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  1. Bought mine for around £450 almost 2 years ago. At the time it was almost 8 years old and in immaculate condition (save for a threaded burr carrier which I did not find until later - but thats another story). I agree that £400-500 is fair.. however given the current hype for doseless grinders there might not be enough interest at that price. Personally I have no regrets and if I had to make the decision again, would still buy this over a Niche. Agree than dosers are really underated as a part of single dosing workflow. People seem to be averse to spending a few seconds clearing a
  2. Arrived today! DPD did not update until about 10pm last night when it reached their depot in Hinckley, and it was at my door in central London by 3pm this afternoon. Everything seems in good order, but unfortunately won't be unpacking and testing it as it's a present for someone
  3. I also have a P64 in the latest dispatch. My timeline: - 11th May: Received the request for payment of remaining balance - 13th May: Received message from DPD (saying they will attempt delivery on 14th) - 16th May: Received dispatch information from Option O The DPD app still says 'We have received your order detais, but have not yet received your parcel' Not too worried at this point. Option-O have been great to deal with. Obviously the DPD messages are misleading, but global logistics aren't easy. Based on how shipping other equipment from overseas has been, I'm guessi
  4. I struggled with my Oscar II at first. A few things helped: - Changed the pertruding bolt that holds in the shower screen for a flush one - Dose the basket less than expected (eg 16g in a 18/20g basket). I found the shower screen sits quite low in the basket and disturbs the puck Some things worth checking/considering: - OPV mod to ensure it stays at 9 bars, IMO it's a necessity. Makes the machine a lot more forgiving and easier to dial in grind settings - My grouphead solenoid was faulty, but my inexperience meant I struggled to diagnose it, so perservered e
  5. I am in the middle of doing the same with my K10 Pro Barista. I bought my K10 in a lightly used condition about 3 years ago, and I suspect the previous owner cross threaded it already, since the grinder adjustment collar would stop a bit past the espresso range. I never thought much of it since I don't use it for anything other than espresso, but I recently got curious and decided to replace the burrs. The upper burr carrier and lower chamber are both made of aluminium, so the threads are very soft and easily damaged. It doesn't even help being careful - if grinds have crept betwee
  6. Like the difference is night and day. Straight out of the box - the first shot ran too quickly, but the second was better that anything that has ever come out of the classic. Flavours are so much more clear and bright. The cherub is also so much more pleasurable to use. Hot water tap, scary steam power, no long waits between shots... Do it! You won't regret it. I spent months trying to chose between a Londinium I, Expobar Duetto or a Cherub, and so far I'm glad I didn't spend that extra grand.
  7. Hi all.. I've been lurking here for a while looking for tips to improve my espresso. I recently bought a Fracino Cherub as an upgrade from my PID'd Gaggia Classic on the strength of review mainly in these forums - so I thought it about time I started contributing to discussions. My current gear is as so: - Fracino Cherub - Gaggia Classic with PID/Silva Steam Wand - Eureka MDMCA - Eureka Mignon - Knock Tamper 58.35mm - VST 18g baskets - Aeropress & Hario Mini Mill for work Favorite coffee: Lusty Glaze (also discovered on the strength of reviews here) C
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