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  1. hi. sorry. been in nyc the last 2 weeks. purchased the mc2 new in sept 2013 and the silvia 2nd hand at the same time. not sure of exact age of silvia sorry.
  2. This is a great kit to have but have to sell to fund upcoming holiday. Will probably take to eBay if I get no bites here.
  3. Selling my Rancilio Silvia & Iberital MC2 plus extras. Never use this anymore since I only have drip coffee now. Also included is a naked portafilter, LM 17g basket, electronic scales and electronic timer. Also have the standard portafilter, single and double baskets, tamper, spare thermostats, cleaner and descaler and instructions. Used lightly only for a couple of espresso shots on weekend mornings when home and never really used the steamer function. In great and clean condition with only a small chip in the group cowling. Pick up only in Haggerston, London. £300.
  4. Looking to get me first grinder so looking for an Iberital MC2. Let me know if you can help me out. thanks
  5. Work off Tottenham court rd WC1E and live in canonbury N1
  6. How much? Posted to London. Thanks
  7. Just started building my setup at home from scratch and picked up a Rancilio Siilvia so now looking for a grinder to partner with it. Don't want to spend too much for now as there's a bunch of other stuff i need to buy but looking to spend at most around £150. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Interested in this if you can post to London. let me know.
  9. Hey, came across this forum whilst on the hunt for a new grinder to complement my newly acquired Rancilio Silvia. Had a Gaggia classic and MDF back in Australia a couple of years ago but keen to get a setup going at home here. Thinking this forum is going to be quiet useful
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