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  1. Hi all, due to personal circumstances I’ve been unable to reply. The grinder is still available and has been safely stored since I posted this. Open for offers as want this gone. Would prefer not to post but happy to if buyer covers OST’s. Get in touch for details. Will try to post pics now.
  2. ***OPEN TO OFFERS AS I NEED THIS GONE*** Hi all Selling my Eureka Mignon as just not been using it. Bought second hand from Germany in great condition having barely been used. That means it has a European plug. Hopper broke on shipping so bought new one from Bella Barista (250g). Would like £180 to more or less break even but I am open for offers as I just need to shift it now (plus shipping). Perfect working condition, not used very much. Just one minor chip see pic below. Anyone interested? You know it would make a great Christmas gift Thanks Hombre
  3. Hello all Due to personal circumstances I haven't been able to test my second hand grinder properly since I bought it a short while ago. Very annoying as it doesn't seem to be working properly. It just seems to make noise and doesn't actually grind any coffee. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks Matthias
  4. Anybody happen to have one? Bella Barista are out of stock. Thanks!
  5. Thanks all for your help and advice. Managed to snatch a Mignon from Germany (ebay) for £180 including shipping and loads of coffee. Apparently barely used so quite pleased with it. Obviously a bit of a gamble but having spoken to the chap selling it I am confident that everything he said about it is genuine. Can't wait!
  6. I've snapped this up approx £180 inc shipping and 2kg of beans (not too bothered about that but hey, will never say no to coffee). If everything that it says on ebay is true then I think I might have gotten myself a bit of a bargain! I knew my German roots would come in handy at some point!!
  7. It says they send to EU which (for now at least) still includes the UK Will keep an eye on this! Cheers
  8. Camping and Aeropressing - love it! Not been to new forest either, sorry.
  9. Do you have a 58mm flat base by any chance?
  10. Thanks all for your advice. Might go see what Coffeechap has got for sale
  11. Yes, that's fair enough. Will do research. Sorry, read the forum notice above after I posted my query. Thanks!
  12. As a rookie I thought it would be useful for my first proper tamper to be calibrated. Anyone got a secondhand one for sale? Not sure I want to fork out for a new espro. Thanks in advance.
  13. Might be interested. How does it compare to the MC2 or Mignon, two grinders I've been considering buying?
  14. Great shout, been meaning to get one of these for a while and just did! Thanks!
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