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  1. Made myself a mute/unmute button inside an emergency stop button. Hit it once to mute your microphone, and again to unmute. Has a little esp32 arduino board inside that I had kicking around, and appears to my computer as a bluetooth keyboard. Pressing it just fires off the google meet mute shortcut. As it uses bluetooth it doesn't need to be plugged in if I can figure out a battery. Makes sitting on hours of calls slightly more amusing!
  2. Hi Levi So I cheated - I'm not actually measuring the pressure in the grouphead. What I've done is put 4 load-cells (pressure sensors) underneath the machine. (Happy to share the parts I used if you're interested) Using these I can calculate how much force I'm using to push the lever down, and then since I know the diameter of the piston, I can translate this to an estimated pressure. It would be better to be able to actually measure the pressure directly with a transducer. I started to do some research on this - but never finished as the current system works well for my needs. I act
  3. Could I please be added to the list
  4. I have this - a fan connected to a simple temp controller. Works great, I can lock in a temp and it will happily keep it there indefinitely
  5. I'd love that if I had a 58mm pf machine!
  6. My current coffee setup is either espresso with a La Pavoni or filter with a v60, ground with a HG-1. I also have a vintage KF-30 Braun drip machine which I don't really use (see KF-30 on this page on Braun design ) When I have friends over, making coffee for everyone is a bit of a hassle. I usually go with making a 500ml batch of v60, but that doesn't last long. What are the best options to quickly make a big batch of coffee? - Big cafetiere - seems the most obvious option, not too expensive to buy one - Drip machine - Moccamaster seems to be popular, but don't really want
  7. I'd love if there was somewhere to do this. I know I can do it myself, but a) it takes ages with a La Pavoni and HG1, and b) I want someone to validate what I'm tasting so I don't get even more confused (for example if I'm trying to taste what a higher temp tastes like and in fact my prep is bad so I get channeling)
  8. Nice. Need to figure out some way of doing that but have neither a spare basket nor a spare TC which reacts fast enough. I tried increasing the GH setpoint from 75 => 80C. Based on memory of my coffee I drank this morning, think it tasted fuller which I guess makes sense for higher extraction? I preferred it so will leave it there for now, maybe try increasing it slightly more. The extraction profiles look pretty similar (wasn’t especially trying to repeat the same profile): 75 deg on the left, 80 on the right
  9. How did you get a thermocouple into the PF? Did you drill a hole in a basket?
  10. I’m interested in this too. When you say 94-95 - where are you measuring this? I’m settling the group head at 75 degrees which I believe should correspond to a brew temp of roughly 90 - but I’m wondering if it’s set too low and I should try a bit higher
  11. Have you ever seen a DIY bean doser? I'm tempted to try and make one with some kind of feeder mechanism and a loadcell. It's the feeder mechanism I'm not sure about. Options include: - vibrating hopper - linear vibrating feeder - some kind of conveyor - some kind of gear where 1 bean fits in each teeth
  12. It’s a M5Stack - one of these . It’s a ESP32 board in a nice package with a screen, 3 buttons, WiFi, BT built in, and then I program it using Arduino. You can then get different back-panels for it, and I’ve put on one with a bit more space which has a proto-board and I can squeeze my 2 load cells amplifiers inside so it’s all neatly contained in one box. So far as my first experience with this kind of thing - really like it. The screen is high enough resolution to be useful, and its nice having a few buttons there so you can use them to tare etc.
  13. I’m just glad I got to something that actually works whilst I was still in the enthusiastic bit of lockdown before the apathy set in!
  14. I’ve been messing around with load cells too on my La Pavoni. I use a small one I ripped out of a jewellery scale to weigh the coffee and then four bigger load cells under the machine. As it’s a manual lever I can use these to derive the pressure profile. I’m using an Arduino - was my first time doing any programming of anything since distant memories of Python at university. @cracked_bean Have you designed your own PCBs? What do they do? I’m just using HX711 load cell amplifiers connected to an Arduino - yours looks much more sophisticated! The scales currently are just bits I foun
  15. Sure! This is the temperature controller I use: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/372812759469 and I use it to switch a USB fan on and off. I was previously using a big PID controller but realised the whole thing was overkill. If you’re interested in all the other wires, I have wired in a scale so I can track the rate coffee enters the cup, and pressure sensors under the machine so I can track how hard I am pulling the lever and calculate what the extraction pressure is. I display the live graph on a small display and also have built myself a little dashboard. It all goes into a b
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