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  1. in terms of cafes... i went to dark horse espresso in exeter the other day.. average i thought. For me the most amazing place near here is Colonna and Smalls in Bath. i know it is not near but it is well worth a detour or special trip...ive not tried the place in Launceston but from the reports on the forum it seems v coffee focused and pretty good. im trying to work in a trip to Launceston for work....
  2. hi all sorry i have missed all of these replies... i don't seem to get an alert when someone posts on our new group so i guess you just need to keep checking? i have had a think and am happy to host a first meeting of our group at my house. i have a plumbed in La Spaziale so it is hard for me to move my kit. I was going to suggest a Sunday morning? everyone could bring their kit we could set up and make some espresso....? at least if it is in the morning then we would be able to get to sleep later! grumpydaddy... is it feasible for you to move the L1 or is that unrealistic? we could consider all chipping in on a kilo or two of beans for the event or we could just all bring a load of beans... what do you think? Cheers
  3. Hi Mike great job on getting a group together. I know Dan well as we work together. I think most coffee chat will need to be created by us as there is really nothing much in the area to inspire us. Still it sounds like between us already we have some interesting kit. Defiantly keen to meet up cheers
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