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  1. Yes it does make a difference. How the beans were dried can affect shelf life, but in my experience some beans just age better than others. Fresh crop is always best, although I've had a few african coffees that were nearly as good as arrival after a year, but noticeably flatter, just not papery/woody. Have a look at george howell's talk on freezing green coffee
  2. I'd hazard a change in water at a guess among all of the above. If you're filtering your mains be aware that sometimes water suppliers change reservoirs occasionally and the mineral content can vary. Have you tried using bottled water temporarily?
  3. ShortShots

    light roast blends

    Sorry Katie! I'd recommend either our Kagumoini or Bollodu, both likely to end up in the next crows nest! Unfortunately we've had to delay crows nest's release due to other priorities
  4. The Nuna Honeys from Villamaria were tasting amazing when I had them last, I'm sure Dave will have done a banging job with it as well, enjoy!
  5. Wellllllllll. I can think of some examples. Take value added processes like extra fermentation, rare varietal lots. Check out Origins tartaric ferment geisha from colombia. £19 for 150g, works out at £126/kg say £80/kg with the bulk buy discount. Where the producers are adding value or tending a low yield but high quality varietal that requires extra work....I think there's ground for higher prices. Doesn't mean its for everyone, and it's usually very limited quantity (which always affects price in any market). If there were containers full of £60/kg colombia I would find it strange, but not microlot quantities. Don't even mention auction prices...
  6. ShortShots

    Rave Coffee

    Yep as mrboots said, not vac packed, sounds like royal mail are screwing things up. Mail the main contact email for us and please provide pictures if possible. We will need evidence to go to royal mail with a formal complaint.
  7. ShortShots

    Rave Coffee

    At no point have we ever sold vac packed coffee? Our Amazon coffee (bought through prime) is nitrogen flushed by necessity due to their terrible stock rotation but we do not do anything to bags bought off our site. If you would like a replacement (we offer replacements on all quality issues) please contact [email protected]
  8. Exactly what it's designed for. Not scary, good all rounder and won't break the bank. Precisely why it was wholesale only for most of it's life
  9. if you drop an email to us at [email protected] .co .uk I'm sure we can accommodate you
  10. I believe there is a cupping of the new auction lot masterpieces from Daterra at cup north this year, I definitely recommend going to that
  11. Their KFP is banging, and their standard burger is delicious too! My go to on the way to stroud
  12. Formerly a wholesale only blend figured we might as well release it as Kg to everyone else while we're at it. Our production department is at full whack so don't have the heart to add it to their workload as 250g bags. Mainly chocolate and toffee notes, the berry is there on the finish. Same roast level as chatswood
  13. I can get them Sanremo or Victoria Arduino with built in maintenance contracts if they want something along those lines
  14. ShortShots

    Rave Coffee

    Both dropped out light, near the end of first crack if that helps
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