always best, although I've had a few african coffees that were nearly as good as arrival after a year, but noticeably flatter, just not papery/woody. Have a look at george howell's talk on freezing green coffee
  12. I'd hazard a change in water at a guess among all of the above. If you're filtering your mains be aware that sometimes water suppliers change reservoirs occasionally and the mineral content can vary. Have you tried using bottled water temporarily?
  13. ShortShots

    light roast blends

    Sorry Katie! I'd recommend either our Kagumoini or Bollodu, both likely to end up in the next crows nest! Unfortunately we've had to delay crows nest's release due to other priorities
  14. The Nuna Honeys from Villamaria were tasting amazing when I had them last, I'm sure Dave will have done a banging job with it as well, enjoy!
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