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  1. Nod

    Sowden softbrew

    Hi just to confirm I am offering the asking price of £45 plus postage. Thanks
  2. Nod

    Sowden softbrew

    Sorry having re-read your message looks like you are just offering to sell the large one - if that is the case I will definitely take it please. Thanks a lot
  3. Nod

    Sowden softbrew

    Hi that sounds great.... if I could see a couple of pictures that would be great. Would you consider selling both?
  4. Nod

    Sowden softbrew

    Hi I am open to options. Probably in an ideal world I would go for the big one but happy to try the small one just to see if I like it thanks
  5. Nod

    Sowden softbrew

    Might be a long shot but I was thinking of giving the Sowden a try and I wondered if anyone had one they aren’t using and wanted to move on? Thanks
  6. I see you have already gone for the niche so top work.... I am not an expert on the gaggia classic but the opv mod is easy and I so i think u probably don’t need to bother with the PID... others may know more though... now you have a top grinder you will be drinking lovely espresso....
  7. You could then blow the rest of your budget on a niche... [emoji16]
  8. Hey I noticed there is a Gaggia classic in good looking condition for £100 in Plymouth on Facebook market place.... would be a bargain and a great place to start....
  9. I am afraid this all resonates a lot with my experience. I could almost have written the original post word for word. It has been completely bizarre trying to work out why this coffee makes such weak tasting coffee. We had the mad experience where we tightened the grind and the coffee tasted the same/weaker. It is bizarre that tightening the grind doesn’t seem to result in stronger coffee. We thought above a certain grind maybe the water was going between the coffee and filter but I don’t think this an explanation. We decided that the only explanation for this would be that the water was not h
  10. Hey is the Sage you are talking about...
  11. I got straight into these this morning as a Kalita - I couldn’t help myself. Delicious.
  12. Nod

    LSOL for May

    I can also be flexible with whatever is decided.
  13. So do you not like the Londinium distribution tool?
  14. Mine have arrived. Decanted into airscape and they smell yum. Really pleased to see a washed as had loads of naturals recently - although they were fabulous particularly an origin Rwandan natural. Can’t wait to get stuck into these.... thanks for sorting in these challenging times....
  15. Nod

    Indy Coffee Box

    Glad you are enjoying it....
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