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  1. Hi as title says a Mythos 1 wanted in white colour so I can complete my setup. Price according to condition. Many thanks
  2. Thank you @coffeechap. £80 is not bad. I cannot strip it though as I m not confident to do it. I m happy to pay a bit more so they can do it for me. ?
  3. Hi all I have a Mythos 1 in black. Anyone from the forum that can paint it pearl white? What would be the price and the delivery time if yes? Many thanks
  4. Woooooow....thank you very much for that @Tiny tamper . I m going to email them ASAP . Thanks again
  5. Thanks for your answer PeterL. The grinder is 4 years old and i had used it at my coffee shop. It is the k10 Fresh as i described. I can find the redspeed but the cost is around £320 which i think is too much. I have send emails at Compak but i got no response. Those grinders are doing a great job BUT is you cant find replacement parts anywhere then you better stay away from those. I ll go for Mazzer or Mahlkonig next time and this is what i reccomend everybody. Glenn thanks for the answer but i m afraid they dont have anymore left
  6. Hi everybody. As the title says i own a Compak k10 fresh conical grinder. The problem is that i cant find replacement burrs anywhere. I m talking for the 68 mm burrs with 3 holes(NOT 4). Only Bella Barista have in stock the redspeed ones that cost around £329 . The normal ones are out of stock. I ve sent Compak two emails which they ignored. I ve asked around the UK but noone knows anything. If anyone of the forum could help it would have been great.
  7. Hi Since i cant see any offers i m ready to raise my budget to 1400 delivered. Many thanks
  8. 1200 is the budget guys. Thanks for the infos. If no one from the forum offers one then no one offers.
  9. Thanks for letting me know Jon. I ve seen that and it exceeds my budget.
  10. Hi I m looking for a Mahlkonig EK43 . My budget is 1200 delivered. Black color preferable.
  11. Hi. As the title says i looking for a Mahlkonig Tanzania grinder. Open to offers for a Ditting grinder as well. Cheers.
  12. Hi I looking for new burrs for my Compak K10 Fresh Conical burrs (68mm with 3 holes) . I ve checked everywhere and i only found at Bella Barista the red ones for £311. They are great expensive for me.
  13. I ve asked them a question about my Compak grinder burrs. They never bothered to answer.
  14. thanasisnas

    k8 fresh

    Hi .If anyboby wants to sell his Compak K8 fresh...here i am ... Budget is flexible according to the condition and use .Around 700 - 750 i guess. thanks
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