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  1. Thanks Ratty I forgot that. I will have a look
  2. Hi I have still not got my beans... hoping it is Devon postage. Can someone please let me know what the package looks like as they might have got mixed up with Christmas gifts. Thanks
  3. I am still loving my airscapes. I write in a white chalk pen - super easy and cheap to buy - on the lid. Works perfectly and easy to wipe off.
  4. Totally second this recommendation. I went again the other day and it was really good. They always have a good selection of different beans and roasters. It is SO near New Street station you can nip out even if you are just changing trains...
  5. Nod

    Flow restrictor

    Yes I agree with that - definitely nicer process to use
  6. Nod

    Flow restrictor

    Thanks all... interesting discussion although it does rather make me think my love of the flow restrictor is psychological!!
  7. Nod

    Flow restrictor

    Ahh that makes sense... I guess avoids channelling as the water comes into contact with the coffee in a much softer way...
  8. Nod

    Flow restrictor

    I think the 155 with 15gr is good but a 30gr kalita seems more consistent... maybe it is just because I have done 100’s of those so better at it.. There is obviously more coffee to work with so maybe that acts as a buffer against errors in technique...
  9. Nod

    Flow restrictor

    I only rarely use 155.. 185 all the way... I still always found it hard to accurately pulse pour... not now [emoji3]
  10. Nod

    Flow restrictor

    [emoji106].. I do pulse pour method for Kalita and it has made a big difference...
  11. I realise I am slow and you are all probably already onto this but I just bought a flow restrictor for my bonavita gooseneck kettle. I got it for £3 ish from hasbean. It is awesome and has made a big difference to my pour control when doing Kalita’s etc. It has made a significant difference to taste and I have been really surprised so thought I’d give them a big sell for everyone...
  12. Thanks a lot Hairy. Craft house are top so excited about this one..
  13. I agree with you.. I thought they looked a bit darker than normal and also tasted more roasted. Certainly compared to usual #### and the LSOL which I tend to drink
  14. Thanks a lot... I will keep going... let us know what you conclude is the best method/recipe
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