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  1. I couldn't help but notice some similarities between the app shown in the video on their site and my Decent machine e.g. this screen (screengrab from their video when making a coffee) and this: (I was lazy and didn't take a photo whilst actually taking a shot - otherwise would have looked even more similar) and also between the profile editing screen: and this: I get that it's an early look at a new product - but I would have thought they would have wanted to put their 'own stamp' on the customer experience and not have something that feels
  2. Please move to closed - thanks (I don't think I can do it myself? )
  3. GlenW

    VAT exemptions

    It is not illegal for you as a customer to pay cash in hand - it is the responsibility of the trader to pay the relevant tax not the customer. It isn't your responsibility to make sure the right tax has been paid. It's also not illegal to get a discount for paying cash - there may be legitimate reasons such as avoiding payment fees. If you don't have an invoice it can be more difficult to have recourse if something goes wrong. Whether it is immoral is a different question.
  4. Thanks for the offer - on reflection think I'm going to go with something smaller in anticipation of that mythical world where we can travel again... Noticed the Aerspeed's are in stock - so will jump for one of those since they're not in stock much
  5. I was thinking of something a bit smaller and more portable - but that does look like a nice grinder... how much are you thinking? I can sort shipping with UPS Finding it hard to find details now as it's no longer made - how tall is it?
  6. Not yet! I almost bought a Lelit Bianca and then didn't, and I've been lusting after a Decent DE1+ but I know it's way way way over budget. What are you thinking?
  7. I've not tried too many very light roasts - what do you think causes it to be not very good at light roasts?
  8. Thinking of trying a hand-grinder for pourover. Looking for something with nice ergonomics, so maybe something like 1zexpresso Q2 / Aergrind etc. I already have a HG-1 so smaller than that! Have anything interesting? G
  9. Thanks - think I'm looking for a SBDU rather than a HX machine at the moment
  10. Thanks - already been talking to @BlackCatCoffee. I'm happy to have something that's not shiny and new as I view these things as tools so was hoping to save a bit of money 🙂
  11. Thinking of moving on from my La Pavoni. As I drink my coffee black - thinking of getting a single boiler machine that I can then add a flow profiling kit to. Anyone have anything interesting? Maybe you're thinking of upgrading to a dual boiler? I'm based in London, and potentially can help sort shipping out
  12. I'll take it! I have a UPS account so can organise shipping
  13. According to this guys graphs - heating only the brew boiler (yes. Data point of one). Accompanying thread on homebarista
  14. Yup that’s the one! I forgot it didn’t have a wand at all. Think I would still like a wand for the occasional friend who may want a Latte
  15. Interesting. It doesn't have any of the electronic wizardry of the Mara X or Bianca to overheat when you first switch on to speed up warm up - but I'm assuming doing a quick flush probably has the same effect? I was very impressed with the Bianca warm up time - if only they'd make a single boiler version of the Bianca!
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