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  1. I am afraid this all resonates a lot with my experience. I could almost have written the original post word for word. It has been completely bizarre trying to work out why this coffee makes such weak tasting coffee. We had the mad experience where we tightened the grind and the coffee tasted the same/weaker. It is bizarre that tightening the grind doesn’t seem to result in stronger coffee. We thought above a certain grind maybe the water was going between the coffee and filter but I don’t think this an explanation. We decided that the only explanation for this would be that the water was not hot enough - low temperature water = no extraction whatever the other variables are... I am going to have another go at making coffee in the next few days and will report back. This machine is twice the price of a Behmor Brazen and based my experience to date is a total let down. Still I have not given up yet and will keep going to try and work out what is going on....
  2. Hey is the Sage you are talking about...
  3. I got straight into these this morning as a Kalita - I couldn’t help myself. Delicious.
  4. Nod

    LSOL for May

    I can also be flexible with whatever is decided.
  5. So do you not like the Londinium distribution tool?
  6. Mine have arrived. Decanted into airscape and they smell yum. Really pleased to see a washed as had loads of naturals recently - although they were fabulous particularly an origin Rwandan natural. Can’t wait to get stuck into these.... thanks for sorting in these challenging times....
  7. Nod

    Indy Coffee Box

    Glad you are enjoying it....
  8. Nod

    Indy Coffee Box

    Thanks Jacko112 it is https://indycoffeebox.co.uk/ It is funny the things you forget when posting!
  9. Nod

    Indy Coffee Box

    Thanks Catpuccino
  10. Nod

    Indy Coffee Box

    I just wanted to let everyone know about a coffee box my friends have started. They publish the Indy coffee guide and have branched into this to highlight some of the roasters that are in the guide. The box is a monthly subscription and you get either two, three or four bags posted from different roasters. They do a small magazine with interviews with the roasters etc. They are trying to showcase smaller roasters but also include some of the top guys as well. They have already included a number or forum favourites including Horsham, Crankhouse and Crafthouse. I like it as it makes it a really easy and relatively cheap way to try different beans from different roasters. They have given me a discount code you guys can use if you want to try it. It is ICB3 and will get you £5 off any subscription. Tait has kindly said I can post this message as they are my friends which I really appreciate so thanks. Check it out...
  11. Hi Phil Welcome to the forum. There are a few members who live in Devon. I live in Plymouth. Lots of great info on here and good luck with your roasting.
  12. Nod


    I took a gamble and went to idle hands for breakfast. Had a nice flat white and delicious overnight oats. Then went to atkinsons at mackie major and had a long black yirg. It was really good. I think from a coffee perspective atkinsons is taking things more seriously. Limited food menu and the baristas looked on it. I understand Jony’s feel after idle hands. They were not very friendly and defiantly did not seem onto it and passionate like the atkinsons folk. The flat white was decent though and they had a choice of a kiss the hippo blend or a craft house Tanzania. By Plymouth standards it was good.
  13. Nod


    Hey I am up in Manchester for 2 days staying near Piccadilly. Going to check these recommendations above out and mrboots2u has previously recommended atkinsons. Is that Mackie Major? Is this still good?
  14. Thanks Ratty I forgot that. I will have a look
  15. Hi I have still not got my beans... hoping it is Devon postage. Can someone please let me know what the package looks like as they might have got mixed up with Christmas gifts. Thanks
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