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  1. Got delivery notification for Friday too, hoping this cold will have buggered off by tomorrow so I can enjoy it.
  2. 1255 here, I'll give you a heads up.
  3. Isn't this a good enough first step? If it works as well as hoped there's always room to bring out a slightly larger version that can take a portafilter directly later?
  4. I'll have to pull out, I can buy new with SS piping for €3.6k which after all the calculations are done works out to be about a £200 price difference, having a full warranty is probably worth that price difference. Really disappointed to pass on it but it makes more sense for another forum member as the savings are huge for anyone who isn't VAT registered.
  5. I'm not complaining about the price, I'm just trying to establish the actual costs involved as I was told £2350 inc VAT which it isn't.
  6. Thanks for your help. I'm trying to get a handle on these figures, what's the actual retail cost to upgrade to SS piping? If it's £3850 that means it's £655?
  7. You're comparing one price including tax to one without, £3150 before VAT is £2625. €2727 at the actual exchange rate comes to £2487 + £10 for bank fee, leaving a price difference of £128.
  8. @DavecUK I've run into a snag, they're quoting me €2727 (works out to £2426) but they're telling me the price excludes VAT? With the actual exchange rate it's near enough the same price as just buying in the UK?
  9. Thank you, I'll try to take you up on this offer.
  10. I was aware, you're the main reason I can even consider such insanity. If I go for it, how are you paid and how quickly will it arrive?
  11. That's my concern although I'm VAT registered so the forum price makes the Vesuvius practically free! You could well be right that's it's GAS but as I said I'm not sure levers suit my tastes perfectly but then again I went from a Gaggia classic to a NS Musica in a very short span of time and then to a L1 so I don't have a wealth of experience in comparing to rely on. It could all be down to technique but it has been nagging me for a long time I've not enjoyed the coffee as much as I once did. I hope to enjoy it more? I tried to cover some of this above but I like the way the machine looks to operate, I can't gracefully do the milk and pull a shot on the L1, having a built in timer would be a nice convenience, being able to do a much larger shot would be useful, easily removed drip tray (I know it's minor but it bugs me), it'll probably even save me a few pennies a year in electricity (don't laugh!). I'm not unhappy with it, it makes great coffee but it's hard to explain, the L1 has always felt a little too safe in what it produces? I think I liked some aspects of having constant pressure so being able to control that may mean I get closer to my preferred result or like I say above maybe my technique is garbage and the fault lies there. Based on past experience, I'd spend hours testing different combinations and then I'd settle into a pattern that I'm happiest with. Is that a waste of the Vesuvius? I got the impression most people settle rather than constantly adjusting. I get a lot of grief over the Mythos, a smaller grinder would be better suited to my kitchen and I can't argue with the price on the Niche, I do care most about the end result rather than convenience but I'm hoping to achieve both. I definitely want to replace the grinder but I've not got a clear idea on what would be best, I can't even find prices on some of the models suggested here (that's not a complaint! I'm super appreciative of any suggestions) while I really like the look of the Vesuvius and the low price is seriously tempting but I'm not entirely certain replacing the L1 is the right choice. I would be disappointed to pass on the Vesuvius at that price, although it does mean the hassle of selling it if it turns out I'm wrong.
  12. Ah I wasn't saying it works well with it just that it ticks the conical box, I've lived without single dosing to date so I could survive but it's probably a better idea. I will look into the Niche, I certainly like the price.
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